(Closed) Need help deciding metal! 14K white gold/18K white gold/platinum (plated or no?)

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  • poll: Which metal should I go for?

    14K white gold (no extra charge)

    18K white gold (palladium alloy, hypoallergenic, +$400 charge compared to 14K WG)

    platinum (unplated, +$700 charge compared to 14K WG)

    platinum (rhodium-plated, +$700 charge compared to 14K WG)

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    For me, it would be platinum (950/Ir, less scratch-resistant than 950/Ru and 900/Ir) but I like the patina and lack of maintenance.  

    White metal, high shine, hypo allergic and no plating…that is the holy grail of ring metals.

    Palladium 950 (not palladium white gold). This is a platinum family of metal, but is much more scratch resistant than platinum (but less than gold). Palladium will scratch (mostly large ones will show) and the area under your finger will patina. But the top will be shinier than platinum. 

    Platinum (even the preferred alloys of 90/10iridium and 95/5ruthenium), becasue it is squishy, will develep a fine series of scratches over time – but can be re-polished every year without loss of metal where gold will lose metal. A patina. Palladium is harder, so it only shows the deeper scratches on the surface (akin to gold). Pallaidum can have issues with porocity if not handled properly and not all jewelers can deal with it. 

    Also, palladium is the greyest of the white metals, but being polished tends to make it look warmer due to reflection of you skin color. See this thread for metal color chart from John Pollard (https://www.pricescope.com/community/threads/calling-yssie-white-gold-experts-my-head-is-done-in.175144/)

    The below pics from PS (not my rings) show a ring with about 5 months of wear on them.



    close up.jpg


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    I think that rhodium is less gray than platinum, so you would notice a difference in color once it wears off.  It would have to be replated to maintain the look.  I guess it comes down to how much you like the look of patina and how willing you are to have it replated as needed.  My rings are platinum and I started finding the patina attractive after about a year of wear.  I don’t think it was seasoned enough before that.  Lol

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    I HATE my white gold engagement ring. I piss and moan about it all the time. Now, granted fiancee and I both agree that we should have done more research but the fact that I have to dip it so damn often is just a waste to me. I have a platinum band both are antiques. One will be my wedding band, one I just couldn’t pass up. Love em both. Wear one now and LOVE IT!

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    We had the same debate. Have you picked your setting that can play a lot into it too. 

    We went with platinum. My original was white gold and my body chemistry eats the plating off, so I’d spend the time to have it dipped (and money) only to have it look yellow again in about a month. Have you had issues with metals in the past? I cannot wear gold in my piercings but never had an issue with my ring or necklaces, but I was worried about allergies as well. I looked very seriously into palladium, but like I was hesitant with it because of the few jewelers that work with it at this point. Ultimately what made me choose platinum was the reliability of it. It is the top choice for prongs and after losing a stone from my white gold ring (finding it, having it reset, and losing it again) I was in the market for something that wasn’t going to have anything fall out. The weight is a bonus, I love how substantial it feels (I heard people talk about that, but waved it off, now that I have one I love it.)

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    cjk88 :  rhodium dipping isn’t really NECESSARY for white gold, it’s more of a preference thing. The yellowishness some people can notice in white gold comes from the fact that gold is yellow to begin with right? And the higher the karat of gold the softer the metal is and also the more likely it would be to show a yellow hue simply because it contains more yellow metal. So based on that I would say your best bet to get the best price, a tough metal and an enduring white color, though it wouldn’t be your jewelers preference as he/she is a business person trying to make money and you weren’t even offered this option, would be to ask for 10k white gold.

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    cjk88 :  if you have a setting with a lot of exposed metal it’ll make a difference on how much of the yellowing (white gold) or patina (platinum) you can see. I have a pave setting and doubt I’d be able to see either unless I was looking at the bottom or sides, places no one else will see. But my white gold ring had a lot of exposed metal, channel set, and you could see it very easily. 

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    cjk88 :  I had my ring made in palladium because I’m allergic to gold and it was much cheaper than platinum. My ring looks silver and is very shiny. It doesn’t look different from white gold from what I can tell. If you’re worried about skin reactions then I definitely suggest platinum or palladium. And it’s nice that o dingy have to have my ring dipped or anything and it’s a very strong metal. However to have my ring made in palladium my jeweler had to send the design to someone who specialized in palladium.

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