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  • poll: What kind of birth did you have/are you planning on having?
    Natural Birth - no medication, all natural all the way : (25 votes)
    50 %
    Semi-medicated - pain treatment, or epidural, but not both : (10 votes)
    20 %
    Fully medicated - Epidural and any pain meds available! : (15 votes)
    30 %
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    My option isn’t up there, but we don’t want any narcotics (they affect the baby and make the baby sleepy, not to mention make me itchy), but will happily do an epidural towards the end.

    Trust me, it doesn’t feel like getting licked by kittens so far ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Agree with Mrs. DG – am planning on an epidural….my doctor friend and her ob husband had two kids with epidurals and that is enough for me ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think it is great for those women who are planning natural, just not my plan!

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    Well I have 2 kids and one I had naturally AND had pitocin (a med to speed up labor and makes contractions stronger) and the second I had pain meds.

    WIth my second I took the IV meds first. They completely stopped my progress, even though I was still able to feel the contractions. I was progressing pretty fast on my own so I wish I wouldn’t haven’t gotten the IV meds. Once those wore off and I got to ten the baby was sitting on my pelvis in a weird way that made pushing even worse, so I had a small amount of epidural and pushed her out pretty quickly.

    I had no side effects from either medications, except for the hault in progression. I do know somebody who had an epdiual and lost feeling in one of her legs for weeks. She couldn’t walk for a very long time after (I really know this person, it’s not a situation where I heard it through the grape vine). I have to say that it is very rare having that happen.

    Best advice I can give is keep an open mind, when you go in thinking you have it exactly planned out, it almost never goes your way. In the end you will have a perfect, beautifull baby and it won’t matter if you had pain meds or not!

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    When my water broke, I was only 1cm dialted, and my OB/GYN wanted me put on pitocin. I had decided early on I didnt want pitocin, and I only wanted an epidural if I really needed it. That being said…After 5 hours of very strong contractions, I was holding on to the hospital bed crying. The doc told me I wasn’t dilating because I was so tense from the pain. I happily welcomed the epidural at that point. Looking back, I’m glad I got it. But- it started to fail twords the end of my labor, and I could feel the serious pain. They turned it off right before I started pushing- and I slowly regained control of my legs. The only thing that really sucked was I couldnt hold my legs up on my own.

    Anyway- I didn’y mean to give you my whole birth story lol. I gave birth to a 9 lb. baby girl, who was VERY alert. My meds didn’t affect her- IMO. But the next time around, I think I’m going to consider a midwife. I think our bodies were built to handle childbirth pain, and I know plenty of woman who went drug- free!

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    Find a doctor you are comfortable with BEFORE you are actually pregnant. Mine was so amazing, it was really up to me on how I felt things should go. He cancelled his clinic for the morning so he could be there to deliver and actually was in the room for a good portion of the labor. It is so important that you find a doctor you can trust and feel comfortable with.

    I had an episiotomy with my first and really wasn’t that bad. They did it during a contraction so I hardly even noticed, I did have additional tearing anyways.

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    Mrs Avocado (aka That Wife) http://thatwifeblog.com had a natural water birth at home.  Check out her birth stories.  It is very honest and very beautiful.

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    I think everyone should do extensive research before deciding their birth plan. Weigh the pros and cons in every aspect and make an educated decision. I think women and their partners should dedicate as much time to planning their pregnancy and birth as they do planning their weddings!

    When the time comes, I know I’m going to have a natural birth unless I become high-risk. It’s just what I feel most comfortable with but I totally respect a woman’s right to choose meds.

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    I have three kids – and the deliveries were as different as their personalities are these days!

    Kid One was totally natural. I had 2 regular strength Tylenol early in the game. It was rough until I was able to start pushing – once I was able to fight back against the pain I kind of went into warrior mode and was good to go. She was 8lbs., 9oz. and 22.3″ long.

    Kid Two started off natural and definately didn’t end that way. I was in active labor for ~20 hours before the idiot that called himself my doctor finally came and checked on me. He said I wasn’t progressing because I was too tense so I got an epidural. I was able to regroup and rest but after another 8 hours of labor and my nurses fighting to get the doctor to listen to them the baby’s heart rate started to drop and I was rushed into emergency surgery. He was 9lbs., 11oz. and 20.6″ long.

    Kid Three was a planned C-section because they told me he was going to be as big as his brother.  He was 9lbs., 12oz. and 21.4″ long.

    All three rocked a 10 out of 10 on their APGAR!

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    I plan on having a natural birth. I want to prepare my self for the pain as much as possible, and it is difficult with all of the stories, but unless I absolutely need it I would like to get through it without any pain meds. We shall see what this little bitty has in store for us!

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    I’m due in 12 days and am planning a drug-free homebirth, everyone keep your fingers crossed for us that everything goes smoothly! One thing I’ve realized though is that I need to stay very flexible. I try to envision myself giving birth under all kinds of different circumstances- in the hospital, c-section, induction… all that stuff, because really you can plan all you want but you never know what is going to happen.  As far as going drug-free, it really helps to read other women’s birth stories, I especially like Ina May Gaskin’s books, many of the stories are very empowering. A lot of women say that it is hard work, but totally do-able. I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

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