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I hope you ladies don’t mind me joining in, I am a Mum of two and had beautifu,l natural, semi water births with both my kids and I’d love to share.

Number of weeks: about 68 weeks post partum hehe

Both of my children were born 2 days after their EDD

Brief Summary of Basic Birthplan: I tried not to have too much of a “plan” because I didn’t want to be dissapointed if things didn’t happen the way I had hoped. I was aiming for a completely drug free birth both times and to use water and positioning to cope with pain, but, I was completely open to anything. I think that being ok with whatever might happen actually helped me to stay relaxed and get through both births drug free. (Hope that makes sense)

What KEPT you Strong: Nothing, like I said before I was aiming for a natural drug free birth but I was open to having an induction, epidural, c-sect etc. if we (the midwife, FH and I) felt it was necessary. During both births though, I was so focused on getting through each contraction that I completely forgot drugs were even an option. My body really took over and the midwives policy is not to offer drugs unless they believe you NEED them, so if you want anything you have to ask for it. I suggest you ask your midwife or doctor to do the same.

What Makes you feel tempted: I think tempted is the wrong word to use here, that makes it sound like you are suffering and missing out by having a natural birth which is sooo not the case I kept myself open to all these options because sometimes they are completely necessary and I didn’t want to be upset if I couldn’t have the natural birth I envisioned.

Why did you choose to try natural childbirth? In New Zealand natural childbirth is what most women aim for and how most babies are born. It’s best for both Mum and Baby. Unless medically necessary I don’t see any reason to have any other kind of birth.

I hope this may have been kinda helpful to any Mums (or Moms hehe) to be.

Feel free to PM me if you have any more in depth questions about the births of my children.

Good luck to you all.

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I’d like to add that baby number 1 wasn’t completely natural, the midwife broke my waters. It was really horrible, she shoved what looked like a giant crochet needle up my hoo-hah and tore open the sack. This was followed by an incredibly painful contraction after I lumbered back into the birthing bath, and a huge explosion of fluid from downstairs.

 When I was pregnant with number two another midwife read my birthing notes and told me it had been completely unnecessary. I was really upset. So if your midwife/doctor suggests any type of intervention make sure you or your birthing partner make sure it is completely necessary before consenting to it.


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I am not pregnant yet but just wanted to pipe in and say that i completely agree and respect your decision. Provided i do no suffer complications with future pregnancies, i plan on a completely natural home birth NOT in a hospital if possible.  I feel like my body can do what it should do and unnessecary medica intervention will only hinder the experience and not be the best option for me and my future babies. Thank you for starting this board. I look forward to keeping up on it as i TTC and through my pregnancies.

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I just want to chime in with a bid THANK YOU for this thread!  There’s so much here and I haven’t had time to read it all yet, but I am thrilled to be able to hear other women’s stories and get support in this goal.  I’m TTC my fourth child and am planning a natural, midwife assisted birth this time.  

All of my previous births have had interventions and, in my case, they were medically unnecessary.  I was so uniformed that I just went along with whatever the doctor told me, plus I was doing what I’d seen other women around me do… epidural falls into that category.  I’m struggling with looking back, realizing that I allowed myself to be induced for no real reason, other than that’s what the doctor wanted, with all three of my children.  I gained some insight each time, but clearly not enough to advocate for myself. 

I just finished reading Ina May Gaskin’s Guide To Childbirth and it was inspirational.  I feel quite differently about pain in general and my ability to birth naturally after reading it.

Thanks again to everyone contributing here!  I really appreciate it.

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@Audreysdance:  I’m glad your baby came safe and sound even though it wasn’t your planned way. In the end having that little baby with you and both you and baby being healthy is the most ideal situation. Actually going through the birthing experience I felt made me more sympathetic and accepting of my other people’s choices. Mommy guilt is tough enough without others making you feel less of a mother because of your choices. Enjoy your time with your new little one, they grow so fast.

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@Audreysdance:  I disagree that the US needs stricter guidelines for C-sections.  Someone I know was hemorraghing during labor and she only got a C-section because her husband (who was a medical resident at the hospital during the time) demanded she get one.  They were going to wait even longer.  My mom had to be in labor for 32 hours before she got a C-section.

It really depends on the state or city, I’ve heard.

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@zerlina:  I’m sorry but you do realize our national average is 33%, triple what WHO suggests, and the lowest average (alaska) is still double the recommendation right? I’m certainly not saying that your friend didn’t need one, but as a whole cesareans are widely abused in this country and all the data agrees. Also, natural labors often go longer than that commonly accepted 12ish hours. I was in labor for 45 hours and didn’t need a cesarean, although had I been in the hospital I’m sure that’s what I wouldv’e ended up with. =/

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