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I’ve never played any that were super humiliating, but a couple spring to mind…

* get the WORST photo of the groom – ugly, embarrassing etc. Blow it up to A4, add the caption “this is the man I’m marrying”. Laminate the poster, put string to the top 2 corners & make her wear it like a sandwich board all night. When she gets an answer wrong/says a taboo word/whatever random rule she breaks – she has to go up to a stranger & show them the pic & tell them “this is my soulmate” etc.

* How well does she know her man’s body – I was once at a party where the Maid/Matron of Honor had taken extreme close-up shots of various parts of his body & we all had to guess them. Things like the armpit crease between arm/body look like a bum crack, random hairy bits etc…

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@mcgoo:  1st one is hilarious – I now wish my girls were more creative than a pair of dong glasses.

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I made my BFF play the newlywed game and made her eat marshmallows for every wrong answer. There were like 20 questions. I figured she’d do well so I got the bigger marshmallows. Turns out she didn’t do well and ended up gagging on marshmallows. Oops. She can’t eat marshmallows to this day and that was about 7 years ago.

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@WillyNilly:  The ugly picture one – my friend had to wear a picture of her man in a halloween costume as a clown, but the mask was horrifying, he had fangs dripping blood etc. In the photo he was sitting down & his hand was resting on his leg, but cos the angle of his hand/the photo, it looked like he was cupping his junk. He looked hideous, it was such a horrible pic & she was mortified!

As for the bodyparts one – you don’t actually have to get pics of anything too personal – it’s just that the extreme close-up nature makes you THINK you’re seeing a part of the groom you’re not meant to see!

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I wouldn’t walk around with an embarrassing pic of my groom sorry I wouldn’t find that funny at all. 

I once went to a party where the girls were all given cards and on each card there was a mission. Some cards for example were – go and find yourself a grandad. Rub a bald guys head, find a toy boy etc etc. So half the night was spent running around the night club asking men “Can I rub your head” and “What age are you”, of course we all had to bring the guys over to the others as proof lol. One of the girls mission I remember was to get a guys underwear lol and honestly the first guy she asked just went straight to the toilet and came back with his boxers in a little bag 🙂 lol it was one of the funniest things ever!

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If you have a crowd of witty and creative people I highly recommend this improv game:

Step 1.  Set up three chairs at the front of the room

Step 2.  Have everyone write their names on index cards along with a short 1-2 sentence true story they know about the bride, it could be some kind of an inside joke or just something random (example: “the time Jennifer made Kool Aid without sugar”)

Step 3.  You have to be the moderator here.  Scan through the cards and pick one you like.  You know who’s story it is, but the rest of the crowd doesn’t.  So for example, the Kool Aid story is by Aunt Sharon.  You put Aunt Sharon and two other random guests in the chairs at the front of the room.

Step 4.  You read what the card says out loud (other than the storyteller’s name, of course). 

Step 5.  One by one, each of the ladies tells the story.  Obviously two of them don’t know the story, so they have to make one up on the spot.  Aunt Sharon is telling a story about how 8-year old Jennifer accidentally made Kool Aid with salt instead of sugar.  But college friend Tiffany makes up a story about how Jennifer made Kool Aid with bubblegum vodka, got really wasted, and ended up dancing on the hood of some frat guy’s car shouting OHHH YEAHHH (like the Kool Aid guy).

Step 6.  The audience votes on which of the 3 they think is the real story.

Step 7.  Jennifer reveals which one is the real story.

Step 8.  Repeat as desired.

It’s KIND OF complicated but it’s fun because it brings up a lot of old stories that may have been (or should have been) long forgotten.  We played this at my friend’s shower and laughed so hard we cried. 


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