(Closed) “Natural Birth” What does it mean?

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Natural to me means: Vaginally with no intervention/meds.

BUT with the current medical system and SOOO much intervention being used, many use “naturally” as a term for just having a child vaginally.

Labor has lot to do with mentality and support.. b/c it’s in you telling yourself that you can do it, and others around you reminding you that you can do it that helps in the success.

If you’re interested in learning more about natural birthing you could look into the Bradley Method of birthing or even hyponobirth (I’ve heard quite a few mommy’s say it was pretty pain free using this method)


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To me it means no meds, period. I had nothing, and delivered vaginally.

My Mom had ether with me (strapped to her wrist so she could inhale when needed and knock herself out), and my sister had spinals with all hers…different than an epidural, but couldn’t raise your head up and had to lay flat for 2 days, and they gave severe headaches. I don’t even know if that’s an option anymore.

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I too have heard people say “natural” when they just are referring to vaginal.  When I say natural though, I mean “no meds or intervention whatsoever.  No pitocin, no stadol, no epidural, nothing.”

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I take natural birth to mean a vaginal birth with no interventions or medications.

Vaginal birth is the term I use to cover all vaginal births regardless of medications or interventions.

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to me, natural means no intervention. no pitocin (or any other inducing medication), no pain meds (including epidural), and delivering vaginally.

delivering in my living room on our antique recliner is the epitome of a “natural birth” to me.

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Natural commonly means vaginal unmedicated birth. I just prefer to say “unmedicated” because there is nothing unnatural about any way a woman brings a baby into the world.

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I must agree with some of the pps that wrote vaginal with no intervention.

When you are referring to the stretching, I do believe it numbs it out a little. It’s not as bad as it sounds. It all depends I think on how you handle it and if you have a good connection to the midwife. My midwife helped me out alot, told me what to do.. and it went well, I chose to rely on her alot with the breathing, pushing. Not force it, just go with the flow more likely.

And yes, women are generally stronger than we think we are. When it comes to it, alot of ladies are superstrong.

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To me, “natural” birth is unmedicated, vaginal birth with minimal, if any, interventions.

I’m planning a natural, hospital birth. My birth plan includes:

  • no meds of any kind,
  • intermittent fetal monitoring,
  • hep lock instead of a full IV,
  • being able to move/walk around/shower if I want,
  • spontaneous pushing instead of coached,
  • minimal vaginal exams, 
  • I’d rather tear than be cut
  • baby on my chest immediately
  • delay baby exams to allow for immediate breastfeeding and not interfere with bonding

That’s just some of it. I accept the possibility of epidural and c-section, but I will only acceept that if it becomes a matter of their being no other choice.

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A “natural” birth for me is an unmedicated (no pain meds) vaginal birth. Re: induction, I waver. Some women (my aunt included) just DO NOT go into labour, and have to be induced (membranes stripped/broken, given oxytocin because they’re 10 days overdue and haven’t even started dilating, etc.), and I consider their births to be natural if they deliver without further intervention/pain meds. But the American habit of giving pitocin after a couple hours of labour is unnatural to me.

I also am uncertain on the “natural-ness” of forceps/vacuum-assisted delivery.

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When I think natural birth, i also think of vaginal birth with no medication

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