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I have not introduced cats to each other, I have an only furchild Wally who does not get along with other cats cuz he is so big and playful!!! I can offer suggestions but you should google some info too…

You should have at least 2, 3 litterboxes would be ideal. That way each cat has their own box while they get used to each other. 

Check out Spirit Essences, its a company that makes essential oils specifically for animals. They have different blends that can help calm one or both cats if they seem agitated.

If it seems like they will be fighting a lot or not getting along while you have to go back to work, I would suggest putting them in separate rooms with a litter box while you are gone for the day. then letting them out as soon as you are home. This would be worst case scenario, if you are really worried about them fighting. I would think they would get along fairly quickly since they are close in age and the same sex and both fixed ( i think). they might have some initial spats of working out who bosses who around but unless they seem really stressed I think letting them work it out is best. 

Like I said, I don’t know for sure so I’m just throwing things out there. good luck, I can’t wait for an update and pictures!!! I’ll be sending you good vvibes!!

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omglauren:  Congratulations! So exciting. I had two cats before I moved in with my Boyfriend or Best Friend. BF had an additional three cats! My two and I moved into the territory of he and his three. His cats were frightened at first (they’d hide out, hiss, ect.), but in no time, were acting normally again. One of my cats became the terror of the house. She chased the other cats, tormented them, hogged food… There was only ONE solution to this: time. You have got to be patient, and give them time to adjust. There is no “for sure” reaction from your cats no matter what you do or how many opinions you get. We had to get another cat tree and an additional litter box. We had to scold my terror cat and give some extra love and pets to his. It has taken a few months, but all of our cats get along very well now. It really does help, too, that yours will be close in age. Just be patient, and if it doesn’t work out immediately (which it could), just give it some time. 😊 Good luck, OP!

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omglauren:  PS – I would NOT put them in separate rooms while you are away. This will only stress them out more, and they can always go hide somewhere alone if need be anyway.

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I’ve never separated cats, they’ve always just got on (always females, all adopted separately at different ages). I’d play it by ear;  throw them in together and if they are OK on the first day they are unlikely to fight later on, as they have a family/pack mentality. If they are fighting, you might have to separate them while you are out. 

If it makes you feel better, my older cat Remmy stalked around the house with her fur all puffed up, looking for the intruder to attack it… then she saw the other cat Rosalie and immediately started grooming her, and they have been best friends ever since. 🙂

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What works very well for us is what a breeder we bought a cat from recommended. We keep the new kitty in one room by itself, for at least two weeks. We visit often, (someone usually sleeps in there with him/her) and there is food, water, toys and a litter box available in the room. 

You can also feed the cats on either side of the door. 

Once the kitten is finally released to explore the rest of the house, I offer treats when they are near each other, catnip, and new fun toys. That way, when they’re near each other, they associate that with fun. 

This has worked very well with the last two cats we have introduced, and everybody gets along. We’ve tried just giving them all run of the house from the get-go before, and that doesn’t seem to work as well. As that breeder said “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Good luck, and bless you for rescuing a cat that needs a home!

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I’ve just gone through this – I have Harlow, a 7 year old domestic shorthair cat who is very used to being the princess of the house.


My SO and I adopted Tigerlily, a 5 year old British Shorthair a month ago.

For the first few days, I kept Tigerlilly in the spare bedroom to let her settle in. After a few nights I set up a boarding cage in the living room with food, blankets and litter and kept Tigerlilly in there. It allowed Harlow to see her, smell her and familiarise herself. We kept her in there for 3 days.

They hiss at each other a little bit still, but mostly don’t seem phased by each other. Make sure you take things very slowly. Don’t rush the introductions.

This is the cage I have (it’s a lifesaver!)

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So exciting! Soon after we adopted our first cat, we realized that he’s weirdly social and needed a friend. We were very cautious introducing them – they were in separate rooms for a few days before we introduced them, and we kept them separated while we were gone for a few weeks until we felt comfortable. Our first cat just wanted to play, but the second one needed some additional time to feel comfortable and establish herself (she’s our tiny alpha queen).

All the articles I read said to keep them separated while you’re gone – I was very scared of coming home to bloody cats, so we were really careful. We’ve had both of them together for about two months now, and they are buddies!

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