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Helper bee

Hi Pendola – I totally understand that you want to bring your personalities into play here. But I must admit that if I was a guest at your wedding and I was not into NCIS (at least enough to know the rules. I do watch the show at times) then I would be totally confused by your table numbers. I also wonder how many of your guests know how much you and your FH watch the show. There are pleny of people on my guest list who do not know our TV habits.

I wish I had a suggestion to give you in place of my “criticism” but I’m just not coming up with anything right now. Hopefully the other bees will have some ideas for you.

Best of luck!


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Helper bee

I would have absolutely no idea what you were talking about if I were a guest. It depends on how far you were going to push the theme I suppose!

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Buzzing bee
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I have to agree with the others. Sorry!

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Busy bee
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Do your friends and family know you guys are huge fans? If not I would say probably find something else. What about locations important to you both–first date, proposal location, vacation, hometown, etc. Not everything has to be a theme. I love the idea of using the theme song 🙂 I just agree with the other ladies, I would be clueless and find it strange to see, “Always wear gloves at a crime scene,” or “Never go anywhere without a knife,” as my table name/number.

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Sugar bee

I totally understand wanting to incorporate something you two love into your table names.  However, I know I would be a little confused by this particular choice, as I’ve never seen the show.  I wonder if there’s a way to incorporate the show in an easier to explain/more accessible kind of way?  Maybe naming your tables after the main characters, with a photo and their name?  Or you could use the theme song of the show for your introductions or something?

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Helper bee

I agree that it might be confusing for your guests and such. But I just wanted to say I love NCIS too! Hehe.

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Well, I do watch NCIS, so know what you’re talking about ( I love the rules), but I agree that it might be a bit confusing for other guests.  I still think you could use it if you tweak it a bit.

Let’s see, you could just have normal numbers for the tables, so when the guest first gets there they see they are on Table No. 4 – simple.  They find their table, and then see that the number sign on the table looks like this…


Never take anything for granted

                             {Gibbs, NCIS}

The focus is still on the number, but there’s a little NCIS reference there for your friends that will get it.  I added the small reference for people that might enjoy it, but wonder what it’s from.

My only other concern is which rules you choose, and the suitability of them.  Some of them are obvious, e.g.

“Never take anything for granted”  – a great one for the bride and groom’s table

“Never go anywhere without a knife” – would work well on the cake table (but might look weird elsewhere)

“Never be unreachable” – guestbook table perhaps?

“Never let suspects stay together” – could be funny if used properly – e.g. do you have a certain group of friends that always get up to mischief? 

Like I say, I think there is a way for you to use them, but I think you need to make sure they don’t take away from the atmosphere you want to create.

[Ah, have just noticed you saying you weren’t planning on having assigned seating.  In that case, I think this would be easier – just have little cards dotted around the room in appropriate places – e.g. cake table, card table as I mentioned.  “Never let suspects stay together” at the bar maybe?]

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Sugar bee

I agree that your guests may be confused by this, are there any other NCIS related things that may work better for table numbers (i.e. names of characters, etc?)?

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Honey bee

I’ve never watched the show but I wouldn’t be confused. It reflects your personalities/common interests and that’s all that matters in the end. I like the idea for the cake table.

I saw a table number/name card awhile back that might lessen the confusion that the others say they have. The couple in question picked their own favorite tv shows and had a full cast picture with the tv show name (as the official table name instead of numbering them) and a quote by one of the show’s characters underneath it. You could do something like that if you wanted.

The main question that needs to be answered: is the quote the actual table name? If so, that is going to be difficult to find the table, unless you have large cards at each table that are legible from a distance (and some people’s everyday bad eyesight on top of that) and that in itself is going to hinder conversations and block people from being able to see each other at their tables. I’m guessing a number for each one would be the best bet and you could still use the quote on the table card that identifies each table.





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Sugar bee

I was thinking about how you could make this work in a more accessible way, so that you could still use the idea, but your guests wouldn’t be totally confused.  This would be an idea if you’re planning on doing name cards that go along with this theme and using the rules as your table names.  In order to explain what you’re doing, you could have a poster/sign on the placecard table with maybe a photo of the NCIS cast.  You could say something like “In honor of John and Jane’s favorite TV show, NCIS, you’ll find that our table are numbered after ‘The Rules according to (whoever)’ from the show.”  That way, people would understand the origin AND a little bit more about what the rules mean?

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Blushing bee
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I am a huge NCIS fan also and so is my side of the family 🙂 I think this idea is very cute and unique.

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