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First off, BABY STEPS. I know that it’s tempting when starting a weight loss program to want to do it all and the beginning is typically when you’ve got a lot of momentum and excitement. But the reality is that wtihin a few weeks, the motivation starts to fade and frustration and fatigue start to set in. So the number-one rule is give yourself small, incremental goals and only take on what you really can handle. The litmus test for me is to ask myself: If I make this change/effort for the week and the numbers on the scale don’t change (or go up!), am I going to hate the world? If the answer is yes, then the change is too much, too fast. There’s usually always a compromise–if you’re used to your Starbucks Frappuchino extravaganza everyday, then the answer may not be cold turkey at first, but rather perhaps a smaller size and forgoing the whipped cream, or going 3x/week instead of 6. You can always continue to dial things back.

Second, I’m a big believer that habits need to be addressed practically, in addition to psychologically. That means that while a hypnotist and psychiarist are fine, you also need to start constructing your habits differently when it comes to junk food. Take stock of when and where and why you eat junk food. The “why” may generally fall under the purview of psychiatry, but the where and when can be addressed. If you always drive by McDonald’s on your way to work, then find a different route–out of sight, out of mind. If you eat junk food at night, then resolve to start showering at night–can’t eat cake in the shower! And–i can’t stress this enough–go through your freezer, refrigerator, cupboards etc. and THROW AWAY every last morsel of unhealthy food. And resolve that you WILL NOT KEEP ANY JUNK FOOD IN THE HOUSE. My personal work-around is that I cannot buy ice-cream and keep it at home. If I really want it, I have to make a special drive to the shop and get myself a single scoop–that way it’s portion controlled. Similar ideas work in reverse as well to get you to eat healthy and to exercise–simple things like getting a subscription to a healthy cooking magazine or buying a new cookbook, checking out vegetables you’ve never eaten before at the supermarket, buying new workout tunes.

And finally, the best piece of advice I can give: Weight loss is not determined by never falling off the wagon. It is determined by getting back on when you do fall off.


Good luck!

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@BothCoasts:  All of this +111!

Starting with baby steps is so important. So i would avoid joining a gym/trainer just yet.  Start with something you can do in your home, like a 20, 30 min work out from a DVD.  Also, myfitnesspal.com is an amazing website where you can track your exercise and food soooooo easily. It’s amazing. 

I have a few mental tricks I use as well.

One of them is telling myself that it’s not that I *can’t* have junkfood, it’s that I DON”T WANT IT!  I repeat that anytime I have a craving.  When I make rules that I can’t have things, i think about then more… so telling myself i can have it all, but that i don’t want it works pretty good! (most of the time ~_~)

Another mental trick i do, is i look at food in terms of hours working out.  When I think about how much i hate working out, (doing the 30 day shred for example), and then i look at a choclate bar, i don’t see the chocolate, i see 40 mins of sweating my ass off! Suddenly, these sweets just don’t seem worth it!

Also, avoid the scale. Pounds don’t tell the whole story, esp if you’re gaining muscle.  Take measurements instead and you’ll see the progree quicker.

And just like the PP”s last advice, don’t beat yourself up for any failures. We’re only human.

And lastly, if you’re a harry Potter fan (or not), anytime you want to give up, give in…




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@MrsVandykins:  You made me LOL! “CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!!” I’m soooooooooooo going to use that! And it’s absolutely going to make me giggle anytime I’m feeling miserable for trying to resist a craving. What a mood changer! I love it!

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Hey Hun, a few weeks late but I see you’re in Brisbane (I’m on the GC). Go and join a gym for sure and get into the classes! I’ve spent LOADS on trainers and it’s great to have the support but the classes are so much more fun (and if you put 110% into them I get more out of them)! I joined Fitness First for the classes and was really intimidated at first but now I’m ADDICTED!! Absolutely do it, if you haven’t already – most gyms will give you a free week’s pass if you tell them you’re thinking of joining so just see if you like it first before being locked into a contract. Feel free to pm me πŸ™‚

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That’s even better if you have your sister to go with πŸ™‚ good luck with it all! I find no matter how bad a day is, a good training session always seems to fix it and its fun setting goals and tracking your results. Keep us updated how you go and have an awesome night! πŸ™‚

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