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i like the name Anemone for a girl. It’s pronounced ah-neh-mo-nee but a feel like a lot of people would say ann-eh-moan…or something.

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@harmonyeee: Anyone who has watched Finding Nemo knows how it is said 🙂

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@MM423: That’s so funny that people think your name is Maura or mispronounce it because people are always calling me Mara (Mah-ra) (my name is Maura) or Moira. I always have to say, it’s just like Laura with an M (More-a)!

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@Aure:Mirielle was my name in French class in high school. Love it!

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My own name (Nastasia, pronounced NASS-TA-ZIA) is butchered on a daily basis.

it’ll go something like this: what’s your name? Nastasia. Oh Anastasia, very nice. 

Don’t even get me started on the spelling… I will email people for business purposes, so my name is written both in my email and on the top as the sender, and 90% of the time, people will reply by saying either hi Natasia, or hi Natasha… 

Same on my wedding/shower gifts or cards, people mostly wrote Natasia when my name was clearly written on the invitation 

The best of all? Our wedding photo booth. We got 2 strips of 3 photos and at the end it said Darling Husband name+my name + wedding date. Now they got really creative and spelt my name Natashia. There was a scrapbook for people to stick one of the strips and write a note, and everyone started spelling it Natashia too.

I don’t understand how people can get so creative when you’ve spelt your name correctly on the email/contract/invitation 🙂

(most people at the wedding were DH’s friends and family).

I’m done venting! 

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I’ve always loved the name Naimh (Nee-vah), but it’s really Irish and unpronouncable. People would definitely try to pronounce it Nai-am. I also love Aislinn/Aisling (Ash-lin), but that’s still on my name list. Pronounciation errors be damned.

I think that people are always going to mispronounce things though. My name is Megan, plain, simple, common…. you’d think. People prounounce and spell it all types of ways, meh-gin, mee-gin, may-gin, mag-gin, Megan, Meghan, Meggan, Meagan… ugh. I don’t think there’s very many fool-proof names that you aren’t going to have to deal with that.

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I love the name Carolina, but pronounced “Caro-LEE-na” not “Caro-LINE-uh” (like the states) plus I think everyone would say Caroline.

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Don’t you sometimes wonder if people can even read,tho? My neice’s name is Devon-pretty simple,right? But she gets DeVON, all the time. My daughter’s name is Brooke, and people used to call her BrookIE since I was told they thought you pronounced the ‘E’ on the end. UGH.

It seems you might be asking for some aggravation no matter what name you pick!

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@pinky44: I fell in love with the name Aoife after moving here but I can’t even pronounce it right yet, so I know it’d be hard for our trips home to the States. Even his last name is different here (Graham – pronounced with the upward a’s, so more like grayaim without being two syllables…ugh, not sure how to phoneticize it! Graeme? Grayem? But definitely NOT “Gram”!)

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@GoldfishPie: thats my middle name Wink  no one ever gets it right.

we tend to recycle female names in my family and i already know if i have a daughter her name will be Fiorina (Fee-o-reen-a).  But I dread what people would say instead.  Maybe I’ll relocate abroad, haha.

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People mess up my name all the time, and it isn’t even hard, at all. I am not close to having a kid at all but I am in love with the name Deanna but I like it pronounced Dee-AHN-ah. Most people would say Dee-ANN-ah so if I ever have a girl I might try to spell it different or something.

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I think Antigone, Etienne, and Aida are all easy enough to pronounce.

For me, the most difficult are names like Andrea and DeAnna and you never know how to say it/where to put the emphasis.

@zippylef: I totally agree! I knew a girl who was Megan and hers was “Mee-gin”. So you can never be sure. And some people pronounce Jacqueline like “Jack-a-LINE”. Seriously?? Does anyone even pronounce it that way? There are no totally safe names.

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