(Closed) Need advice. I only eat 1000 calories a day.

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You have to figure out a way to eat cheap and healthy. My husband and I spend about the same as you in groceries and we base our diets in animal protein and vegetables.


The quality of your calories is more important than the amount itself.


Shop around, get vegetables and fruits that are in season and thus cheap, shop sales, keep an eye on on-sale proteins and buy a lot to freeze.it takes time, but you can figure it out and it is the only way to make a change.

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If you live in Chicago, you have access to farmers markets where veggies are cheaper. $100/wk is PLENTY of money to spend on healthy food for two people. If you are eating processed stuff (pre packaged) you are spending way too much and you should start cooking from scratch more to make your budget possible.

0.5-1 pound a week is a HEALTHY weight loss speed, and starving yourself (which is what you are doing) without proper nutrition will backfire both in post-diet weight gain and in degrading your health.

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@crayfish:  Agreed. Anything mroe than a pound a week can be dangerous and hard to maintain.


You’re doing good, OP!!!! It takes a while! It took me 12 months to lose 12 lbs but it was the only way to go. I slowly had to make changes into my lifestyle.

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@AquaGrey8962:  That is what healthy weightloss is, and $100/ week for groceries is quite reasonable, even if you wanted to eat a veggie based diet. Have you tried swimming? I had a psoas injury last year and found that it was an incredibly effective low impact exercise.

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@AquaGrey8962:  Your post is alarming, because it sounds a lot like the early stages of an eating disorder. Eating fewer than 1200 calories is NOT SMART. Like, seriously can be damaging long term to your body and your metabolism. Your 5 pound loss is almost certainly water weight, and will come back once you start eating normally again. 

I’ve lost 43 pounds since February. I eat 1500-1600 calories a day. I run 4-5 days a week. I’ve lost, on average, 2 pounds a week. 

Please be careful, and most importantly – take care of yourself. Stop the negative self-talk. You are NOT disgusting. You are strong, and capable of more than you even realize. Good luck!

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0.5-1lb per week since May is fantastic! Your body is probably thrilled by the muscle gain and transformation that has begun! If you can work out longer because of pain issues, can you increase intensity? I am a runner, but have several injuries so I can’t run everyday. Some days I bike, some days I run, some days I lift, some days I walk. Be sure to vary your workout. Muscle memory can actually decrease weight loss because your body will learn how to perform the same exercise without burning more energy because it gets easier

$400 / month is actually a lot of grocery money.. far more than Fiance and I have. Do you have discount grocers? (Like Aldi) We spend approximately $50/week on groceries. (FI hunts, so our main meet is deer saved from the fall and we purchase one slaughered pig each year from 4H or a local farmer.)

In addition to counting calories and limiting to portion sizes, are you balancing your fat/carb/protein ratio? I’ve learned that my body functions awfully if I’m missing one component or another. If you’re eating past every night, your body may processing too many simple carbs. (Assuming you’re not buying high protein or whole wheat pasta)


How to eat healthy cheaply:

#1 Frozen vegetables are delicious, we eat them very frequenty. DON’T BOIL THEM! Never, never boil vegetables; it’s disgusting. They’re always going to be mushy. Stir fry them in olive oil or steam them in the microwave. Add freshly chopped garlic or whatever dried seasonings you like.

#2 Don’t rely on just meat for your protein. Dried beans are an exellent source of nutrients for much cheaper than mean. Quoina can sometimes be a little pricey (still cheaper than meat though..) but it has every amino acid that makes up a complete protein for the body. Try black bean quoina burgers and others!

#3 Buy lean ground meat and add bread crumbs or rice to spread it out further. 

#4 Only buy fruits and vegetables that are in season.

#5 Grow your own garden. We have so much zuccini that we’re giving it away to anyone who will take some. The best part? WE SPENT $4 IN SEEDS!!!!!! It doesn’t take much tending to have a backyard garden.

#6 Make everything you can from scratch. Make your own bread, make your own noodles, make your own pizza crust. It’s not as hard as you might think, and your body will appreciate the lack of chemicals you’re comsuming!!!! 



There are so SO many more tips I could give. I would love to help. I don’t want to bombard you with info if you’re not interested though. If you are, ask away! I’m a fitness guru and health fanatic. πŸ™‚


ETA: I eat approx. 2300 calories/day, but I DON’T count calories.. ever! I think you definitely should talk to your doc πŸ™‚ Be smart about your health.




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@AquaGrey8962:  The difference is that many of those people who are dropping weight quicker is that they are crash dieting, and the second they stop they’ll put the weight back on.  Losing up to 2 lbs a week can be OK; but eating too few calories will stall your metabolism eventually.  Maybe try doing different workouts? The cardio is good, but maybe do a second lifting day instead of 4 cardio days, or a high-intensity interval workout.  Those burn mega calories in short amounts of time.  Variety will help!  

Don’t lose hope!  It sounds like you’ve really adopted a healthier lifestyle, and that’s most of the battle!

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You’re not eating enough, which is why you aren’t losing weight.  Your body is in starvation mode and holding onto every last calorie and fat gram you have eaten.  Furthermore, your body will start eating muscle, turning it to fat.  You’re going to ruin your metabolism and it takes a long time (if ever) to get back to where it was.   Also, the second you start eating more than 1000 calories, you’re going to gain weight – FAST.  Probably all the weight you’ve lost and then some.  Take it from someone who suffered for years with a terrible eating disorder. 


I advise you to see a doctor or nutritionist.  They will be able to help you come up with some healthy options on your budget. 


Darling Husband and I spend between $60-100 a week on groceries for the two of us and we eat very healthy.  Lots of fresh fruits and veggies and meat. It can be done.


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i’d just like to chime in and add that my husband and i try to stick to a $100/weekly grocery budget and we do fine.

cut back on the pasta, that’s for sure.

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@AquaGrey8962:  I think a lot of PPs have given you great advice, but I will ask you to stop looking at other women on MFP. You do not know what weight they are starting from. 

Losing 40lb in 4 months is easier for someone who is 250lbs vs someone who is 150. Right now I’m at the ‘normal’ weight for my body (based on BMI calculations and my doctor). It take a lot of work for me to lose more because my body is where it should be (just not by my standards). 

Go walking and eat more calories. Your method will backfire soon. 

EDIT: Also, on the grocery budget, you can do it. We spent 120ish a week for both of us and I buy 

  • lettuce
  • celery
  • tomatoes (usually 5)
  • Onions (x3)
  • cucumbers (x3)
  • broccoli
  • zucchini
  • potatoes (bigger bag so it lasts a month)
  • random fruits/ 2 kinds 
  • chicken breast (sometimes I do the chicken with the bone, because it works better for soups and is cheaper)
  • 2 lb ground beef
  • some kind of burger patty (we bbq quite often)
  • cold cuts (these are pricey, so I only get 2)
  • sliced bread (FH uses it for sandwiches)
  • Pasta whenever it’s on sale.

….and other stuff I can’t think of. 

The goal is to make a menu & then a grocery list. 


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@AquaGrey8962:  I haven’t read through all of the responses…


when i was 18 i went on a low calorie diet. i ate between 1,000 and 1,200 calories a day.  chicken and steamed broccoli were my bffs. hah. i lost about 30 pounds in just a few months. if you are looking for a quick fix – do this. if you want a fix that will last, i’m not sure what to do, haha.  i have since then gained the weight back (i’m 27 now) but am hoping to lose the weight before my wedding!!

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PPs have had great advice for you. I would like to add that if you’ve only eating 1000-1360 calories a day then your body will go into starvation mode and hold onto every scrap of fat that it can. So by eating so little, you are doing more harm than good. SInce you’re on Fitness Pal then your calorie counter should be telling you that already.
You could buy frozen fruits and berries if you think fresh are too expensive.
However, I think $100 is very reasonable. We  spend about that in a week for 3 people and we really aren’t trying to save on groceries. And I know Iceland is much more expensive than USA.

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