(Closed) Naturally slim bees- what do you eat?

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GalaxyCat:  lol I should have just said what you said instead of divulging my junk food addiction 

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Ellee16:  that sounds exactly like me but your seems a little more healthy!  

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classylassie:  I’m 5’2″ in my teens I was around 100-103 (former ballet dancer) but now at 28 I’m around 115-120. I was also a really late bloomer in the hips/bum/bust region so I’m still quite trim just curvier if that makes sense.

I eat a small breakfast because I’m never hungry in the morning. Either 2 eggs or 1 egg and half an avocado. 

I freelance from home so usually right after breakfast I’ll either walk (around 5 miles a day) or take a dance class/go swimming. I usually take one day off a week. 

Lunch is usually a big salad with meat & cheese, soup, or leftovers (about half a dinner sized serving)

Dinner is whatever I make and it’s my biggest meal. I don’t go nuts on carbs (huge plates of lasagna, etc.) but other than that I pretty much just eat whatever.

I snack on fruit a lot. I also like chips dipped in greek yogurt (weird, I know) and I love pickles. I pickle EVERYTHING.


We go out to eat probably 2-3 times a month and I eat whatever I want. I also enjoy beer & wine but I try not to go overboard. 


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1 – What do I eat –

Breakfast – grits with cheese, bagel with peanut butter and honey, yogurt. Handheld type fruit. 12 oz can of Coke.

Snack – apple and cheese, peanut butter on celery, popcorn with nutritional yeast

Lunch – Green salad and half sandwich. Unless it’s pasta bar day, then pasta, pesto alfredo sauce, broccoli, carrots, spinach, more pine nuts, loads of cheese.

Snack – same as am, except Fridays are cookies and milk

Dinner – grain of some sort, whatever FH grilled, whatever veggies looked good. Or red beans and rice if I am feeling junky.

Snack – graham crackers with Nutella.

After my morning Coke, I drink green tea, water or dilute Gatorade. In that order.

2/3 – I don’t skip meals, mostly as I feel like crud if I do. And I’m a snacker.

4 – Sweet and salty are most days. Indulgence for me is a nightshade plant (potato, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant) and I very, very rarely go there. I feel awful after.

5 – Yup! I bike to work almost every day, including hauling the twins on my longtail bike. Which is lazy as I spent two years with the oldest on a trailer bike and then putting the twins in a trailer and hauling them. We ride as a family on the weekends all the time. I’ve got a Surly Big Dummy (longtail), Specialized Rockhopper (what carried the trailers), Bianchi (roadie number, I pace and chase marathons and ultras on her), and my lovely, lovely Surly Ice Cream Truck (my new weekend friend, I got me a fat bike!). Car? I don’t need no stinking car. The car is only for anything more than 25 miles one way. I earned these legs.

6 – Yeah, but I never got into eating from boredom either. 

I’m 5’1 & 93 pounds. 

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pinkshoes:  Well, I could give up my bikes. But then what do I do? I logically know biking is exercise. But it’s fun, I love it. My car died and I never bought another. So I would be walking instead. Which is depressingly less efficient than biking on a bike with proper geometry. FH has a car, we use it if needed. But it’s a rare need. It’s hugely wasteful to drive 7 miles to us. So we bike instead. 

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I am not naturally thin but I stay in shape by regular exercise and watching my portion sizes.I eat everything but I just don’t over eat. 

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I have Celiac Disease(autoimmune disease that is brought on by gluten(wheat, rye, barley)) and I stay away from most dairy due to a lactose intolerance.  I am about 95-100lbs and am 5’0.

1) What kinds of foods you eat in a typical day?

B- Smoothie of some sort(without protein powder)

S- A piece of fruit and a handful of nuts

L- Leftovers from the night before

S- Greek Yogurt, fruit and nuts

D- Usually some sort of meat with a salad and a sweet potato/white potato/corn.

2) Do you only eat a “normal” meal times, or do you snack in between?

I snack often. I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. 

3) Do you eat all 3 meals or do you sometimes skip meals here or there? (I know when I was smaller I rarely ate breakfast)

I always eat. If you want to keep your body weight off keep feeding it. That way it won’t “hold on” to all the calories. Also I think people who skip meals are weird and not of the human variety. I can barely go two hours without eating.

4) How often do you “indulge,” be it with sweet things, salty things, other junk food, etc.?

Every day.

5) Do you exercise? What kind and how often?

I don’t exercise. Unless you can real life exercise. I take the stairs if it’s less than 7 flights. I have a walk up apartment. I will walk the couple blocks instead of taking a bus. 

6) And the last one that I tend to struggle with: Do you only eat when you feel physically hungry?

 M-F I only eat when I’m hungry. On the weekends I eat whenever someone puts food in front of me. 

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