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  I have a cat that’s just like that. I brought her to the vet a few times. My vet suggested trying different food, but don’t just give it to them. You have to gradually give it to them.


They also said that my cat might be eating to fast and that she can’t digest the food normally which is why she does that.

Have you tried taken him back to the vet? Some cats just do that.

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My moms cat is like that, throws up 5 or 6 times a month but nothing’s wrong with him. She changed his food a few times and said recently he has been throwing up so maybe this food agrees with him.. 

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@missjewels:  Hey! I have lots of cat digestive issues, lol.

First, have you tried wet food? Does it still happen with wet food?

Also, how LONG after eating a meal is it? If it’s like an hour+, that means the food is starting to get digests, but something in his digestive system is rejecting it. Usually that’s a food intolerance.

I really liked the NB limited ingredient wet food, but we still had some vomiting issues with it. One of my cats can’t seem to tolerate guar gum and carrageenan, which are in a LOT of wet food.

We’ve had the best success with WeRuVa Cats in the Kitchen food, which is the least expensive wet food that they seem to tolerate.

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So… have you not taken him to the vet in 3 years? Because you should probably ask them for help.

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My old kitty used to do that…sometimes daily, sometimes once every 2-3 weeks. Portion your kitty’s food. We rescued our kitty from her abusive and neglectful owners who never fed her, so when she ate, she would eat as much as she can because she was so used to not knowing when she would get another meal. So she would stuff herself, and then 15-20 minutes later would throw it all up. So try limiting how much your kitty eats in a sitting. I’m not saying this is what’s wrong with your kitty, but just give it a shot. I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with your kitty. Smile

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We had a cat like that for 9 years. She was healthy as a horse but threw up A LOT. If you haven’t taken him to a vet recently, definitely do that but I just wanted to let you know that it isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Just a PITA.

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My cats throw up at least once a week.  Most of the time it’s related to them eating too fast or too much.  Maybe space out small meals for your cat?  Also, one of my cats has a medium fur (not quite long but definitely not short) and she grooms herself a lot.  I give her a little petroleum jelly every now and then to help her fur pass.

Edit:  I’d also encourage you to feed your cat wet food if you can.  See if that helps, maybe take 1/3 of an 8 oz can and mix it with a couple tablespoons of warm water.  My cat Firefox used to scarf wet food down too quickly and then throw it all up.  Adding water and giving her smaller portions helped A LOT.  Also, never put water in dry food (I just wanted to give that caveat).

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@howsweetitis:  +1 on the switching to wet food and trying to find one with even less filler ingredients.  I think Tiki Cat would also fit the bill on this.  There are supposed to be good brands of freeze dried raw food too if you wanted to give that a shot.. by me they carry Primal and I have heard good things.

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A lot of things can cause chronic vomiting, motility issues, food allergies, and inflammatory bowel disease are a couple.  Only your vet can tell you, and these things usually aren’t straight forward and many chronic vomiting cats and dogs end up at specialists to get to the bottom of what is going on.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

@missjewels:  It may not be a wheat allergy. it might be an allergy to food colouring that they put into the dry food or an allergy to soemthing else in the food. One of my previous cats was allergic to fish which is pretty much in all dry food varieties.

If you switch to wet food entirely you will need to find something to replace the dry food like chicken necks. This is to maintain teeth health.

You could also switch to fresh food for your cat like pet mince or making your own.

I would suggest going back to the vet or finding a new vet that might be able to help.

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Blushing bee

I am not a vet…but have my own kitties! I have actually had a few cats who do this and there are a couple reasons why it could be happening with your kitty.

1. Your cat actually likes his food too much. That sounds crazy, but my one cat loved her food so much that she would go crazy asking for it and then gorge herself on it and throw it right back up. Switching to a different brand could help.

2. You are leaving food out. With cats that do not know when to stop eating, it is key that you limit their intake to once or twice a day. And they do not need much! A quarter cup or less is fine. It doesn’t look like much to us, but it is almost the perfect amount to a cat.

3. The brand you own might not be easily digestible. Again, switching to a different brand that is easily digested might help.

4. You aren’t feeding your cat in an area where he feels secure, thus he eats too quickly. I would suggest feeding your cat in a spare room or bathroom where he doesn’t feel like he needs to rush to eat his food before someone else does. (And if he does still throw up, at least it will be on tile or a hard surface!)

Those are the main reasons my kitties have thrown up over the years. I would suggest limiting the amount of food and the frequecy of meals first. IF that doesn’t work, try isolating him while he eats. Give those suggestions a week or two and if there is still no improvement,  then talk to your vet about another brand you could possibly switch to.

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We have actually been having the SAME EXACT problem with our 1.5 year old cat! We did EVERYTHING – changed his food, provided wet and dry, forced him to slow down by putting a ball in his dish (so he eats around it), leaving food out AND picking it up – nothing worked! I was about to make a vet appointment (hadn’t made one yet because he is acting TOTALLY normal, just throws up 10 min after eating…) when I recalled a friend who raises seeing eye dogs. She had an issue with one of her puppies and actually had to keep him because he had issues digesting his food. I’m not sure exactly what the issue was called, but in order to solve it she had to feed the dog in raised bowls so they were basically level with the dogs face, to keep him from bending down to eat. I decided to try this while waiting for the next vet appointment (next free date isn’t until October) and so far, it has totally worked! No issues since I started over two weeks ago! We are keeping the vet appointment just in case (his last apt was in May and he was in perfect health, but you never know) but so far im hopeful that this will help. 

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