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Bumble bee
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Honestly, you have been there for two weeks. Two weeks’ notice is as long as you have worked there so that seems unnecessary. You don’t need a recommendation from them I would just quit. No notice required. Just tell them in person before you leave. “This isn’t the right fit for me. I am so sorry to do this but I won’t be coming back. I wish you all the best.” Then just walk out. And if they freak out just be firm and leave.

Might it leave them scrambling to find someone else, yes, but I have no sympathy for their situation. They’ve created a monster that you are in over your head with. You could try and figure it out but there is nothing wrong with walking away.

My favorite, I don’t like you kid comeback is, “that’s fine, you don’t have to like me.”

I’m gonna tell the mom to get another nanny. “If that’s how you feel you should tell her.”

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Blushing bee

Unfortunately more and more parents and kids are becoming like this. You see it everywhere and hear a lot of similar stories from teachers. If I were you I’d grin and bear it while quietly looking for another job. Luckily lots of people are in need of daycare or a nanny right now and you should have luck finding something else relatively soon. Sorry bee, sounds like you’re in a bit of a lose-lose situation and I’d want out too. I wouldn’t feel bad for switching jobs either, sounds like a family who will have a hard time finding and keeping someone “good enough” for their princess. 

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I think you should still put in your two week notice, but definitely quit. I would think nannies are in high demand right now so you should hopefully be able to find a better job pretty quickly

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Oh I have been in a similarly draining position as a nanny years ago. Three boys, one very violent and two large dogs that jumped on me constantly. And the parents didn’t acknowledge the situation. It’s toxic, and I think you know it’s not going to get better. You’re a professional, and this doesn’t meet your expectations of a job environment. 

Personally, I’m a 2-4 weeks notice person, but that’s reserved for employers who respect me. It doesn’t sound like they respect you, and I kinda think giving them 2 weeks will enable them to keep up with their current behavior. It almost protects the from the consequences of their actions.

 No one wants to be the family who lost a nanny after 2 weeks. That makes them look bad, not you.

 I’m sorry you’re dealing with this unnecessary stress; you don’t deserve to be treated that way. I understand if you decide to give two weeks, but they don’t deserve you.

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Busy bee
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This environment is toxic for you and you don’t have to put up with it.  I honestly don’t think they deserve any notice.  Quit now, quit after your next shift, or quit when you’ve found a different job, whatever works for you.  Maybe they’ll learn to treat people with more respect.

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Honey bee
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Feel free to give 2 weeks notice but I would give them notice ASAP and get the hell out of dodge. Children like that are awful and parents who enable them won’t magically start parenting their child. There are many families out there who are in need of help who will actually treat you with respect.

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Sugar bee

Definitely quit! This situation is obviously affecting your mental health and is completely unfair to you in general. I would maybe still give notice if you feel bad about leaving, but NO MORE than one week. They are lucky to get that – they created this situation, so leaving reflects nothing on you. Stick to one week no matter how they guilt you about it, because they will. I would stipulate that they cannot tell their precious princess you are leaving, because she’ll be even worse if she knows. If they tell her, then just leave after the day you find out she knows. I cannot STAND disrespectful children and the parents who enable it. As others have said, a LOT of people seem to be looking for nannies right now so I am sure you’ll find a better family that deserves you.

EDIT: I just reread your post and see you’ve only been there for two weeks! I would quit with no notice. Screw them and their princess!

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You are in a toxic situation and you don’t owe them anything. I would absolutely quit without notice in this situation.

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Bumble bee

You are in the probationary  period where they can let u go anytime for no reason. 

As far as I am concerned, that goes both ways. You owe them nothing. Tell them their daughter is too difficult. And don’t come back. 

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