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luckylucy1986 :  Do you have a partner who is willing and able to support you? There’s not enough in this post for us to understand what your options are. If you’re on your own taking care of a child and with another on the way, you can’t just quit your job, right? What are you considering?

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Well, you don’t know if you would get hired until you look and try.  And legally, you can’t be discriminated against due to your pregnancy (in the U.S. at least). 

What’s the point of just coming on the internet and asking for advice when you essentially have only three options (make your current workplace more tolerable, quit, or look for other work and quit) and you immediately shoot down two of them saying they won’t work?  And as for saying you don’t think you will get hired – You for sure won’t if you don’t bother looking, so you’ve made your own-self fulfilling prophecy.

You’re pretty much left with stay working there or quit if you’re not willing to see if other people will hire you and you just told us you can’t/won’t quit because you want to work.

So stay.

Try to stay out of drama.  Show up and do your work.  Talk to your supervisor if there are issues.  In the meantime, you can look for other work.  No law that you can’t look for other work while you already have a job.

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luckylucy1986 :  Thanks for the background info, that’s helpful for giving more relevent advice. You are correct that there is drama and BS everywhere. You say “I end up doing everyone’s work while they do nothing” — what if you stop doing other people’s work? Do your own to the best of your ability and if other people’s work suffers because of their issues, so be it.

Does your current job have any maternity benefits that you might lose out on if you leave? If not, I’d start sending resumes. But if so, I would probably deal with it for a few months. 

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How do you know you won’t get hired anywhere because you are pregnant? Looks like your shooting down the idea before you even try. 

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Can you describe more of what’s going on with the employees that gives you this much anxiety and stress? I’m wondering if you can keep your head down and away from coworkers more, request to work more remotely, have a legitimate issue to raise with HR, etc. It’s hard to tell with what info is given. It sounds like the job structure works really well for you, so hopefully there is a way to make it work.

You can always try interviewing and see where it leads. I don’t tend to think too highly of anti discrimination laws interviews, as its very easy for a company to give a different reason for not hiring, but there’s always a chance a good company will look at your qualifications and be supportive of your pregnancy.

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Where are you located?

If you are in Canada/other countries with good mat leaves then I can see your new manager giving you a side eye when you say you are pregnant (after you get hired) because mat leave here is 12-18 months so ya.. I get how thats hard for the company, by the time you learn the ropes and get comfortable youll be leaving for a year.. while they can’t not hire you because of that.. expect that certian companies would use this against you when it comes to raises/promotions/responsibilties.. that’s just reality..

If you are in the US and have the 10 week or whatever mat leave most people take then thats a difference story youll be gone only like 3 months.. alot easier to have someone cover you for a short period and youll come back to your major responsibilities and they can certianly thing your qualifications are worth it

What work do you do?

Also, yes every company has drama/work politics but if its to the point that not only are you stressed you are doing other peoples work?? that means they are underperforming and not doing what they are paid to do.. soo why are you not escalating this? why are you for free doing other peoples jobs? end of day you need to stand up for yourself no one is going to do it for you.. 

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Just look for something else. You’re not obligated to tell any employer that you are pregnant at time of application or hire. Sure, it’s a courtesy but it usually ends up with you getting burned (at least it does where I live). 

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luckylucy1986 :  tbh i don’t think pregnancy is a big concern for employers. If they like you you’ll be back after leave right? So it’s a good investment!

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