Natural 1st birth, medication 2nd birth?

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I’ve only had 1 child, so I can’t compare natural vs. medicated per se. But I do want to say that I had an epidural and it was the BEST thing ever. Quick labor, no discomfort, little tearing, no exhaustion.


I read birth stories from people who went natural and all I can think is “why?” Why put yourself through all of that unnecessary pain and exhaustion when medical advancements let you go through the birthing process mostly pain-free? I mean, I’m obviously asking a rehtorical “why” here. I know why people choose unmedicated births. I just can’t wrap my head around it personally. To me, it’s the equivilent of saying “I’m going to get an unmedicated root canal.” Why would you choose that if you had the option of pain medication?

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midwestmomma :  I know you’re asking about medicated birth experiences, but I just wanted to chime in because I’ve run across many women that didn’t know about this option. Please, disregard if you’re not interested/already know it/think I’m crazy 😉

Have you looked into hypnosis for birthing? As another poster asked why not have medical advancements available to make your birth ‘better’ (totally subjective, I know)…there have been a lot of advancements in understanding hypnosis for pain management and its application for childbirth.

You may have trouble buying into the whole thing, or you may not, but I figured I’d throw it out there since you don’t seem to be sold on all the pros of medicated childbirth and the associated risks.

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I’m TTC number 2 atm and I plan to have another natural birth. I had gas and air first time round so I did have some pain relief. 

I had a 6 hour labour so there was no time for an epidural (got to hospital at 7pm baby born at 9pm…) 

i suspect next time round will be quicker so won’t plan on an epidural.

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I have 4 children and only had an epidural for my 3rd birth.  It was by far the best birth experience I had.  *I wanted an epidural for all four but had fast labors and was unable to get an epidural.

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I had an epidural for both and loved it.  I had great births, but I know that mine is not the norm.  Do what you think is best.  If you want to do the epidural don’t feel like you cant.

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ExcitedScaredBee :  I can only speak to my own reasons, but I chose an unmedicated birth because I did IVF. I felt broken. I felt like my body couldn’t do one of the main things it was biologically designed to do which is make a child. Having a natural childbirth was incredibly empowering for me after years of infertility. And having done it I plan to have my future children naturally as well. 

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LilliV :  100% times a million to this. I had an unmedicated birth because I felt like the process of conceiving my baby was so clinical and unnatural that I wanted SOMETHING to go the way nature had intended. I had a great unmedicated birth experience. 

midwestmomma :  I think you should do whatever will make you happy with your birth experience! I’m currently pregnant with #2 and even though my first birth was tough (22 hours of active unmedicated labor), I’m planning to do it again. I had that AWESOME rush of oxytocin afterwards and it was so cool. But if having an unmedicated birth did not allow you to enjoy the newborn moments, then I think you need to do what’s going to be good for you! 

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I had a c section with my first birth and hated it. Had to do it because he was feet first. This time around I wanted a natural delivery (it was also an IVF pregnancy). However, I was GBS positive and my water broke at home. Had to go to the hospital. Ended up having pitocin to augment my labour because nothing was happening for many hours. After 13 hours I did get an epidural because I couldn’t handle the pitocin contractions. It was a massive relief. I was still able to feel the contractions but without pain. My midwives said it was the best epidural they had ever seen ! I could still move my legs. Ended up delivering my son after 29 hours with minimal tearing. I thought I would be super disappointed that I did get the epidural but I felt euphoric. I was so happy I just made it through without another c section !

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LilliV :  As I said above, I realize that there are reasons that people choose to have unmedicated births. I respect that choice. But personally, I can’t really imagine ever willingly going through pain I didn’t have to.

However, you do you!

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There are many pain relief options during Labour that don’t involve an epidural, talk to your doctor about what could work for you. 

Mine was a Demerol baby, no epidural and no regrets 😊

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So, I’ve done it the opposite way, my first birth was medicated with plenty of interventions (epidural, antibiotics, ventouse delivery and episiotomy), the interventions were necessary (it was a long labour) but the first few days of recovery weren’t fun. In contrast, my second baby was delivered with only gas and air for pain relief and despite the fact he was almost ten pounds my son practically dropped out (second stage was seven minutes!) due to the fact I was able to labour upright and let gravity do the work. Recovery was 1000% better and despite thinking “this is really unpleasant!” while in labour I’m aiming to have another “natural” birth in April.

would I get another epidural again? Absolutely if I have another long labour or complications but if I can do it “naturally” then I will.

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midwestmomma :  I had a pretty difficult birth with my first baby. My labor stalled (although I was still having very intense contractions) at 9 cm for several hours and my baby’s cord was wrapped around his neck. I pushed for 3.5 hours and, like you, when he was finally born I was too exhausted and shell-shocked to really enjoy him until I’d recovered for a couple of hours. However, I LOVED the birth center and midwives I’d used and I wanted to see them again when I got pregnant with my second baby. My midwife repeatedly assured me that second baby’s births are easier but I was still nervous for a repeat. But she was right! My second baby’s birth was beautiful and magical and (although still hard, of course) so much quicker and easier. We got to the birth center at 2 am, I got into the tub at 2:30, started pushing at 4 am and he was born 45 minutes later in the tub. I felt great after- just tired that day. No tears, up walking around minutes later, and I was so happy when he came out. My first words to him were, “I love you!! You’re here!” Anyway, an epidural would have been totally unnecessary for that kind of birth, and I’m glad I got to experience such a positive natural birth. Way better than my first baby’s birth! Could you play it by ear and see how labor is progressing? If you would like an epidural you should absolutely have one and enjoy the crap out of it, but this next birth could be quite different (and hopefully quicker and easier!) than your first one was. Congrats and best of luck!

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I fucking loved my epidural. I told both my anestheseologists that they needed to hand those puppies out at the goddamn door. My labor from start to finish was 7 hours — I popped that kid out quick as hell. No exhaustion, no pain, nada.

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midwestmomma :  I had three natural births! No pain meds at all and I was induced with all 3! I was never in labor for more than 7 hours though (7hrs with 1st, 4hrs with 2nd, & 1hr with 3rd). If I could have more children I would do it the exact same way. I had no tearing with the 1st 2 and minimal with the 3rd. My doctor even stitched me up without pain meds. I was up and walking minutes after giving birth to all 3! All my family members that have gotten an epidural say that they started to have back pain at the site of the epidural years down the road.  But only you know you’re body! You have to do what’s best for you!!!

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