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My paternal line keeps the name Charles as a middle so my brother is T Charles, my dad is S Charles, grandad is R Charles, his father was P Charles, though his father was Charles P but before him for several generations it was First-Name Charles.

Thats my brother’s tradition to uphold, though if he doesn’t have a son… I might include Charles as a sons name.


DH’s family has middle names after the parents names… but I’m not sure I want to give any potential daughters my name… 

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My family doesn’t have any traditions, but the tradition in my husband’s family would be to use one of our grandparent’s first names as baby’s middle name. 

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TravelingBride31 :  Mine was a family name, but only one member in the family had it, and it was my grandfather’s mother’s name and we chose it to honor his side.  And my daughter middle named honored everyone on one side of the family that had the same middle name.  I don’t think we’ll do that with any future children though. with how diverse our family names have become I’m sure I’d choose a family name already in existence for someone living, so I think we’d choose a very unqiue name for that very reason.

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My family doesn’t have a name tradition but my husband’s family does. His mom’s side carry on the name Kathryn.  For example, his grandma’s name was Kathryn so his mom’s middle name is Kathryn. DH’s sister is Kathryn and so on.

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The middle name thing is also a southern attribute I’ve seen… both my husband and I have males in our families who go strictly by their middle name. Heck, most guests were shocked to find out that my husbands name he goes by was his middle on the wedding invitation! 🙂

Most of the immediate family members on his side are P’s and J’s and all of the guys have biblical first names… Patricia, Peter, John, Paul… and Jeremiah. I kinda like the idea of keeping the monograms similar and so does he. I was raised part Jewish and know that you generally name a child for a deceased relative or at least pick an initial to honor that family member. 

My mom and I have the same middle name and I forget who it came from… so for a daughter’s name I like anything that has Lynn already in it (like Evelynn, Jacklyn). 

If we had a boy we’re looking at Jackson Phillip, James Preston, J. Pierce.

I also helped with an ancestry project for both families recently and came up with a slew of cool names! That’s always a fun way to see traditions.

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TravelingBride31 :  My father’s family does the same thing with boys, pass down the dad’s middle name as the first and then call themselves by their middle name. John Edward (called Edward), Edward Thomas (called Thomas), Thomas Charles (called Charles), etc. until my uncle married into a Jewish family. Because they don’t name children after living relatives it fractured the chain a bit.

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TravelingBride31 :  My FIs dad’s side is the same with the Passed down name as first name, New name as middle name, and goes by the middle name – but the first name has been the same for 3 generations, ours will be the 4th if we use it. I want to use it, because it’s actually my dad’s first name as well! My dad goes by his middle name as well, so it works out perfectly (Dad and Fiance have same first name, but both go by their middle name, if that doesn’t make sense!) A few other people on my dad’s side go by their middle name (2 of my uncles and 1 aunt on his side). 

Lee is also a family middle name on my dad’s side – it’s my sister’s middle name. Everyone always wonders why her middle name isn’t spelled “Leigh”, and that’s why! I’d like to possibly use it as a middle name for our future children.

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In my Fiance family he & his dad have the same name, if we have a son we’ll name him the same thing but he will go by his middle name (a more modern version of my grandfathers name) as I’m not a big fan of the name =X 

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I’m not sure it will be carried on, but for the past few generations on my mother’s side, first sons have been named after their mother in a way. Ex.My grandmother’s name was Aureliana, and my uncle is Aureliano. My mother’s name was Gianna, and my name is Gianni. 

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My FI’s traditions are the MN Ann for a girl and the name David (first or middle name, doesn’t matter) for a boy.

It was his sister’s tradition to uphold, giving her daughter the MN Ann.

But it’s his to have the name David in there for his son. So our future son will have MN David (not first, it’s not my favorite). This works nicely though since my brother’s MN is also David, as is my FI’s.

On my side, the guys use the name William. So one of my brothers will likely pass it on as a MN if they have a son. If they don’t, I may consider incorporating it.

As for girls on my side, there is only one tradition which started with my grandmother naming my mom afte her husband (my mom’s dad). So, my mom is Ricki (named after Richard). So, when my mom had me, I was named after my dad (Steven). I’m Stevie. Unfortunately I won’t be participating in this tradition, my FI’s name does not shorten to a name I would ever consider. My MN is Lee, though, so I plan on giving my daughter a unisex MN that starts wil “L”. 🙂

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On both sides, first born son gets dad’s name as middle name.


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My family and FI’s family seem to have the same tradition, which is fortunate lol – the first name is generally a name that the parents like, but the middle name is the name of someone the parents want to honour (9 times out of 10, a close relative). Every now and then, a first name will also be to honour someone too. My Fiance and I plan to continue this tradition with our own children.

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If i was a boy I would have been named Alfred, thank God I am a girl. I am suposed to name my son Alfred Scott, not going to happen.

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in our family people either have only 1 name or have 2 but go by the second one… almost everyone has a short name, mostly 4 or 5 letters



Alex Smith = Alex Smith


Alex John Smith = John Smith


fiances family all only have 1 name

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