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    Current Pill: None :/

    Time on it: 3 months on Ortho Tri Cyclin Lo, 3 months on Beyaz

    Satisfaction: Beyaz worked pretty well with my body actually. Ortho Tri made me a crazy person!  

    Pill Failures: Ortho, though one of the reasons I had to stop the pill was because my insurance wasn’t covering anything, which I didn’t figure out until after my trial packs. Some of the GENERICS were too expensive too….like $100 a month! I know I could have qualitfied for free birth control through the state but I didn’t go through with the application process.

    I like not dealing with the horomones and even though condoms aren’t always fun…they do the trick and we’ve found a brand that is fantastic for Fiance. 

    I may go back on a pill at some point ๐Ÿ™‚ it will be neat to see the results of thi thread!

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    Current Pill: Lo’Ovral (Cryselle is the generic I am currently taking)

    Time on it: 4 years total, 3 year gap inbetween. Been on it for 1 year this time around.

    Satisfaction: 10,000% satisfied. Lighter periods, zero cramps, periods down from 7 days to 3, and irregularity to regularity. Decreased acne, no weight gain, hyper increased libido.

    Pill Failures: Ortho Tri Cyclin — I suffered major bruising without any sort of touch or trauma. The bruises were the size of dinnerplates and covered my entire body. My OBGYN refused to acknowledge that it could be my pill so I threw the rest out and once it got out of my system, I was 100% better.

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    Current Pill: Seasonique (the 4 periods a year pill)

    Time on it: 2 years

    Satisfaction: Pretty satisfied. I tend to spot right around the time my sister gets her period in the 3rd month if I don’t take it at EXACTLY the same time every day (within minutes instead of an hour or so). It’s nothing horrible. May be affecting my sex drive, but the doctor isn’t sure.

    Pill Failures: None

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    Current Pill: Alesse

    Time on it: 4 years or so

    Satisfaction: I havent had any weight gain, lighter periods, doesnt make me a raging B lol

    Pill Failures: Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Lo Estrin

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    I’m not on a pill but since you’re looking for recommendations… I got Mirena a few months ago and it is freaking awesome. I have had 0 side effects (I never had any with Nuva Ring either) and the best part – No. More. Periods. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Mercilon, not super new or super old, kind of lowish dose, eh it’s ok.

    Cramps are better, skin is better, mood swings are worse, libido unaffected, weight unaffected, period “heaviness” and length unaffected.

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    Current Pill: Yaz

    Time on it: 3 years, with a 4 month break about 6 months ago.

    Satisfaction: Very satisfied. Gets the job done, and has cleared up a lot of my acne! Now, stopping brings the acne back within a few months but I expected that. I’ve had no other side affects on this pill.

    Pill Failures: None. I was on another pill (don’t know the name) for maybe three months, around the age of 20 but I put on too much weight, too quickly and it freaked me out. Got off it, and went down to my normal weight within a month.

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    Current Pill: Lo LoEstrin FE 1-10

    Time on it: about 9 months

    Satisfaction: I’m indifferent at this point. It hasn’t helped solve any of the issues that lead to my dr prescribing it in the first place. It also doesn’t have a generic version and costs more than I’ve ever paid for any medication. 

    But as far as side effects no libido :(, no noticeable weight gain, light 4 day long periods, no cramping, developed near-cystic acne sometimes during period other times at random.

    Pill Failures: Tri-Sprintec, Ortho Trycyclin Lo, Mirena IUD (the one with horomones), and 2 other pills whose names I can’t recall because I haven’t taken them since about 2009 or so.


    I want to try the copper IUD Paragaurd; however my insurance won’t pay for the IUD itself, which at my previous gyno would cost me almost $700 out-of-pocket. :/ My current bc is pricey, but at least less than the IUD.

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    @Pinkmoon:  haha pretty much exactly what I was going say I love Mirena and Nuva ring I liked too but co pay for my Nuva ring kept going up and now that I have mirena I don’t think anything can compare to it.  I love not getting my period! 

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    Current Pill: Ortho Evra PATCH

    Time on it: 10+ years

    Satisfaction: Very satisfied. I don’t have to remember to take daily; just change the patch once a week with one week off. Does not mess with my hormones and make me a crazy foaming-at-the-mouth woman. ๐Ÿ™‚ No weight gain side-effect. Does not effect libido like others did.

    Cons: I developed Melasma from the hormones.

    Pill Failures: Ortho evra pills (I have a sensitive tummy so bc pills make me super nauseous and I am unable to keep them down), Depro Provera shot (this made me gain 20 pounds and I became a crazy b).


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    I use ParaGard!! Love it!!!

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    Current Pill: Amethia (generic of Seasonique)

    Time on it: Switched to Amethia from Seasonique around July-ish to cut costs. Before that I was on Seasonique for about two and a half years.

    Satisfaction: Not satisfied. I thought switching to a generic would be no different, but I gained about 7 pounds (which made me go from looking healthy to slightly chubby); my libido has dropped to something non-existant; I feel like I’m constantly having random bleeding. At first I chalked up the first two symptoms to other circumstances that happened around the same time (my brother commited suicide and not long before that I had what I believe was an early miscarriage), but after several months, I am now about to switch back to Seasonique to see if that helps. I feel so unsexy and the lack of libido is having an effect of my relationship. 

    Pill Failures: No other pill failures, but I will give a review of Seasonique. It was wonderful! At first, I had issues as my body adjusted: I wanted to eat everything in sight. I gained a little weight but since I was 100 lbs it wasn’t that bad. My appetite tapered off, but the weight stayed. Periods lengthened from 2 days to 5, but I was ok with the trade-off because my cramps were sooo much better (before no amount of over the counter meds would make them better). My doctor told me a lot of people don’t take well to Seasonique, but because of my needs it worked.

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    @happybbbeee:  +100. I just went off the patch two weeks after using it for almost 10 yrs. I loved it but got tired of how it looked. 


    Currently im on week two of Lutera and soooo far no noticeable side effects. Just the normal headache and maybe I’m starting to break out but I can’t tell if its becuz of the hair dye I just used. It is annoying to take everyday but I use a timer to help keep me on track. 

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    I’m on Yasmin. Been on it for 7 years more or less. tried 3 others in that time as well, but none worked well for me.

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