(Closed) Need help with giving .. ahem.. Bjs.

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Ummm… Is he pressuring you or is it just pressure you are putting on yourself to do a good job?

Other than that, I would say don’t be afraid to use your hands. If he is “blessed” and it’s not comfortable for you to take a lot in imagine your hands as an extention of you mouth.

Also ask him what he likes. Don’t be afraid to try differnt (think of the difference between eating a lolly pop and a popcicle) things and see what he reacts to.

And always keep you teeth covered with your lips. Good Luck!

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@Jasop_87: watching porn is helpful, but if thats not for you, I have a few tips:

1) use your hand with your mouth

2) use a lot of spit

3) don’t leave the ‘boys’ left out

hrm, if i think of more I’ll let you know!

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How the heck do your teeth get involved?? lol. I don’t mean that in a mean way, my Darling Husband was the only guy I ever have doen that too either, I guess it just seems obvious to me that you move your lips so they’re covering your teeth.

You don’t have to be doing an up and down motion the whole time…sometimes your jaw will need a break, so you can just use your tongue too…I feel weird describing stuff I do but you can PM me if you want haha.

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Most guys like it when a girl alternates using her hand/mouth on the shaft and then pretend like they’re “putting on lipstick” with the head, but just rubbing your lips across it a bit. Most guys are REALLY sensitive there so use this move sparingly. Don’t ignore the boys. Practice/experience/asking him are the keys. He is very lucky that you’re even willing to do it! Don’t pressure yourself too much. BJs should be fun for both parties involved.

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If he”s large, keep one hand around the base of his penis, and move it up and down as you go up and down with your mouth. As far as the actual blow job goes, IMPO variety is good; try mixing it up a bit. I usually start quite slow, and use mainly my tongue; you can use different techniques with your tongue, flicking it back and forth across his frenulum (the little stringy bit near the head) can be effective, for a lot of men it’s very sensitive, also try licking around the head and then down the shaft slightly. Then you might want to introduce your lips; take the tip gently in your mouth, keeping your teeth covered, and suck gently while still using your tongue (you’re not sucking a lolli-pop; strong sucking is a no-no for most men lol). Build up and start to take a little more in your mouth with every few sucks, until you’ve gone as far as you feel comfortable with. Then build up to a faster rythmn; this usually drives them wild. Remember to keep using your tongue; I usually kind of wrap my tongue around his penis as I move up and down, varying the pressure. Also keep the hand action going.

Don’t be afraid to ask him what he likes either; getting him to tell you what feels good as you do it, so you know what works for him, as all men are different.

Once you’ve perfected a basic bJ, you can probably try deep-throating, but this takes practice and you need to be confident. To deep-throat you basically need to kind of open your throat, a bit like when you yawn. It’s hard to explain but do-able. Once you learn how to avoid the gag-reflex you should be able to take most of him in your mouth. But like I said, this would be something for later 😉

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@Jasop_87: Practice makes perfect. Like the other bees said, use your hands and tongue more.

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Bettersex.com has some great eduacational videos that are pretty tasteful.  Look for issues of Cosmo that advertise sex tips…there are usually some in there pertaining to oral.  

But yeah, in general, teeth are bad for oral.  You’ll want to make sure you have lots of lubrication…don’t be afraid to let your saliva do the job.  They also have flavored lubes you can buy, (bettersex.com has those, too, or you can buy them at many drugstores like Walgreens).  

Use your hands, too…don’t make your mouth do all the work!  Different things “work” for different guys, so experiment!  He can tell you what he likes, or you may be able to tell by the sounds he makes.  Lots of guys like to have their testicles played with as well, (and some don’t).  Just be gentle down there, ’cause they are usually pretty sensitive.  

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My mouth is small too and I’ve gotten the “OH, your’e biting me!” thing too so I usually just use a lot of spit, my hand, my tongue, and only a little in my mouth lol

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OMG you ladies are great! Haha Never hurts to add some more things to the Bj 🙂 My SO really likes it when I start at the base and slowly make my way up leaving the head last. It’s such an intense tease that he ends up begging for my to finally take him all in. I second the don’t leave the boys out. I usually massage while I’m giving attention to the top.

I do a lot my with the tongue than actually putting the whole thing in. I have TMJ so it’s not so great. Recently just goofin around trying to see what new things I could do I was quickly taking my tongue over the really sensitive part on the outside of his penis right below the head…He melted! Kinda like flikering my tongue? Small motions up and down and side to side…

Ok I’ll stop..I feel so strange writing this out!

Lovin the other tips you all gave!!

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I definitely suggest asking him to tell you/show you what he likes – I’ve been giving them to my guy for the better part of 4 years, and I’m still learning new little tricks and movements that make him go wild. You can even have him show you how he likes to touch himself and take note of how much pressure he uses, what angles he likes, etc. I have a similar issue to yours with small mouth/large endowment — it’s a lot of incorporating your hands and tongue, and also finding positions and angles to work for you.

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