(Closed) Need 4Cs advice, please? And any bigger fingers with rings for carat reference!

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  • poll: Which ring would you choose for me?
    D, FL, .75ct : (10 votes)
    24 %
    F, SI1, .9ct : (31 votes)
    74 %
    other : (1 votes)
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    Blushing bee

    I accidentally voted wrong in the poll! 

    Personally, I’d rather sacrifice carat weight and colour before clarity. So my real vote, if I had a do-over, would be for the .75 D. 

    Besides, a lot depends on your ering’s setting. Halo’s, for example, can add a little more oomph to a smaller stone. 


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    Sugar bee
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    @KaylaFromAR:  Don’t let people here freak you out too much. Honestly, if you’re asking these kind of questions and looking to get the most bang for your buck, I’d post on Pricescope’s Rocky Talky forum with your budget. They’re diamond experts/hobbyists, while oftentimes I see things here posted by self-proclaimed diamond experts that are just wrong.

    My ring size is one smaller than yours. I think 0.75 carats is a really good size, but bigger is beautiful too. Have you seen different colors of diamonds in person? I would recommended buying only GIA or AGS graded diamonds and checking out different colors at a local jewelry store if they carry them. For most people, D,E,F color can be overkill — G and H color look just as white to me faceup while set, and they’re cheaper. Clarity is much different on a stone-by-stone basis, but you’ll be paying a high premium for an IF stone, when in 99% of stones, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between that and a VS2 without a high-powered microscope.

    My major recommendations are:

    1. GIA or AGS graded
    2. prioritize cut — this is what will make a diamond look bigger, whiter and more sparkly. Go for GIA triple excellent or AGS ideal. AGS ideal is awesome, because those stones have been graded for optimal light performance so they light up like fireballs.
    3. Buy from a vendor that provides at least pictures of the stones
    4. go for the color and clarity that makes you personally comfortable. I actually like a little bit warmer stones, and my target color in a round brilliant would be around an I. Depending on the inclusions, many SI1 diamonds are going to be without visible inclusions once set. Remember — those pictures you see are blown up way bigger than the actual diamond would be.

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    I think honestly the thing that’s going to help you the most is going to a few different jewelers and seeing what they have. Even if you can only go to places like Kay or Helzberg, you can get a rough idea for carat size. Places like that usually cell ungraded diamonds or diamonds graded by places like IGI, so you can’t really trust what the color/clarity combo is that they’re telling you. I may get flamed for this, but I would *not* buy from one of those stores. You will end up paying a ton more and the quality is usually not as good as that from Pricescope recommended vendors.

    The other thing I would do is check out this YouTube channel. Good Old Gold is a Pricescope-recommended vendor (where my ring came from actually), and they’ve put together a TON of different informational videos that were invaluable in helping me make a decision.

    They have some awesome videos comparing diamond color which you should check out.

    Pricescope forums have a pretty strict policy on vendor promotion. Any particular vendor that’s recommended is recommended by people who have bought jewelry from them, not from the vendor themselves. They’re not allowed to self-promote. There are some SUPER knowledgable people over there, and I’ve seen them work wonders even with very small budgets. I’d just create a thread over there and see what they recommend!

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    Dont freak out over the size of your diamond.. to be quite honest, there isn’t going to be that big of a difference in the size….. there are plenty of women who have fingers larger than yours who have diamonds that are .50 and under…. try to enjoy the process and get the diamond that speaks to you the most and doesnt break your man’s budget. 

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    @KaylaFromAR:  I’m going to be awkward and saying ‘something in between’ lol, eg look at stones that are in-between in size, and specs (for example, an F coloured VS2 0.8 ct stone).

    Unless you are very colour sensitive a D isn’t really necessary IMPO (even though I speak as someone with a D coloured ring lol); an F will still look very white. I also personally wouldn’t spend the extra $ for FL/IF clarity is carat size was a priority, and would go larger, and get something in the VVS2-VS2 range instead.

    Also, you haven’t mentioned cut: for me, cut is by the far the most important of the 4Cs and is the only thing I wouldn’t compromise on: I wouldn’t go below excellent.

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    Sugar bee

    Some good advice.  

    Excellent cut = sparkle.  Get the best cut you can.  GIA or AGS certication.  Do not compromise on this.

    Choose VS1, VS2 or S1 clarity. Insist the diamond is ‘eyeclean” and you won’t see any flaws.  Occasionally an S2 stone can be eyeclean too or its flaws can be hidden by a prong.

    Colour down to I if set in white metal, down to K if you are setting the ring in yellow metal.  Most people cannot tell the difference between an I and a D once a diamond is set.  Lots of people prefer warmer coloured diamonds and some people choose l, m or ever n.

    If you want to get an idea of what a diamond looks like on your finger go to http://www.diamdb.com and play.  You can compare different diamond sizes, finger sizes and diamond shapes.

    If you are interested in a variety of shapes then ovals, pears and marquise diamonds all look bigger than the same carat weight round.  The other cuts look smaller.  

    Halos also make the ring look bigger.

    I bought from Whiteflash but I’ve been very impressed by stones fron Brian Gavin.  Look him up online.

    As long as your diamond is well cut you will be happy.  Size isn’t everything.

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    GIA excellent is a very broad category unlike AGS 0 which is much more selective. Therefore it is best to plug a GIA diamond’s numbers into the Holloway cut advisor. You’ll find the hca on pricescope. 

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    I’m a size 7 (I know not as big as you asked for) but I have a 1 carat total weight ring, and I think it looks fine, with a good amount of coverage. But, for a solitaire, I’d say go as big as your budget allows as long as it’s not too big for your taste. My diamonds are not very clear, but they still sparkle. In fact, Fiance and I ordered it online, and the first things he said when he saw it was, “It’s so sparkly!” I think you might just be stressing over it too much. I think you should go to a jewelry store and see the two side by side, just to get a better perspective. I don’t think the SI1 will disappoint though, and F is VERY white.

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