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    littlemisspetite :  same here. I know a lot of Megan’s, and all are pronounced Mee-gan. The only time I’ve heard Meg-an is on US TV shows/movies.

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    glitterati :  I’m not a POC, but I just wanted to say- I see you, and I see your point.

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    Verona :  tastastic :  here in the UK it’s fairly common (classic Welsh name) and it’s pronounced meg-un.  I’ve heard it pronounced as mee-gan and may-gan on American TV though.  

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    tastastic :  Meg-an with a short ‘e’ is how it’s usually pronounced in the UK too 

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    I’m a POC. My parents named me and my siblings according to the way those names are correctly spelled in our culture.

    Sure people in the US sometimes butcher our last name but that’s only because they’re unfamiliar with not, not because of its spelling.

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    Splodge2003 :  In Ireland Owen is spelt, Eoin or Eoghan, it is very unusal to see Owen.

    I am not a fan of alternative spelling, I don’t think there would be a possibility of spelling my first name in another way without having a silent letter just thrown in there to look pretty, but I constantly have to spell my surname, because there are 2 ways of spelling it, but I have yet to meet anyone who spells it the other way and it’s in a lot of business names and they all spell it my way.  I do look forward to meeting someone who spells it the other way just to see of they exist!

    In the main I’m not a fan of the “unique” but not really unique method of spelling things, just sounds like hassle!

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    This thread is so disgusting.

    Meanwhile, the favored girls names on a recent thread include: Lux, Cricket, Timber, and Jaegar, all spelled “correctly.” You couldn’t make this stuff up. 

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    In certain circustances due to cultural variations, I get it. Like Sofia vs Sophia, but I have a cousin who named his kid Kenadie. The poor girl is going to be correcting everyone on her name spelling her whole life. Why couldn’t they spell it Kennedy? Poor kid.

    This post made me think of mean girls:

    Image result for mean girls anfernee meme

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    glitterati :  I think you need to lighten up a bit.

    My name has two common spellings and mine is the less common of the two.  The common spelling ends in -en and mine is -in.  My parents didn’t set out to purposely put me through hell for a different spelling.  They just happened to like the -in spelling better for some reason (acutually I asked once why they spelled it that way and they said it wasn’t something they gave a lot of thought).  I turned out OK. smile

    A good friend of mine is named Caitlin and she’s gotten a billion different spellings from others – Katelyn, Caitlyn, Katlyn, etc.  She doesn’t make a big deal of it at all.  Similarly, my SIL named her daughter Jordyn (instead of Jordan) because she thought the “y” made it more feminine.

    I don’t think I would intentially give my child a “weird” spelling but it’s not something that really bothers me. I get a chuckle out of some name (Youneek) but otherwise, to each their own.

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    I hate it.  I come from a culture that shares a lot of the same name pronunciations as English names, however they use native spelling.  So while they may not be the spelling that all English speakers know they aren’t manufactured to be different just for the sake of it.

    Things like swapping i’s for y’s for the ‘look’ of the name irritate me. 

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    I think the creative spellings have gotten so out of hand that even people with simple names have to spell them now. I overheard someone ask another woman how she spells “Ruth”. Ruth? Really? That couldn’t be more simple and plain – how does one even mess it up? (and yes, she spelled it Ruth and looked at the other person like they had 15 heads lol)

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    I never thought about POC (people of color) being hurt by this post, I’m sorry. Same with people from different classes (I’m thinking of people who judge others for being ‘trashy’ for naming their kid Maddisyn or Nevaeh).

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    Yeah i hate alternate spellings. I have a coworker that spells Jennifer with G. She gets all huffy and puffy when someones spells it wrong. Like seriously?

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    I have a very common North American name and my parents chose the German spelling, which isn’t unheard of if you google it but most people have never seen it spelled that way. I don’t hate it, but I have spent 31 years having to explain the history and reasoning every time I get an eye roll from someone who thinks I changed it myself to be cool or that my parents were trying to be different. I won’t do that to my own kids. 

    I don’t care when my name is spelled wrong on my starbucks cup or anything like that, but it does bother me when people I work with or socialize with can’t seem to get it right. A family friend I have known my entire life spells it wrong in every email or facebook message he sends me. 

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    sweetb4 :  Probably because she didn’t choose the spelling. Wouldn’t you be annoyed if your coworkers repeatedly spelled your name wrong?

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