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  • poll: How do you feel about your BC pill?

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    Hate it!

    Eh, it's ok.

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    I have been on Femcon FE and low lowestrin. Both made me depressed

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    I have a cold today and am too lazy to answer everything, but I was on Yaz a couple years and it made me a crazy moody B. Switched to Loestrin 24 Fe a year or two ago, have hardly any periods, and no other problems basically (the no period thing is awesome, not a problem). 


    People who stated Loestrin as a fail, which one were you on and why did you state it as a fail???

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    I’ve been on the pill for 9 years, during those 9 years I tried 3 different types. The current one I’m on now and have been for the past 4 years is Zovia… Literally no cramps and 1 day of a period! God sent lol

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    I honestly thought we were going to give our birth control a name…to which I immediately thought “Dolores.”


    To actually answer your question…I’m not even sure what I’m on.  It’s definitely a lo form of whatever it is. 

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    Current Pill: Lo Estrin FE

    Time on it: 1+ years

    Satisfaction: Meh it’s not bad. I don’t think I’m going to switch to something else. Only side effect is occasional spotting. My period is almost non-existent which is nice…but I forget to take it which is not so nice and then panic when my period lasts half a day. I’d probably switch if I wasn’t in a place in life where getting pregant wouldn’t be a disaster (steady job, health insurance, soon to be husband with job) I was on the Nuva Ring for 6+ years and I LOVED it. But then my hormone levels changed and it started making my breast unbareably tender for like 2 weeks a month so I had to switch. 

    Pill Failures:  See above. But I would totally recommend the nuva ring if it works for you. 

    When I was 18 I did the depo shot like once and that was miserable. Never again. 

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    IUD (Paraguard) all the way! 🙂

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    Current Pill: Lo Seasonique (4 periods a year pill –HAHA YEAH RIGHT)


    Time On It: 1 year


    Satisfaction: Well, it was effective I suppose.  I hated it though.  The first six months I was a crazy person (example: I was talking to my mom in the car about swimsuits and I just burst into tears for absolutely no reason). The whole time I’ve been on it I am hungry all the time.  It has actually made my skin worse (I’ve never had acne problems and now I constantly have pimples on my face).  The WORST side effect was the ‘breakthrough bleeding’.  I had maybe two months in the whole year where I didn’t have a period. Other than that every 4-5 weeks I had 12-15 days of spotting/periods.  It was AWFUL. 


    I just had my yearly and I’m switching to Lo Estrin 24 FE.  Hoping that going to a monthly will regulate my periods.


    Pill Failures: This one.  Maybe 7 years ago I was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo and it was alright but I stopped taking it because I didn’t need it and I was tired of paying $50 a month.

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    I take a generic of loestrin (gildess) for three packs at a time and I love it! I’ve been on it for five years with no issues. 

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    Current Pill: Beyaz (or the generic versions Loryna and Gianvi)

    Time on it: Several years, at least 3

    Satisfaction: 1000% satisfied.  Never experienced any weight gain, mood swings, lack of sex drive, breakouts, spotting or other symptoms that can accompany BC pills.  I love how “low-dose” this pill is.  It does its job without causing other problems.

    Pill Failures: Seasonique and LoSeasonique.  Ugh.  Couldn’t say one nice thing about either pill if I tried.  It absolutely wreaked havoc on my body, and took me at least 6 months to return to “normal”.

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    Current Pill: Microgestin Fe 1/20 (not generic, I actually did experience negative side effects while on the generic)

    Time on it: 1 year

    Satisfaction: 100% satisfied! No weight gain, period is 4 days at the most, usually 1-2 light/normal and 1-2 spotting.

    Pill Failures: Ortho tri cyclen, seasonique, yaz, possibly others, but these are the 3 I remember having a terrible time with.  I started with Ortho tri cyclen, gained 10 lbs and had an array of negative side-effects, little did I know it was only going to get worst!  I was having crazy, I mean crazy mood swings.  I would cry during commercials if they had the slightest bit of sadness OR happiness to them.  I also got angry/anxious constantly.  I complained to my doc and she switched me to yaz.  I had to pay $50 a month for it WITH insurance.  It made my symptoms even worst and I gained another 5 lbs.  I started having crazy emotional issues for the 2 weeks prior to my period every month.  My doctor decided that I had pmdd and switched me to seasonique thinking that if I had a steadier supply of hormone it would help, she also prescribed an antidepressant for 2 weeks out of every month.  At this point I started seasonique, never filled the prescription for an antidepressant and started looking for a new doctor (I felt like it was crazy for her to put me on prozac!) I was on seasonique for about two months, no change.  I missed one pill, realized it in the morning and immediately took it, as the directions said.  The next day I had a period that lasted for almost three weeks!  It wasn’t even the point in the pack where I should have started.  At this point I gave up and went off of birth control, my supposed pmdd completely disappeared.  A couple of years later I decided to try birth control again and everything has been dandy on this new one.


    Also, for others who had a bad experience with seasonique (or just want to laugh!):

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    Current Pill: Loestrin 24fe

    Time on it: almost 2 years

    Satisfaction: it does the job.. i didn’t experience weight gain, my periods are almost nonexistent, only downside is that it seems to have affected my mood, nothing major though

    Pill Failures: Nuva Ring (i know its not a pill)- I HATEDDD it! Absolutely killed my sex drive and made me turn into a looney tune. 


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    Current Pill: Gianvi

    Time on it: 2 months

    Satisfaction: Yeah, I just started so this may not count for much but so far so good. No weight gain, no moods, shorter period (I was 6-7 days and now it’s just 2).Still cramping on my period pretty bad but I don’t think it was any worse than usual. I never had bad acne but I would have 1 or 2 pimples pretty regularly and I haven’t had any since I started. I notice I don’t have much of an appetite somedays but I’m not complaining about that. And it’s completely covered with my insurance so that’s nice! I was freaked out at first after I got the generic (I asked my doctor about Yasmin…she recommended I start with Yaz and then I was given a Gianvi perscription) and looked it up but I’ve been completely okay with it so far!

    Pill Failures:  This is my first bc. 


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    i was on ortho cyclen (not ortho tricyclen) for 12 years. i didn’t have any side effects other than lower libido. my doc let me take 3 months in a row and then a week off to get my period (instead of switching to seasonique). i got tired of taking hormones which is why i stopped taking it. funny enough, i got the mirena which has hormones but in a low dose and it doesn’t stop you from ovulating.

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    Current Pill: Tri-Sprintec

    Time on it: 4 months

    Satisfaction: I had Ortho Tri-cyclen lo which I LOVED (i.e never had any problems) but the last time I got my prescription renwed, the pharmacy only carried the generic version, Tri-Sprintec. I don’t really notice any difference, except now that I’m thinking of it, about the time I started until now, I’ve gained quite a bit of weight without changing my life style (actually working out MORE and eating better). Maybe that’s why…

    Pill Failures: I’ve only ever been on the 2, as I’ve only been on BC for about 3 years. And if this weight gain thing is because of Tri-Sprintec, then I suppose that is a failure.

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    Im on Levelin(sp?)

    Only one Ive used, been on it for 5 yearsish

    Have never had any problems!

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