(Closed) Names that you like/liked with a bad association?

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Blushing bee
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DH and I are still trying to agree on a list of baby names.  Girls name, we’re settled.  But when it comes to boys every single name I’ve given is vetoed.  Most because “they’re too Bliblical” – DH and I are both Atheists and I think this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.  I love names like Isaiah and Micah and Elijah, but nope “too Biblical.”  So does that mean we can’t use names like Daniel or Matthew or Aaron because, hate to break it to you, DH, those were names in the Bible, too =___= *rage*

Or, other names I like are vetoed because, “[DH] knew a guy in middle school with that name and he was a douchebag.”


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Sugar bee
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Olivia. It’s such a pretty name, but FH’s crazy ex-GF has that name and now I won’t go anywhere near it. 

I’ve also never liked anyone I’ve ever met who’s name is Lauren.

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Blushing bee
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@mepayne:  Haha well maybe you would like me then 😉 I think i’m a pretty nice Lauren! 



I LOVE the name Ivy….and I brought it up to Fiance and he vetoed it because his best friends dog growing up was named Ivy and he hated that dog………..yes, a crazy dog that wasn’t even his, ruined that name for me 🙁 booo (PS Fiance loves animals so this is weird for him!)

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Bumble bee
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Amy. When I was in 4th/5thgrade there was a girl who was really rude to everybody and she was also a pervert. She would talk about where she would put things like pencils and toothbrushes. She would pick at her scabs and let them drip blood in class and she ended up pregnant before 6th grade. Then one day it was on the news that her dad murdered somebody and we never saw her again. I really feel bad for her since I know she grew up in a bad family… but still, hearing that name reminds me of her. Sometimes I wonder what kind of woman she became, if she escaped that life or what…

But its such a beautiful name. Ugh.

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Sugar bee
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I’m a teacher so I have lots of names with bad associations! It’s going to be tough when I have to pick a name  LOL 🙂

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Busy bee
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@Glasgowbound:  Same here!  I loved the name Shane for a boy, but one of my students that gave me all sorts of hell last fall was named Shane.  He was a football player and failing my class so he almost wasn’t able to play.  The coach asked me to fudge his grade so he could play. Yell  Needless to say I did not, and he did wind up getting back on track, but I will now always associate the name with him.

There’s other names that remind me of students but the list is too long to put here!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I love the name James for a middle name. I love it with EVERY boy name I like, and it fits perfectly. I wouldn’t name my child that though since it is my dad’s first name. (He is not in my life.)

For instace, my husband LOVES two boy names- Alexander, and Maxwell. I love Alexander. So that is the name we decided on for a boy if we ever have one.

Alexander James sounds so good to me, but no. Just no.

Instead we decided on Alexander Ryan. (Husband’s middle name.)

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When I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter my parents were suggesting names.  My dad was like – “How about Lauren?”

Everyone at the table about choked on their dinner as that is the name of the woman my first (now ex) husband left me for.  Apparently my dad forgot that!  Now I think it is kind of funny, but i was SOOOOO not amused at the time.

For the record, I actually think that Lauren is a pretty name, but could never use it for obvious reasons.

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Busy bee
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@Glasgowbound:  I’m a social worker so I know what you mean. There are so many names that I like that are just off limits because of kids that I have or am currently working with. I could only imagine if I showed up to work and said,  “I’ve decided to name our daughter____!” And have it be the name of a kiddo that everyone is aware of for one reason or another.

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Helper bee
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I love abbigail – but like  @mepayne:  I’ve been turned off by a crazy girl who just loves to cause trouble. I hate it because Abigail is so pretty and I’ve always loved it. And now it has this association – surely it would wear off if I called my daughter abbigail. Surely! Lol


i also love sophie – but when I was 14 we got a new dog and because I loved the name sophie we decided to call her that. I can’t possibly name my child the same as my old dog. But it too is such a beautiful name. The only name that isn’t tainted for me is ebony. but I still kinda have my heart set on abbigail. Hopefully I can get over this crazy bitch soon. haha 

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Bee Keeper
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My problem isn’t really bad associations but awkward ones.  I have always loved the names Joshua and Mark.  So, my first boyfriend ever was Mark, so obviously I can’t name a kid after him!  And then Josh…I had a boss named Josh…that was awkward…and now one of the students I see like all the time is Josh (spelled differently but still)…so that would just be weird to name a kid that.

Then with girl names, one of my favorite names ever is Natalie, but I dated a girl named Natalie so that’s out.  Same thing with Carrie; I love the name Carolina or Caroline, but it’s out.  


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Busy bee
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@AcheneMalefic:  LOL @ Chester… when I was young we used to have a creepy landlord and my family would call him that behind his back. All creepers were automatically dubbed Chester in my mind ever since.


I would probably never use any A name for a boy because every relationship I’ve had with a guy with an A name turned sour.

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Busy bee
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I love the name Joshua, but, it’s my ex’s name that FH hates and it would be weird to name one of our sons that.

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Bumble bee
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Most of the names I have bad associations with I wouldn’t use anyways, as I don’t like them, but I wonder if I don’t like them because of the association.

Travis, Ashley, Samantha/Sam, Jordan, Leah, Devin, Riley. 

I like more classic names, so none of those would fit anyways. But if my SO suggested them, I would veto them immediately. 

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