(Closed) Naming baby after daddy, what do you think?

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    I think it’s sweet to honor the tradition. Fiance is the third – his family usually calls him by a nickname so there’s no confusion. We won’t be having a son, but if we were, I would be fine with him being a fourth. But I think your Fiance has to be on board with it.

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    If your husband agrees, I would keep the tradition going and find a unique nickname. To me, I find carrying on family names to be really important (it’s something I plan on doing) and something that stuck out to me is that you mentioned how the name is special because of who the men are that carry the name. That’s one of the big reasons I will be naming my future son after my grandfather, because of who my grandfather was and in the hopes that my future son would carry on my grandfather’s name and be a part of someone so special that he can emulate. 

    I think with a unique, cute nickname the baby can have the best of both worlds. 

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    I wouldn’t, but that’s because I prefer for kids to have their own unique name in the family.  

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    My Fiance is a “Jr” and he is nothing like his father. His father was Larry and people have called Fiance “Junior” his whole life so it is what we all know him as. It feels strange to me when people call him Larry lol!  Their family is not big on reproducing (opposit of mine lol) His great grandparents had 2 kids, his grandparents 2, his parents 1 (unplanned), and if we don’t have a baby together, that will be the end of their blood line. We have a daughter but she is not his biologically though he has been with me since before she was born and will be getting her last name changed to his when mine does in August.

     “I would love for baby to feel like a part of that but I get a lot of negative feed back about how the baby won’t have his own identity and such.”

    I never heard anything like that before and I’m sorry people say that to you! I think it is a great way to honor someone special and who would a good role model to your child. I don’t know anyone who I would want my child to be like and I like unique names but I think it is soo awesome your child would have these great men to look up to!! So I say do it!

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    I would use it as a middle name probably, rather than a first name. It does depend on the name though.

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    I used to be a definite no on this one but after meeting and marrying Darling Husband, I would name a child after him. 

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    this is tricky – I wouldn’t do it personally, but after reading your explanation I thought it was very sweet and special – i was convinced. But THEN I wondered why your husband was unsure about it, when he is the one who has actually lived with a passed-down name all his life… and if he thinks that he didn’t get to be unique, or hated explaining it to people, etc, then I’d be swayed by him and his experiences.

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    I think that both parents definitely have to be on board for a decision like this, and if your husband is really firm about not carrying on this tradition, I think you should honor that. I get the symbolicness of connecting your child through this particular name to the men in your husband’s family, but there are so many other ways to do that. I mean, just by virtue of being your children and a part of this family legacy, they will feel connected. I’m technically named after my grandmother, and I feel connected to her, but no more so than if I hadn’t been named after her.

    I think your explanation is great, and your heart is in the right place, but like I said, if your husband’s not on board, I would defer to that and try to come up with other ways to make your children feel connected to your families’ legacies.

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    I put it depends. I think ultimately its up to you guys as parents. Have you asked your husband why he wouldn’t want to?

    I have several members of my family like that, and they all go by a middle name, a few go by Junior, and  barley any of them get called or go by their first names to distinguished them from their Dad and or Grandfathers. So that is the reason I personally wouldn’t do it because I feel it kind of defeats the purpose when most people friends and family are going to find a nickname to make it easier to know whom they are talking to and or about.

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    In your case I think it’s sweet. But for me, I wouldn’t do it.

    Icelandic naming traditions are very different. We don’t have last names like yours. Our last name is made up from our fathers name. Eg. my father is called Haraldur so my last name is Haraldsdóttir (daughter of Haraldur)

    So if we had a son, he would have his fathers name twice in his name, and in my opinion that’s just too much.


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    I like it!

    If I was a boy I would have been named after my grandad (G).  However I was a girl, which threw my mum in a quandry, because she didn’t like the obvious feminine version of it!  Luckily her friend (A) knew a more uncommon version of it, and so I because a version of G, middle name A – after thefriend that helped name me!  🙂

    If I have a boy I am going to name him after my grandad, and luckily my Fiance is fine with that

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    We have a name that’s been passed down for generations.  It’s very common.  But my brother and my Dad both have it as their middle name.  My grandad and the greats almost exclusivly have it as their first.

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    I know it’s very common in many families but I personally wouldn’t make my child a III, IV, V, etc. Too many people with the same name gets confusing. I think everyone should have their own identity and giving them the same names as their older generations doesn’t do that. Honoring family members by carrying down a middle name tradition is one thing but having the exact same name (first, middle and last) is another.

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    My Fiance is a Jr. and he never had identity issues because of being named after his dad. He liked it, and he very much wants to continue the tradition with our first son. I don’t think it keeps a kid from developing his own identity–my Fiance went by a slightly different name then his dad to keep them apart and we have already discussed what we’ll call our son to make his ‘everyday’ name slightly different then dad or grandpa. My Fiance most certainly has his own identity, has no trouble being different then his dad, and is proud to carry the family name. I think our son will feel the same way.

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