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Wow.  Well I’m AD military O3, and I planned my wedding from OCONUS.  I gotta tell ya, BELIEVE your gut feeling about this woman!!  My coordinator was the SAME WAY.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Lame!  I resorted to firing shots across her bow (e-mail sent one week apart, then one day apart, then hourly).  When you work in a service oriented field, you provide that service no matter what!  I too was constantly correcting things she’d send me.  I hated that I couldn’t walk into her office and introduce her butt to my corofram!  You’ll basically have to babysit this coordinator through the process.  I don’t buy the “my dad died” thing, and now she’s out of frags in her arsenal, so further lack of communication will obviously not be due to a “family death.”  (Please.)  Hopefully she will either quit or be fired before your wedding (you do have a whole year!) and you’ll end up working with someone else.  If not, just remember that the squeeky wheel gets the grease, and there’s nothing she can do to you just because you’re persistent.  She’ll still have to uphold the contract!

(My coordinator never gave our revised contract to the set-up workers, and my Darling Husband had to sort out the completely wrong ceremony set-up before I got there!  I would have someone go to the venue super early with contract in hand to make sure they have everything set up as contracted.)

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I totally agree. I kind of expect this treatment from all my vendors and I get upset when I don’t hear from them right away. Personally, I would call corporate because you have paid good money and you deserve the attention that you want. It is her job to be of service to you. If she can’t do her job, there’s always someone who will!

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Im definitely having the same problem with our travel agent! She is NEVER in the office; I call like 10X a day, 4 days in a row before I could reach her (and not her voicemail). Several of my guests have tried to make appointments with her (she didn’t show up!) and left her voicemails (she called back 3 days later). She is a mess and I wish I could fire her but we’ve already invested so much $$$ in her :-(.

Like MightySapphire said, just be perseistant! If you need to email her every day, one question at a time do so! I hope things get better before your wedding date!

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Hire an outside DOC to deal with her.  It will be the best $$$ you spend.  Your DOC will be an advocate for you, the venue’s DOC can be an advocate for the venue. 

We have had similar problems, and this has solved it.


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@cnuptain I’m a former event manager (10 years experience), the situation sounds very much like what I used to do so I’ll give you some incite based on her end of things. First here are my questions for you. Are all the rentals (tables, chairs, linens etc) on site? Do they outsource anything at all or is it all there (are you 100% sure this is true – I’ve worked with places that say their rentals are on site but are in fact outsourced)? Is the catering done through the same coordinator at the venue as well? Will she be at the venue the day of your event (don’t assume make sure you ask this question)? Is there someone at the venue who is above her (a general manager or Director of catering and events)? Is the venue doing your flowers? Get back to me on those points and I’ll respond accordingly.

You need to ask her in a very polite way who you need to contact if something like this should happen again. What happens if it’s the day before your wedding, you need to have a contact name and number period. This may be enough for her to step up her game especially if you ask her if corporate is who you should contact if she is unavailable. Personally I find it VERY hard to believe that NO ONE was checking her email or messages when she was out especially if she is the only coordinator. I’m sure events didn’t get canceled because she wasn’t available. Is she outright lying and is this an impossible situation? No not at all but is this highly unprofessional, absolutely.

Your time line is still far enough away that she might have simply felt it wasn’t an issue. I know this isn’t necessarily acceptable to you as a customer but it’s totally honest If you’d like I can give you a break down of how everything works and time lines (which are shockingly short) let me know I’m happy to post or PM. (My background, the last place  I worked was for a major international corporation, there were 5 locations worldwide and 10,000 employees at my location, I did ALL the events for my location which is roughly the size of Disneyland)  

That said I don’t think you should let up on her AT ALL, yes a death in the family is terrible and maybe she didn’t handle it right at all but she should handle things correctly now. My suggestion to you is give her 2 weeks and ONLY 2 weeks to improve on communication and follow up if not i’d go ahead and call the corporate office but make sure you let her know you’re intentions maybe at 1 1/2 weeks because you’ll probably have to work with her either way (unless she flat out lied about her father’s death which I’d mention if you have to call corporate).

A MAJOR concern I have with your situation is that she’s insisting on everything being in email form from you but can’t be bothered to do it herself. There’s no paper trail of what she’s telling you and that’s VERY VERY important especially with her behavior. Even if you email her the things you talk about just as a confirmation do it but I’d also bring this up in email form, you need and have a right to your own paper trail to!


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I don’t know exactly what you should do – but I just want to let you know that this shouldn’t be the norm.  My venue coordinator literally has her email autoreply on EVERY time she’s out of hte office.  I mean, i’ll send her an email at like 5pm and i’ll get a message saying she’ll be back in the office the next morning at 8am.  Of you’ll send a message at 12:30 and it’ll say she’ll be back at 3.  Further, she always emails back within an hour or so of her ‘return time’. 

Now, we’ve only talked a few times (just arranging a viewing, confirming hte booking and some general questions) but i’m hoping this continues as we have to figure out more specific details.

Hope you figure out the right course of action – guess you’ll have to figure out how much you love your venue!

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