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Busy bee

I definitely kept ours very general and focused on the romantic parts. I don’t think there’s any requirement to be super-detailed on the wedding website. 

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Helper bee
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many many couples meet online nowadays, but i can still understand why it would be difficult for our elders to fathom. keep it simple and just say something like “he made me laugh” or something sweet. no need to get into the nitty gritty details.


my fi and i met after he secretly stalked me at a show i played, and then we spent the first week together drinking tequila and playing beer pong…probably not the best story for the kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

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If it makes you feel any better, our first date ended with us skinny dipping, then me wearing his clothes back to my house (That I shared with my brother, a Groomsmen in the wedding) at 4am.  I’m pretty sure it’s going to be brought up in a Groomsmen speech or something at the wedding. Oh well. 

As for the meeting online thing…My friend that just got married and is very good with writing, put the  follow, i thought it was cute:

“Those of you who know us well probably already know the story of how we met. We didn’t meet through work or friends or by random chance like all the love stories out there. Our story is a little different. We met online. And we still laugh about it to this day!

Dave and I started chatting online in January of 2005. We chatted for a couple of months without ever even hearing each others voices. Then around March we decided we felt ‘safe’ enough to exchange phone numbers. I think a couple of texts were our first contact. Then phone calls. Then, our first date came on April 30th. Dave had invited to me to Kansas City to a Sarah McLaughlin concert. The invite was perfect, because I was actually in the process of moving to Kansas City! The first time Dave stepped into my apartment and we hugged as we greeted, I had this feeling about him. I knew he was special. I didn’t have one fear about leaving town with this stranger. We weren’t anxious around each other or nervous at all! There was instant chemistry. That date was amazing and we laughed and talked the entire 2 hour drive to Kansas City and the entire 2 hours back. I guess you could say the rest is history.”


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Honey bee

I think telling the story of your first date would be cute if you don’t want all the details out there! Something like, “we met over our love of pizza, and the rest is history!” Definitely doesn’t have to be long or totally detailed…just something that makes people say, “awe!”

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Sugar bee
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honestly, i just read a friends wedding website that went on FOREVER about their “how we met” and “proposal story” to the point where it was just plain boring. i would keep it short and sweet anyway, not only for the reasons you pointed out, but because people don’t want to read hour long stories.

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Worker bee
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I think it’s fine to leave out the “How we met” story from your wedding website. Our site is purely practical – info on logistics, hotels, etc. I figure that if people don’t know us well enough to know how we met or who the members of our wedding party are, then they don’t need to read this information for the first time on our wedding website!

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WOW! I have a similiar type story. Me and my Fiance met at his cousin’s house. I was there with my bff and her hubby, and he was there with someone else! I was working on our web site this past weekend, and was trying to figure out how I could explain that sticky situation! However, I think you can just say that you met online and met him for pizza for your first date!

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o0olibelulao0o: That’s the exact same way my BF and I got together! We actually met in middle school and dated in 11th grade, but we ended up splitting up and I went on to have a very serious 4 year relationship with someone else, and we ended up getting engaged, but my BF and I never really lost touch or lost the connection, and when my relationship ended because of reasons that had nothing to do with my BF, he and I reconnected and pretty much picked up right where we left off, and everyone around us thinks we moved too fast, or jumped into things, but the story is so incredibly complicated and there’s so much more to it that both of us know that this is where we’re supposed to be and where we should’ve been all along, even if others can’t see that.. I guess it’s just nice to see that others have gone through similar situations and it has worked out, because I really have no doubt in my mind that he and I will work, no matter how unorthodox the beginning of our relationship was..


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: July 2010

I’m editing out that page completely. We met in a bar in NYC and the rest of the story is definitely not G-rated so I’m just not going to bother with it. It’s unneccesary to me. The main purpose of the website is to give practical information about travel, lodging, time, locations, etc. to your guests so just stick with the basics if you’re not comfortable telling the story.

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Blushing bee
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My mom doesn’t know the whole story about how we met because I somehow managed not to tell her about him for 10 whole months.  Sooo for the Our Story part of the website, I decided to let Fiance give it a try because he is a better writer than I am.  Thirty minutes later he comes back with a long story about how he and Chuck Norris rescued me from terrorists!  Its hilarious!  The only true part of it is the name of the restaurant where we met.  It was too funny not to use it though.  So far its been a big hit!

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Yeah.. I was thinking about that too, people ask how we met and I say “Online” and leave it at that… In actuality the boy was just supposed to be a hookup- we were both ending crappy relationships, and I wanted to be single for a while. Our first date involved me riding in his truck with him to houston and back (from austin) and we had lunch at whataburger because his truck and trailer wouldn’t fit anywhere else. I moved in 2 months later when my roommates got crappy… it just works, so whats the sense in fighting it, right? So what if things aren’t story book- you can keep the details to yourself and if anyone pokes around too much make something ridiculous up and they will leave you alone about it!

Ooooh or you could tell about how you met in the game? Leave the real life stuff out and just say something like “Lady Serinity was trapped in a cave with a giant mole rat, and Sir Mixalot used his pink powder puff bomb to stun the mole rat, and rescued the lovely lady Serinity” It wont make sense to a lot of the people, but you could make it funny and cute/dorky.

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@ armywife:  it is good to see!  Jason and I had a connection from the minute we met (whether I was in a huge fight with my ex and about to be cheated on or not) we were drawn to eachother.  And we were not eachother’s “TYPE” at all, he likes skinny blonde girls with big boobs (I was a red-head at the time and I’m not tall and my boobs don’t even count as large), and I’ve always like the tall dark and handsome type thing (Jason is only about 5′ 9″-5’10”, when I wear heels I’m the same height, a little chubby, light brown/blonde hair…)  But we were instantly friends when we met, best friends after a week, completely in love after two weeks.  But I was still with the other guy, so we had to stop talking (:() then I left the other guy, and Jason jumped at the chance.  ๐Ÿ™‚  We’ve been happy ever since. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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I am not far enough along in planning to have to deal with a webpage, but when Fiance and I were first dating how did you meet was a common question.  

I never came up with a good answer- we met through his wife.  She was a co-worker and good friend of mine who met someone new and left her husband to be with a new guy.  I always thought her husband was a great guy, but I didn’t know him all that well.  He came into the clinic almost a year later with a new puppy and we leaped headfirst into the best relationship ever.

It seems really awful that I was friends with his wife,  but it is not like we did anything inappropriate and the shared history sometimes makes things easier.


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