Nausea… when did it hit? When did it get better? Please share!

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For me, the nausea started around week 5 and didn’t let up until I started taking diclegis (the unisom and B6 combo) at week 9. That was a miracle worker for me, and I took it until about week 18/19. Before diclegis I was nauseous pretty much all the time, and while I never threw up I did feel pretty crappy all day.

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With my first it hit me right away and lasted my first trimester. After that, everything was a piece of cake. With my 2nd one, i had no nausea but i did feel tired all time. Birth was about an hour and bam! done. With my 3rd, I would only get nauseous with certain smells. the pregancy was hell, water wouldnt break and i  suffered with contractions 3 days. I ended up having my water popped and after that, the birth was super fast. During the practice push my son was out. Best of luck. oh, popsicles were the only thing that would make my nausea go away.

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for #1, weeks 10-14 i was naseous.  smells got to me a lot, but i actually only threw up a handful of times.

for #2, it started around 8 weeks and lasted maybe until 14, but i think a little sooner.  and again, it was smells and eating certain foods, though i did throw up a little bit more this time, but not much.

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I was terribly nauseaous all day from 5-7 weeks, but only throwing up 3-4 times a day. It went away almost completely from 7-8 weeks, and then came back with a vengence around 9 weeks and lasted to 13-14 weeks. The second time I was nauseated mostly at smells, particularly food, but I didn’t throw up too much. 

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I’m 7 weeks along today and the nausea is worse than ever. It started just over a week ago. I’m managing to eat and function but it’s pretty awful. My boobs started hurting and feeling fuller last night and I was reading a thread last night that most people said 9/10 weeks was their worst so I feel like I’ve got a way to go before I’m OK.

Two of my closest friends were ill daily til about 12 weeks. 

Hope it’s the end for you. 

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No nausea here, luckily. If I started feeling a bit gross, I would eat some crackers or goldfish and the feeling would go away. I didn’t vomit during any part of my pregnancy or birth. I did have shingles and a face rash and PUPPS and pink eye and carpal tunnel though………

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Bumble bee

Started week 6, daily vomiting and all day nausea til week 22ish

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Started around week 5. By week 6, I was really nauseous. It started getting slightly better around 14 weeks… by 16 weeks it was pretty much gone, although I still have some major food aversions at 22 weeks.

If I didn’t work from home, I would have had to take a LOT of sick days.

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I’m 10 weeks today and have felt decent the past 3 days… still moments of nausea here and there but not as bad as it was weeks 6-9. The worst is when I have an empty stomach, which is the weirdest feeling to be so nauseous but know you need to eat. It seemed worse when I was working overnight, I’d have to be grazing constantly (literally snacking every hour) to keep my belly full and not let the nausea creep in. I’m enjoying the “not as nauseous” stage while it lasts 

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With my first pregnancy it started at week 11. Before that I was bloathed and I had a lot of heartburn. At week 8 I got a really nasty taste in my mounth which contributed to the nausea for me. That and smells got me every time, I was nauseous all day every day. It went away at week 24. I threw up just once the entire pregnancy at week 24.
This time around it started at week 8. I’m 21 weeks pregnant now and I’m still nauseous. The nausea is less intense but when it hit hard I can’t stop it and I throw up. I can’t handle strong smells, like food or parfumes or cleaning products or anything. I’m still not coocking or doing the dishes. I eat mostly salads… I hope it goes away soon.

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Blushing bee

tattiibee :  I’m about 6.5 – 7 weeks today and started feeling a little bit nauseous around the 6 week mark. I had a couple of days where I felt gross all day and the last couple I have only been nauseus in the morning and at night.

The bees saying their nausea lasted well into their second trimester kind of scare me a little 😱

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I read this thread out of pure curiosity (I’m not pregnant) and now I am officially terrified to ever be pregnant.

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omg these stories are freaking me out. my office mate likes to eat very loudly and slurpily and open-mouthed and it’s always rather pungent food she microwaves for full effect (fish at least 2x per week..) and it already makes me a bit nauseated to the point I sometimes have to go for a walk while she is eating just to get some fresh air. :/ wtf am I gonna do if it’s worse when in pregnant?

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tattiibee :  34 weeks pregnant now. I had mild nausea after lunch (never in the morning-although every single day I gag brushing my teeth) around weeks 6-10. I didn’t ever actually throw up. I would feel queasy randomly at night sometimes, and I would just go lay down on my left side (supposed to help) and smell some lavender oil. Peppermint tea helped too. I swear getting good nutrition made ALL the difference. I made myself 2 eggs on an English muffin with cheese everyday – we’re supposed to get 75g of protein a day and I made sure to count protein all day. I read somewhere that an imbalance in blood sugar can also mess with nausea, and made sure to stay away from sweets. I also ate the Siggi’s whole milk yogurt (15g protein) and 2 cheese sticks a day (another 14g) and I felt pretty good! I’ve had some mild food aversions now that I’m well into my 3rd trimester and it’s not fun… just listen to your body. Best of luck!

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