(Closed) Natural Disasters- What have you experienced?

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  • poll: What have you experienced?
    Earthquakes : (56 votes)
    22 %
    Volcanic eruptions : (3 votes)
    1 %
    Floods : (38 votes)
    15 %
    Hurricanes : (34 votes)
    14 %
    Tornadoes : (35 votes)
    14 %
    Tsunami : (1 votes)
    0 %
    Wild fires : (21 votes)
    8 %
    Avalanches : (3 votes)
    1 %
    Blizzards : (58 votes)
    23 %
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    Ice Storm 98!  (or was it 97?  Can’t remember) It was great, it came at the tail end of christmas holidays so we had about 5 weeks off total.  AND the awesome Westin hotel in downtown Ottawa still had power, and was offering rooms at 10% of regular price to people affected by the storm – so we got adjoining rooms for my sister & i and my parents, and stayed for 4 nights at about $25/night!  We had SO MUCH FUN, swam and vegged out all day, then went to movies in the attached mall every night.

    In Ottawa my high school also had a viral meningitis epidemic, 3 people died within a week – it was one of the scariest things i’ve ever experienced.  I think that would have been 94?

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    Man – I’ve experienced a lot of these!

    • Tornados – Growing up in IN we had a couple different ones touch down near us .
    • Blizzards – Again, grew up in IN.  Sometimes we get a lot of snow.
    • Floods – The city I grew up in has 3 rivers so when we get too much rain, we get flooding.
    • Avalanche – On a ski trip, they got so much snow overnight that there were a bunch of avalanches the next morning so we were all locked inside of our building until the danger had been resolved.
    • Earthquake – When I lived in CA, there were a few (although I slept through them or was in my car at the time so I never got to feel the shaking).
    • Wild Fires – Again, when I was living in CA.  I could see the smoke and we had to keep an eye on their spread (although no evacuation necessary for me).
    • Hurricanes – Only the tail end of them where it is only major storms while I was living in Atlanta.  My grandparent’s condo in FL where we would always vacation was hit by one too, but we weren’t there at the time.

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    I voted for “tsunami,” since I did experience what was technically a tsunami, but it was only six inches high by the time it reached me.

    I just watched the YouTube video I posted for the first time in over a year.  It’s gotten hundreds of reviews telling me I’m an insensitive bitch for posting it because I guess it came up when people were looking for footage of the big tsunami in Japan a few months ago.  🙁

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    I grew up in Indonesia, on an island which experiences both volcanic and tectonic earthquakes very often. I have probably experienced more than 10 earthquakes in my life, the strongest being slightly over 7 scale richter. I have experienced 2 or 3 volcano eruption with no damage caused, just the ash for few days. In some parts of my country tsunami happened few times, but I never experienced first hand *thank God*

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    I experienced my first quake in Seattle in 2001 (Nisqually earthquake). Since moving to California I’ve felt a few little rumbles, nothing crazy, just like blinds swinging back and forth.

    I grew up in Southern Illinois so there was always the possibility for tornados. We had a lot of tornado warnings/watches, but I’ve never seen one.

    The winter that I lived in Chicago (1994) was one of the worst winters they had in about 20 years. They would cancel school for fear that the children would get frost bite at the bus stop, but I don’t know that it was ever technically a blizzard. However I remember making slides and tunnels through the mounds of snow (about 5-6 feet high?) they plowed in our apartment complex’s driveway/parking lot.


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    Flooding due to Hurricanes we had to shut down my college for a few days and there was a lot of damage as well as streets shut down. Tons of blizzards, a few tornados (this has gotten worse over the past few years). The worst natural disaster I’ve been through here in PA though had to be the ice storm that hit on Valentines day 2007… everything was shut down… thick solid ice was over top everything! It took us 2 days to dig out our cars and the roads were awful for a week! We were stuck here in 14 degree weather with no electricity for an entire day… everything was so dark and quiet.


    Of course the earthquake yesterday but we weren’t evacuated (just stopped for hours on the highway because of bridges being shut down).


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    – Tornados – more than I can count. I watch a cat 5 tornado blow up a school from the back seat of a Edsil(75), lost my garage(95), watched my neighbors roof leave(84), just a ton.

    -Floods – we are still flooded:( we are a river town, floods are a threat every summer and flash floods happen all the time

    -Hurricane- we were evacuated out of our hotel and my company brought in private planes to get us out of florida right before Andrew (I think)

    -wild fires- we were on vacation in sw colorado in mesa verde when they closed the park for wild fires, getting to denver was terrifying as almost every road thru the mountains was super thick with smoke

    -blizzards – again to many to count (75,78,84,96,03,11 are the big ones that come to mind)

    -epidemics- when I was little, they closed all the schools for mumps. I didn’t get it, but most of the kids I knew did and since my mom was a Stay-At-Home Mom, our house was full of sick kids as my mom took care of them so other moms could go to work

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    @daniellealys: I checked “epidemic”– when I was living in West Africa there was a cholera epidemic. I was very careful about the water and food I consumed and managed to avoid getting it, but of course not everyone was so lucky. 

    I’ve also experienced blizzards and hurricanes. And yesterday’s earthquake, if I can count that, although I was pretty far from the epicenter! 

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    Houston floods really easily. I remember during Tropical Storm Allison in 2001, my parents and I started moving all of our stuff up onto tables and chairs because the water level in the street was rising so quickly. I think it only went about halfway up the lawn, but we were lucky. Our neighbors on the next street over got totally flooded out.

    Hurricane Ike was the worst. I didn’t have power for 16 days. The first week after the storm was actually kind of scary. Most stores also didn’t have power, so if they were open at all, they didn’t have much and it was cash only. A cousin of mine got robbed at gunpoint for his package of bottled water as he was leaving a gas station.

    I’d gladly go through another hurricane before a tornado, though. Tornados scare the sh$t out of me. They’re so destrictive and unpredictable. I’ve never been in one, but I’ve had a few close calls.

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    Um, I don’t know if this counts. When I was 12, I slept through an earthquake in California’s Bay Area. I don’t think it was super strong though. I remember waking up and my cousins and aunt were downstairs. They said they tried to wake me up, but I wasn’t budging lol. Luckily, only a few picture frames fell from the walls. There was no other damage and no injuries.

    When I was 7, my mom had to leave me home alone so she could drive through the floodwaters to get sandbags. I think the floods had just started. I don’t remember details about the weather that day, I just remember pigging out on cookies since she wasn’t there for about an hour lol.

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    I took the question literally and only answered for those that affected me in a bigger way. I have been in a lot of these, but they haven’t been anything other than a diverson.

    As a native San Diegan, predictably, my two are earthquakes and wild fires. When I was a kindergartener, we had a big enough earthquake (with lots of aftershocks) that we had to leave the house and stay out of it (sitting in our open yard) for about 12 hours. Of course you’re not supposed to evacuate a building for earthquakes in a city center or somewhere you risk falling debris, but this was on our pretty open property, so we hung out in pajamas all day outside. Since then, tons of earthquakes, but most of the time, they just come and go.

    In 2003, when San Diego was hit by 4 simultaneous wildfires, we almost lost our house. We had mandatory evacuation, and most of my family did evacuate, but my dad and a couple neighbors stayed behind with a fire hose and “defended” our cul-de-sac (it backed up to an open valley that was on fire). It was stupid, and we briefly thought we lost my dad as well, but I am certain that is the only reason our house still stands. It was also the first time I heard firefighters recommending to call your home phone to see if your house was still standing – if it rings, you’re good!

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    I grew up in Galveston, TX, so I experienced hurricanes, tornados, and flooding.  During one hurricane (I think it was hurricane Jerry, ’88 or ’89) the storm itself wasn’t that strong but it spawned a tornado/waterspout that went right over our roof. 

    Living in the north for the last 10 years or so, I’ve experienced many blizzards.

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    @cardigan:  Was that in 1997, when that big tornado hit Jarrell?  I was nearby as well.  That was a crazy summer, a few weeks later a tornado came through a building I was in.

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