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We haven’t been talking about names yet, but Wren is on my short list of middle names, too. I love it. 

I love Gwendolyn, Audrey and Clara for girls, and Leif, Ronan, and Rhett for boys. I don’t love Ashton, but I do like Asher (nn: Ash)

I will say I wouldn’t use something “nature-y” for both names. That’s a bit overkill and makes it a little too granola; unless, of course, that’s what you’re going for. I think if you’re outdoorsy, one woodsy name is enough. 

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I like Gwendolyn, Fiona and Audrey although Fiona makes me think of Shrek, middle names I like Wren and Delilah.

I think of Lake as a girls name. Boywise I like Ronan, Rhett and Leif. I like River as a middle name. Sage sounds kinda feminine to me as well.

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For girls I love Gwendolyn, Clara, and Audrey, Wren is cute too. I don’t normally suggest names, but for some reason the names you listed made me think of the name Rowena, which is cute. I don’t like Nadia only because there was a Nadia at my school who was a total b***hface and ruined the name for me.

For boys I really like Rhett, and Ronan. I don’t like Sage for a boy though, It seems to be more of a girls name these days.


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Busy bee
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Those are all SO pretty – love the classic girl’s first names with the unique middle names. I also like Sage for a girl’s middle name!

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Sugar bee
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I will say that I love most of your choices, but I notice very different patterns between the two genders. Your girls names are very unique and unexpected pairings, and I love that.

However, your boys names I find to be very “country” (Brad/ley, Trent/on, Clint/on,Ronan,Rhett) and they just don’t seem to fit with the direction you were going for girls.

Hence, if you had a girl named Fiona Wren and then your boy was Clinton I’d be like what!?! But maybe that’s just me πŸ˜€

I do love most of your names though. Refreshing to see. Very nice!!

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I like Fiona Ember and Julianna Wren (I’ve always liked the nickname Juls *jewels*).

And I like Jasper Lake.


Here’s my name list πŸ™‚ What about Finn or Lance or Zane?

That site also has a program that helps you find similar names you might like here

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Wow, I can’t believe you have Wren down for a middle name! I have wanted to have Ren as my girl’s middle name for YEARS, and I have never heard anyone else with that. I absolutley love it, spelled both wasy!

I really like all your girls names, especially Julianna and Gwen. My favorite boy name you have is River. I think River and Fiona are good sibling names. πŸ™‚

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I really like Clara and Audrey for girls names.

I like Brad/Bradley and Ashton from your boys names.

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Julianna – This is FI’s family dog’s name so I have a bias in not liking it. Although I prefer Julia to Julianna for a girls name.

Gwen/Gwendolyn – I love these names. Although if it were my baby I would go with Gwen just to keep it simple as people will end up shortening Gwendolyn to Gwen anyways. But if you are ok with that then cool.

Fiona – I think of Shrek. But it has potental for someone to grow into.

Audrey – I like this name because it is a little uncommon but not uncommon enough that people can’t spell it. FI’s cousin is named Aubrey which I actually like as a name as well. I had never heard it before her.

Nadia – Very nice name. Has an air of class to it.

Clara – Again I have a personal bias against this name but I think in comparision to you other picks this one is the weakest.


Jasper: Love this name for a boy. Actually most of your boys names would probably be on my list if I were able to have children. But this one is awesome. I like.

Leif – I know a Leif! Hah. And it is funny because someone said above that mixing some of these boys names (more country/unusual) and these girls names (traditional) would be weird. Well his brother has a very common name. Like think of a common person/dog name. I always tell him he got screw in the name department and that his brother got the cool name.

Dmitri – I love this name too. I worked for a Greek family and one of my favourite people to work with was Dmitri. Also reminds me of the Russian Premie in Dr. Strangelove.

Lake – Someone said above this reminds them more of a girls name. For me I disagree. Lake reminds me a lot of “Blake” with is a boy’s name I really like.

River – River feels more like a girl’s name to me than a boy’s name. But I mean look at River Phoenix. Yeah, his parent’s were hippies but he had a successful life.

Brad/Bradley – I like Brad more than Bradley. Bradley to me ears doesn’t sound nice.

Ashton – Is an alright name I think of Ashton Kutcher when I hear it personally but I think it is a pleasent name. You could always just go with Ash, you know…Evil Dead/Army of Darkness Ash… πŸ˜€

Clint/Clinton – Clint sounds too much like another word and I know how boys get with teasing and such (especially if they play sports like Football/Hockey). And Clinton sounds like a last name to me rather than a first name. And reminds me too much of that president. 

Trent/Trenton – I actually don’t mind these names. Not something I would ever name my children personally but not something that would make me turn my head and be like “What the hell was that mom thinking?!”

Ronan/Ronin – I like Ronan better than Ronin. 

Rhett – Said similar to “riot” or is there a better way of saying it? If it is said close to “riot” I would say no, so many boys I am finding these days have names that rhyme or sound like riot. I just don’t find it a pleasent sound in the ears.

Sage – I went to high school with a girl name Sage. Enough said. πŸ™‚

I liked all your other girls middle names except Lyric. I think you go from nice natural names to kind of an offbeat almost “metal” sounding name. Which I think doesn’t fit with the other names you picked.

Overall, I think you picked some solid names. Don’t worry about the boys/girls names not matching, following, theming, whatever. I knew someone named Ocean whose brother was named Daniel. So there you go. And the other story above. All these people are adjust, hard working and kind. 



Can’t you all just tell I am waiting for laundry to be done. πŸ˜›

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Bee Keeper

Guess I’m picky, but I only like Brad. (but I do like Abby)

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