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If you want to go blonde but you’re worried about cost then I recommend balayage! I’m a natural brunette who recently got balayage done and I love it. Best part is that your roots are still naturally colored so you’re not constantly in the salon. 

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You would look great blonde! I kind of want to try it too but my natural hair is even darker than yours. Interested to see some responses here!

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Depends how dark and long your natural hair is.

I go from this to that and it took 2 full sets of highlights 6 weeks apart at $200 each. Then roots and toning every 6 weeks (some blondes maintain more but I can be lazy) at about $75 and every 6 months a full set of highlights again

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I put my photos all out of order, but the second photo is my natural hair colour, the first has been lightened,t helast is the 1st set of highlights and the third is after it’s all blonde

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Girl, don’t. Haha. I literally only say this becasue I JUST went blonde 2 weeks ago and HATE it. I cannot even stand taking photos anymore. I have very pretty natural hair thats a light brunette with natural highlights and now it’s pretty much white, which is fine the color is great, just not for me. Also, my hair was so dry for about 9 days after that I could not style it and it was still wet in the morning when I showered the night before. So I spent $250 on something I cannot stand and have now contemplated shaving off. If you still really want it, please think about it for a long time especially if, like me, you don’t color your hair ever.

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Going blonde is VERY harsh on your hair.  I am a natural blonde but go dark for winter (as in red/brunette) and going back to blonde in the summer my hair is frizzy and fried when I go back to blonde.  I would not recommend it all.  

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I have naturally dark hair and was blonde for about 5 years in college and after. I would go for a heavy partial weave every 6-8 weeks. It cost me about $120 with a haircut. This was about 10 years ago so I’m not sure what it would be now. While I enjoyed being blonde, it did significantly damage my hair. I feel like my hair is a lot thinner then it used to be. That of course may be due to age as well but I blame it on the blonde 😉 

if you have virgin hair (no color on your hair at all) you can use dye instead of bleach. That will be slightly less damaging. 

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I wouldn’t touch your hair, OP! I love how your eyes pop. As PPs said maybe just add some lighter balayage highlights throughout to brighten things up a bit.

I have naturally dark brown hair and wanted to go to a dark blonde and have been getting there gradually with balayage, but honestly, the lighter I get the more I miss my natural color! And the effort I have to put in to make sure it doesn’t turn brassy or too yellowy is getting old real fast. I’m probably going to transition back to a dark brown to light brown/caramel balayage.

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I’m a fair skinned, green eyed, girl with naturally almost black hair that does not suit me at all. So, I definitely get the desire for a color change. I’ve been blonde off and on for about a decade and am planning to stay blonde for the foreseeable future.  I have to say, I think you actually pull off the dark hair really well!

Anyway, the cost to go blonde and maintain your blonde is going to vary a ton based on where you live. If you decide to make the change be sure to find a really amazing colorist or you will either end up with brassy color or fried hair. Also, have realistic expectations. Depending upon how light you want to go and exactly what your desired result is, it can take months and several visits to the salon to get there safely, without destroying your hair. Do some research on yelp and talk to ladies who have great color for stylist suggestions.

From a cost perspective the first visit or few visits will likely be the most expensive. If you are getting a full head of highlights or balyage prepare to spend $$$. I have generally spent somewhere around $250+ per initial visit when going from brunette to blonde. Once I have achieved a good overall color I can generally get away with just a root touch up every 5 weeks for the next few months. The root/base touch up has cost anywhere from $75-$150. Then I usually need a partial or full balyage a few times a year for somewhere around $175-$250.  All these prices were before tip and for salons in Philadelphia, LA, and Orange County CA.

I would not cheap out on such a drastic change, because a bad dye job can destroy your hair and be extremely costly/time consuming to correct. That said, higher cost doesn’t necessarily equal quality. The absolute worst color I ever had done cost me $450 at a salon in LA and I walked out with an orange base color and yellow highlights. 


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So I’m a highlighted blonde, natural color is brown (the low light color in my hair in the pic).. you and I have similar coloring and I have green eyes.. I love being a blonde but I wouldn’t do single process. I was a single process blonde and it was so annoying to upkeep and also I HATE how roots look so for me I was going constantly to not have such a dark root/light hair contrast. Eventually I transitioned back to just highlighted blonde bc the single process was too annoying and it was breaking my hair from the bleach. I would recommend highlights or balayage and see how you like it and then make the final decision if you want to be a full head of blonde.. Heres some recnt pics of my hair now…

The last pic of me is when I was trying to transition slowly back to highlighted blonde. I was so light at that point but I didn’t want to go back to my natural color or be too harsh my coloring it with low lights so I just let it grow out.. 

Also single process was $70 I would go every 6-8 weeks like clockwork. Highlights are $225 but I wait longer between visits bc the contrast isn’t so bad when it grows out So I guess I go every 3-4 months.. Highlights are def less damaging on my hair..

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I pay $75 for full highlights every 2-3 months. I have olive green eyes and fair skin. I think I look much better blonde, because like you, I felt dark brown hair washed me out. FWIW I think you look beautiful with brown hair, but blonde would really suit you.

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loden:  I have a natural hair color similar to yours! I went blonde with highlights every 2-3 months in 2012… After a few sessions I was “natural looking” blonde, but really light! Not bleach blone, but light goldish I’d say.

ANYWAY I just went back to natural because a) it destroys your hair b) it’s annoying to keep up with c( it’s expensive.


IF anything I’d try ombre if you want some lighter hair? Try it slowly before you color the roots. 

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OP, I have dark hair and I would suggest you doing a balayage or sombre highlights. I have that currently and I love it. No worries about roots and my colourist is wonderful so she applied the highlights exactly the way I wanted. Bring lots of pictures. And go to a reputable colourist. It was $100 for me, and I use a purple shampoo and purple conditioner once a week. Don’t wash it everyday, and I’ll go get it toned next month (2 months after I got it done first). I wanted highlights for summer and for my wedding in the fall I’ve now decided. I love it! Do what you want girl, it’s just hair! 🙂

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I agree witht the balayage suggestions! 
My hair is naturally a dull brown (think cardboard color..seriously) – I’ve dyed it at home for YEARS and just kept going progressively darker. In March I decided to go to a salon for a color correction, which came out great! She lifted all the practically-black color out and redeposited a medium brown similar to yours. Then I decided I wanted to lighten up a bit more and went with a partial foil highlight. Then I needed toner so it didn’t look so brassy. That was $100 + tip. I could only last about 5 weeks before the roots started looking cray … so $100 just over once a month to maintain – and that wasn’t even full-on blonde! 

It did look really nice at first, but for someone who is not accustomed to paying that much for my hair, it was a huge adjustment in maintenance and cost. I just couldn’t justify it, so recently went back to an all-over brown color.

The balayage would be nice because it does give you those lightened up tones, but it doesn’t look so harsh when your hair grows because the lightened color isn’t right at your roots, it’s further down your hair. It also looks more natural than highlights sometimes do. 

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