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I am about 6 weeks post-partum now from my first baby. I had a water birth without meds in the hospital. 

Number of weeks: 6 weeks pp. 

Brief Summary of Basic Birthplan: I wanted to go au natural but absolutely did not rule out pain meds. My total labor from regular contractions to birth was 10 hours. I had back labor the entire time and that was SO PAINFUL. Started at 5PM, went to the hospital at 10PM where I was dilated to a 7. I went in the tub immediately and while I loved that, I think it did slow down my labor slightly. I HIGHLY reccomend the tub for anyone wanting a natural birth because it really helped me relax between contractions. I would usually handle contractions on all fours and then float on my back in between. 

I labored in the tub for about 4 hours and then had my water broken manually. Things really picked up after that. I am not much for swearing but those contractions were super intense!! I was about to ask for some pain meds but then felt the need to push. I pushed for about 20 minutes and my baby was born. I pushed on all fours and didn’t push unless I was having a contraction. After so much back labor, it was a huge relief to push. I tore only slightly, did not need stitches and I think its partly because I ONLY pushed with contractions. 

What *Kept* you Strong: Like mwitter80 said first, its ALL about the mind. You can’t let the pain overwhelm you. I didn’t think about the pain unless I was in the contraction. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Tell yourself you can totally master the pain and overcome that particular episode. I also did my fair share of screaming, groaning and crying. It helped me, particularly during pushing. 

What *made* you feel tempted: Exhaustion. I was so tired that I just wanted it to be over. I am thankful I started pushing when I did otherwise I probably would have asked for meds and had zero shame in doing so. I give HUGE credit to women who labor/push for even longer than I did without assistance. 

Why did you choose to try natural childbirth? I chose natural childbirth simply because it was right for me. Part of me was curious to see if I could do it. When I was pregnant, women would tell me all their birth stories and go on and on about how painful it was. I secretly wondered if it was REALLY that bad or if there was a conspiracy among moms to keep the hype going. Nope, it really is that bad! 🙂

I also just wanted to keep my baby and I safe and didn’t want to slow down or delay delivery at all. For my next baby I will definitely try a water birth again, but will probably wait until I am about 9 before plopping in the tub. 

If you want to go natural, you can totally do it! I don’t think there was much I did or could do to prepare, but focusing on the end goal and telling myself that each pang was bringing the baby closer helped. My hubs also kept up a steady stream of encouragement which helped me mentally. Good luck!

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I am also planning a natural birth. I meant to post yesterday, but I did not have time. I’m going to respond to the questions and then go back and read everyone else’s responses.

Number of weeks: 20w 4d

EDD: December 22, 2012

Brief Summary of Basic Birthplan: Natural Hospital Birth with immediate skin to skin contact and nursing. I hope to avoid pain meds and an epidural, but I will keep my options open.

What Keeps you Strong: Reading amazing natural birth stories and thinking “I can do this!” Also, I really want to be in tune with my body and the delivery process and I think a natural birth will allow for that more.

What Makes you feel tempted: The pain! I’m so scared that the pain will be too much to bear and I will cave and get the epidural.

Why did you choose to try natural childbirth? I just feel like this is the way I want to do it and I have to listen to me. While I am shooting for a natural childbirth, like I said above, I am not completely against pain meds and/or and epidural. I will listen to my body and make my final decisions off of that.

Good luck to everyone else!!!

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@MrsSawyer:  I like that site too. The bump has a whole board that is dedicated to natural births, with a lot of stories.

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@Audreysdance:  You’re welcome! I may or may not have spent a couple of working hours reading stories today haha. Shhh don’t tell my boss.

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This is our plan.. we are, however, years (given no “surprises”) away from kids!

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I’m really early on in my pregnancy, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I wouldn’t say I’m entirely opposed to medication because honestly I’ve never labored before, what do I know? But my plan is to go all natural.

Number of weeks: 9 weeks 1 day

EDD: March 13, 2012

Brief Summary of Basic Birthplan: Same as 

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@MARIE901: I want a natural birth at the hospital — with one of their tubs if I can get one, as they said there are no guarantees that one will be available during labor — with immediate skin to skin contact and nursing afterward. No constant monitoring, no IV. I want to be able to walk around, get in the shower, get in the tub, etc. If the contractions get too intense, I want to try something mild like Fentanyl first.

What Keeps you Strong: Hearing about the experience from my mom, who birthed three kids (two almost ten-pounders!) naturally. She said it hurts like whoa, but she did it… and I think I can too. I don’t want to feel out of it or sick after delivery, and pain medicine tends to do that to me.

What Makes you feel tempted: The pain. Like I said, I have no idea what the pain of childbirth is like. I had a ruptured ovarian cyst last fall that put me in the hospital for two nights, and morphine was the only thing that provided enough relief to sleep. Obviously that’s a really different situation, I won’t be looking to sleep during labor, but I totally see and appreciate the benefits of modern medicine.

Why did you choose to try natural childbirth? It’s just a gut feeling that my body will respond best this way. It’s a little bit of a traditionalist thing too I guess — if my great-great-grandma could deliver, I don’t know, 8 kids or something without it, I guess I should be able to do it too Wink


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I am planning to have a natural birth for my next baby. I wanted to have a natural birth for my first baby who is now 3.5 months old but due to complications I had to be induced and when that failed I had to have a c-section. After going through that I am even more determined to go natural next time

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@Audreysdance:  I just want to comment that you can do it! I just gave birth to my son this morning and went natural. It was by far the most challanging and rewarding experience of my life 🙂 With the support of your SO and nurses, dr’s and/or midwives/doula you can absolutely get through the pain. I would strongly encourage you to read as much as you can about breathing and other techniques and also to take a class where you feel empowered about the birth process. Good luck ladies!!!

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@orvis18:  Congratulations!!!!!



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Great thread!

Here’s me…

Number of weeks: 31w 4d

EDD: 7 October 2012

Brief Summary of Basic Birthplan: Just do it!  I’m fairly open to whatever the experience will bring but I have chosen a home birth midwife to deliver with so that I’ll have the support I need.  My midwife specialises in active birth and natural med-free delivery. 

What Makes you feel tempted: My Mother had absolutely dreadful labours, overdue with both babies, infections and c-sections that almost killed her!  Here’s hoping I can avoid the same fate…

Why did you choose to try natural childbirth? I’m not a huge one for taking any kind of drugs (paracetomal, cold meds, antibiotics etc) and I believe that birth is a totally natural and do-able process.  And to be perfectly honest, the thought of having an epidural absolutely scares the sh*t out of me!

I’ve read a few interesting bits and pieces about epidurals / meds during labour, one being that if Mum has been in labour for a long time, an epidural is often needed to help cope with exhaustion rather than pain, the other being to not be too emotionally invested in a perfect, natural birth experience.  I’m a firm believer in being informed and empowered about the decisions made during labour and delivery because as long as I know my options and the reasons for any interventions, then I’m good to go!

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@KatyElle:  *thumbs up* it really is …. 

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Number of weeks: 36w

EDD: 9 September 2012

Brief Summary of Basic Birthplan: Delivery at a midwife only birthing centre (subject to meeting all their risk-free conditions – so far so good). Hopefully I can have a drug-free water birth (not opposed to gas & air). Skin to skin afterwards, daddy is cutting the cord (not straight away) and will donate cord if possible too..plan to deliver the placenta naturally and breastfeed asap during skin to skin…daddy also wants skin to skin time too (with baby, not me!!!) This is my first baby though so I really dont know what to expect.

I feel really strongly about not inducing or c-sections unless there are medical reasons for this

In the UK induction is only performed at 2 weeks overdue (a cervial sweep is offered at 1 week overdue) and so I would accept these if necessary as the placenta can have decreased function past this point.

What Makes you feel tempted: the unknown – this is my first baby so i am scared of how bad it could be!

Why did you choose to try natural childbirth? i really dont want an epidural because the whole needle in spine thing scares the bejeezus outa me! getting pregnant for me was a natural process, and i want to do what should be a natural process for my body – along with breastfeeding too – i feel like this is what women meant to do and i just dont like the idea of trying to plan an induction or something to fit in with my diary.


I do totally get though that some people have complications that could not allow them to have a birthplan such as mine (even i may have some kind of complication in the next 4 weeks or in labour which requires necessary medical intervention which means i am unable to follow it to the letter) and so i am not saying a big NO to all medical intervention – I just think it should be used when necessary.

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