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Helper bee

So my partner and I live across an ocean from each other right now (She’s in the UK, I’m in the US), and it is SO rough. We skype every day which helps and I have a t-shirt of hers that she wore a bunch so it smells like her. She has a plush-toy rhino that I gave her as a gift and slept with for a month so it would smell like me. I know that’s kind of weird, but it honestly really helps. We also skype every single day, which is nice. Honestly though, it’s hard a lot, and sometimes I just have to remind myself of how wonderful she is and how much I love her. My options are either to be with her like this or to not be with her at all, and the latter option is BY FAR so much worse I can’t even contemplate it. But it really sucks – any amount of distance does. I hope it works out for you to move in together soon! 

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I’ve done 3 hours long distance for 2 years. Now we’re living together for the summer but will be going back to long distance when I go back to school at the end of August 🙁 Skyping helps SO much, and we play a lot of games on Skype. You can play charades, pictionary, 20 questions. Also Google Hangouts is great because you can both draw on the same board at the same time, so you can play things like hangman or just be silly and draw crazy things. 

Also, I know this can be really tough, but try not to get in fights when you know you have a limited amount of time to talk. We’ve learned to wait to bring things up until we have some time to work it out, and honestly by then a lot of times you’ve calmed down and it’s not even important anymore.

Other than that, it’s all about communication. It’s hard to not be able to read the other person’s body language or facial expressions (if not on Skype), so sometimes things can get confused, and it’s just really important to be even clearer than you think is necessary. Best of luck to you!

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Blushing bee

I just channel my sadness and loneliness into something productive. My productivity is trying to get built like Dwayne Johnson and run 2 miles in 16 minutes. So far, not even close. But it takes the mind off things. Hard to think when you feel like death.

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Busy bee
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My fiancé and I are recently engaged (dated for a year) – he is in the South and I am in the Northeast (14 hours [distance] apart).  I talk to him everyday – we go to conferences together (for both of our interests/studies) – attend political events – etc etc.  There are loads of “couples apps” for iPhone/Android that help a ton too.

We also LOVE watching Netflix “together.”  🙂

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Worker bee

My Fi and I are long distance.  We were in the same state but now im leaving for law school and ill be in 11 hours away. We skyped often. Also, when I went to visit I like to leave random notes around his apartment. So over weeks and sometimes even months he will have a special note from me. We try to set aside at least one special time a week that we devote to just each other. Kind of like a date night. We recently got a great new app call Couple. It allows us to message each other, send pics ,videos, handwritten notes, drawings, etc. Its been great these past few months.

Try to stay positive!  Getting down in the dumps makes everything harder 


Good luck:)

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LittleMissRuca:  My Fiance and I have been long-distance for two years (she is in the UK and I’m in the US). If all goes well, we’ll be closing the gap in late summer/early autumn 2015! Even though we have a timeline and it’s less than what we’ve already managed, there are still days when one more year seems impossibly difficult. I will admit that admiring my engagement ring and knowing that its twin (okay, they’re not twin-twins, but we matched the specs in all but carat size) is on her hand some five thousand miles away. 

We do a lot of the same things as everyone suggested above, including stuffed animals, pajamas, FaceTime, and Netflix dates. We’re also really into surprises – sending presents (random Amazon deliveries turn up at my door from time to time!), flowers, candy, whatever. We cook together a lot over FaceTime, too! 

Scattergories is a great game to play over video chat, as are digital word games like Words with Friends/Aworded/etc. We use the Couple app for iOS for fun things like drawing together and sync our calendars with Google calendar (this has beens super helpful for us).

I would also encourage you to set a routine – it will help SO much after a visit. My Fiance just visited for three weeks (it was awesome) and having a routine really helped with the letdown after she left (it was wretched). Being able to return to familiar things like our bedtime for me/morning for her ‘rituals,’ for want of a better word, really made it easier on us. 

I hope that helps!


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vintagefemme:  My Fiance is English as well! She and I have been together for just shy of two years now, but the time difference (six hours for us) can still be challenging. Are you planning on ‘closing the gap’ in the near future? 

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My plan is to be a “Yes Man”. I skype with my Fiance everyday at lunchtime (my bosses have been great letting me do this through work) and in the evenings if I’m invited – I go! I’ve already been out twice this week in the evenings, have not spent a cent and have met heaps of new people.

I figure it keeps me occupied given that there is a 17 hour time difference between my Fiance and I, and then this way I always have something to talk about with my Fiance when we can skype. It helps me feel positive, because now that my Fiance has been gone for almost a month now (6 months to go!!), being without him just plain sucks now.

Also – this sounds way nerdy – but my Fiance finally convinced me to play online games with him. And I totally love it, because I actually feel like he is right there and we are doing something together like we always have done.

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