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Helper bee
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We both want to be neat and we clean furiously every Sunday, then by Monday night everything is a mess again and stays that way for the rest of the week until next Sunday. We both work a lot so neither of us have the energy to clean up after ourselves during the week.

We should be more disciplined though….

The only problem we encountered with cleaniness is we never want to clean up the apartment at the same time. I like to clean first thing in the morning and I get annoyed when he sleeps in. Then Darling Husband always has a rush of energy to clean Sunday night and I just want to go to bed. All in all, at least it gets done!

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Helper bee
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I’m totally with lilneko! We both want to be neat and we’ll have a day where we just clean up…but by the end of the day everything is just as messy as before! But Darling Husband is def messier than I am. He’s the worst with laundry…he just throws his dirty clothes everywhere! I’m bad with dishes. I recently started staying at home instead of working so now I try to clean up everyday. It gets annoying though when I tell the hubby to throw things away right away, and he never does. Grr…but oh well. We’re still adjusting…haha…

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Bumble bee

Oh gosh – has someone been looking in my window at our construction project? LOL!!!!

I am definitely the neat one, Mr H. is the messy one. He has gotten a lot better since we moved in together because he knows it makes my head spin around when the house is messy. That said, our whole downstairs is a HUGE mess right now due to our new patio doors that he put in this week…it makes my skin crawl…sigh…he promises to clean it up once the paint dries.

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Helper bee
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I have a habit of leaving this around and not putting things back where they belong, and now that we have our own house, Mr. Lovebird is always on my ass about that. I’m like, "okay, mom, calm down!"  It’s so hypocritical of him cuz I never even knew what the floor of his room (before we moved to our house) even looked like since it was always covered with paper, clothes, god knows what…I hate cleaning, stupid house…

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Busy bee
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I am kind of messy and my Fiance is neat. Hasn’t caused any problems yet, but we don’t live together so we’ll see.

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We’re both neat 😀 thank goodness. Makes things pretty easy.

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Buzzing bee
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I am mostly neat and my husband is mostly messy. We keep the peace in that he has his designated corners where he can throw all his belongings until it’s cleanup time (usually on the weekend). They’re not immediately visible (in our tiny apartment) so I don’t bug him when his stuff is in one of those places.

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Helper bee
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He’s definitely the neat one; he likes things put away and enjoys vacuuming.  I’m kind of split.  My work spaces/offices are always neat and organized; I can’t stand it if they aren’t.  My house is a different story.  I love it when my apartment is clean; I just feel better.  I tend to leave things out and drop things when I get in the door, so things are never put away.  I have good intentions, but I just want to relax when I get home.  FI doesn’t understand why I can’t be tidier at home, and I joke that I use all my cleaning energy at school/work.  We don’t live together, but we do spend a lot of time together, so the issue has come up.  I’ve promised to be neater when we do move in together; I’m sure he’ll remind me of this promise daily.  At least our home will always be presentable for guests!

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My guy calls me "an extreme neat freak." The truth of it is, I have {Monk’itis} a very rare affliction most commonly found in households that bear a parent or close relative with the same need to clean, which in turn can cause severe bouts of cleaning. If it don’t shine it’s not mine, mentality. I have tried several times to self help, but each time, the unmade bed is just torture and screams for structure! The dishes, if left undone, can cause moments of irritability, leading to hard scrubbings, and a generally (almost) flooded kitchen of soapy water, which in turn gets cleaned! The Fiance thinks I need therapy, but I know, that if I go anywhere near a pych’s office, I’m going to want to clean something……therefore, I have concluded that the house will just have to be maintained with a shine, a smile, and a made bed. LOL

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Bumble bee
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We’re pretty much the same.  We are both a little messy, but get the urge to go on a cleaning "spree" about once a week, so things get cleaned up!

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Busy bee
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I am a neat freak.  When we first moved in together, my Fiance and I definitely had issues over cleanliness.  He’s okay leaving things out for days, I am not.  Now we have come to a happy medium, and things are swell.  🙂

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Blushing bee
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 I am MESSY and it drives poor Mr. Peaches crazy.

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Helper bee
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We’re both somewhat messy, but I try to be neat as our condo isn’t that big and it seems so much smaller when there is junk  and mess everywhere!

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Honey bee
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I’m very neat and he is a slob. I cannot stand clutter or having things on the counter, etc. Even the fridge- I don’t keep magnets! Yeah, its borderline OCD lol

We do not live together & we’re long distance- the longest time we’ve been in the same household is a month & a half. I clean daily & he tries his best to keep it up. We’ve already established a chore list… he deals with laundry, recycling, garbage & bathrooms and I deal with the rest. We’ll see if that list will still stand a few years into our marriage lol

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