Names with "Unique" Spelling

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  • poll: What do you think of "unique" spelling?

    Love it!

    Hate it!


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    I hate it. Especially when some of them just make no sense. I know a child called Jackson – spelt Jaxan. Kid sounds like a damn kitchen cleaner. 

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    I agree. My son has a friend named Quentin… except there is no u in it, there’s a y in there somewhere, and I have no idea how they spell it. I cannot for the life of me figure out why when a name has a perfectly good spelling already why someone would want to change it. It is a huge inconvenience to the child. I teach, too, and I see it ALL the time. 

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    I think it’s trashy and puts the kid at a disadvantage for when they are an adult. 

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    kittykax : 

    – Misspelled names.

    – Boys’ names with the spelling changed to somehow become girl’s names.

    – Last names becoming first names.

    – Two first names or a hyphenated one or two of them mashed together (unless it’s part of your culture).

    – Names that are just words.

    – Names that are just words but misspelled.

    – Names that are just words backwards (e.g. the infamous Nevaeh).

    – Names that are the same for multiple generations of family members. (I mean, how conceited you must be to name your child after yourself.)

    – Names that you take from another culture but change the spelling to sound more “hip.”


    I hate them all with a passion…

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    My SIL has a name along a similar vein and she hates it and it is incredibly annoying to explain (her words) at every turn

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    It depends- my name has alternate spellings and I have the less common version. It’s not a ~unique, make up spelling though. But growing up I often had to correct people, could never find a toothbrush with my name on it, stuff like that. It never really bothered me.

    Some names I think are fine if they are spelled a little differently, some look absolutely ridiculous- espeically when the parent clearly was trying to be unique yet has no understanding of phonetics.

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    I’m not a fan.

    But the older I get, the more IDGAF what people do if it’s not hurting me or my loved ones. So go ahead, name that kid Elyzabethe.

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    I will be the devils advocate. My name is spelled differently and I love it! It makes me unique. However, it isnt spelled so far out in left feild that it makes no sense thankfully. Do I have to correct people? Yup, but my maiden name is so long and different I have to spell that out anyways so I would be doing it anyways!

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    Hate it.  Just name your child “Beat-me-up-at-recess” and save everyone some time.

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    I honestly just don’t get it. Like why make something so much more complicated than it needs to be. I also hate most “unique” names though. A girl I know is named J’Lynn (pronounced Jay-Lynn) and she just named her newborn baby girl J’Leah (pronounced Jay-Leah) and I cringed. My name isn’t unique but the spelling isn’t common where I live. I’m a Miranda and literally every other chick that I know personally with the same name is spelled With an A instead so Maranda. I constantly have to correct people and tell them that mine is an I instead. Im not sure if it’s a regional thing or what. 

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    My name is Nycole. I think there’s a fine line with a different spelling and becoming completely ridiculous. I know a girl who named her daughter Nykol (still pronounced Nicole), it’s just dumb. 

    However, I LOOOOOOVE the unique spelling on my name. It’s a conversation starter and a fun story to tell of my parents. I like being unique, and would never want a different spelling. 

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    I guess it’s just what happens when Starbucks baristas name their children.

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    I just fail to see how misspelling a name makes it unique. If you still pronounce Alyx as Alex, how is misspelling it really make it all that different? Personally, I find the “unique” spellings to be ridiculous. I don’t find it unique or special or cool. I think that, as a parent, you have a very important job in naming your child. Naming something “unique”, I believe, already slightly sets them at a disadvantage. Also, how does Jessycka in anyway look better than its traditional counterpart of Jessica? 

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    As a teacher by education and someone who works in customer service currently, I HATE “speshul” spelling names.

    I have seen my fair share and I will never subject any children of mine to such tragedy lol

    Actual names I have actually seen:

    Shampayne (Champagne), Kaedynce (Cadence [I am especially weirded out by this one as a music teacher]), Kalob (Caleb), Kuren (Corinne), Keigh (Kay), etc etc etc!

    If your chosen name has a traditional spelling, USE IT. If you want a more unique name, CHOOSE a more unique name, not a unique spelling. There are LOTS of cool names in the world, pick one lol

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