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Sugar bee
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On the phone or meetnig friends, no problem at all. To the point of neglect, definately not.

I would never expect a nanny or myself to never be on the phone, even for a personal conversation. However I would expect my child to always be the #1 priority.

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Sugar bee
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@mrsgg21:  I think it’s acceptable to be on the phone and to meet friends, but NOT to the point where the nanny is ignoring and neglecting the baby and child, of course. Personally, I try not to make judgments based on one observation (with exceptions for extreme things like abuse.) For all I know, the nanny who is on her phone for the 45 minutes I’m watching her could be making arrangements for her grandmother’s funeral or trying to get a tow truck to come retrieve her just-broken-down car or whatever. Everyone has bad/distracted days.

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Helper bee
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i was a nanny for a long time and meeting with friends or other nannies and their kids and being on the phone is perfectly acceptable. i’ve found that most families do not mind this because they know staying at home with the kids all day can be EXTREMELY difficult (hell, that’s why a lot of stay at home mom’s have nannies!). but neglecting or putting your needs before the kids is definitely wrong. the way i think of it, i’m the kid’s parent for however long i’m nannying them…so i better treat them the way i would want to treat my own kid. 


but it’s definitely not wrong to meet with friends or be on the phone. 

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Bee Keeper
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@mrsgg21:  I was a nanny for three and a half years and I spent more time with that kid than his parents did…it would be completely stupid for them to expect me to never be on the phone while I was watching their child. 

I think the picture you paint is a gruesome one, but you also have no idea what kind of day has already ensued…parents take advantage of nannies, especially good ones because we love the kids and don’t want them to suffer because their parents can’t get it together.

I wouldn’t be too harsh, we’ve all seen a fried out Mom on auto-pilot at the grocery store who’s kid just upchucked all over herself and she’s still intently reading a bottle of vitamins, or the little kid that shoots by like greased lightening, only to see a frantic parent searching for them several minutes later….paid or not, caring for kids is tough, you can’t expect someone to be Mary Poppins 24/7 just because you’re paying them….

It’s a hard job, and I understand that it’s hard for the parents too….I always did my best for that little boy, and that was all I could do.


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Buzzing bee
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@mrsgg21: Im a mom too and I do agree with you they need to focus on the child not staying on the phone the entire time they should be doing that on their own free time. i would honestly fire that nanny in a heart beat if she was doing that with my kids neglecting them.


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Buzzing bee
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hmm…. As a mom, I say be on your phone. meet other people. no worries. As a Nanny? On the job? Being paid? FOCUS ON YOUR CHARGES. At how many other jobs could you blatantly ignore your work and talk on your cell phone? Answer a call, or catch uyp with a friend on occassion. Schedule play dates. Sure. But to use your nannying hours only for your own self satisfaction, especially white neglecting the children you ar ein charge of, is just disgusting…


You aren’t mommy. This isn’t your life, and you don’t need to multitask. You are Nanny. This is your job. Get to work.

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Bumble bee
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I agree with the other bees – I don’t see a problem with the nannies being on their phones/ipads or meeting up with friends at the play place while they are with the kids. Don’t moms meet up for play dates too? and/or have to have a conversation on the phone once in awhile.

Can I ask how you know all these women are nannies and not moms?

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Bumble bee
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I was a nanny for years, and can honestly say the only times I used my phone were when the kids were asleep, or if I had to answer a quick phone call. For older kids, it’s a bit different. Once they get to the age where they play video games, go to their friends houses etc. the nanny has to find some way to occupy her time.

But, I think part of the problem is that people don’t do their research, and leave their children with someone they have known for 10 minutes.  Good babysitters and nannys cost money, but it is worth it for someone with a lot of experience.

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Busy Beekeeper
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@mrsgg21:  I think you are being a little harsh, you don’t know what went on before she took the kids to the play area. Maybe it was a very bad day.  I wouldn’t be so quick to judge her. And you only have 1 child she was taking care of 2, have you tried taking care of 2 active small children. IT is not easy!


I would hate for people to think you are a bad mother… how would you feel if people judged you like you judged this nanny?

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Worker bee
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@Asia:  +1

This is her job.  If she finds it so boring she has to be on her phone/Ipad/whatever during working hours, maybe it’s time she finds something that inspires her a bit more.

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Buzzing bee
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@Sassygrn:  Regardles of the type of day he or she had, would you find this sort of behavior acceptable of a teacher? What about an in home nurse? A nutritionist?


No matter what, this is her profession. I don’t see the need to identify with her the same way you would with a mother. After all, she gets to go home (unelss she is live in) presumably kid free. This is her job, and she should do it.

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Bumble bee
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How do you know it was a nanny?

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Helper bee
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While I’m sure there are some people somewhere who will claim they’ve never made a personal call or gone on facebook while at work, the truth is that we all do it (even if it’s only on the rarest of occasions). Plus, as a nanny I assume there isn’t really any break time for her. It’s not like she can leave the kids for half an hour for lunch or something and make her personal calls then. And while it sounds like this girl could’ve been paying more attention to what she was doing with the baby, I don’t think she is a bad nanny or should be fired. It’s not like it’s impossible to talk on the phone and watch a kid at the same time. Yes you may think she had no idea where the kid had run off to but for all you know she was keeping track. Talking on the phone doesn’t involve your eyes and it only takes a second to look up and make sure the kid is ok.

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