(Closed) Need some advice, what should I expect when going off the pill?

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Hey, I was also on Loestrin 24.  The first month off was pretty bad.  For 2 weeks I just had like NO emotions whatsoever.  I just felt numb and emotionally shut down.  I was tired ALL THE TIME and all I wanted to do was lay in bed or on the couch and zone out and watch movies.  I didn’t want to cook or clean or or go anywhere, I just had no energy, totally blah.  Then the last 2 weeks, I started feeling depressed and upset.  Hormone withdrawal!  But since my first period off, I’ve felt awesome.  I am never going back to BC again.  DH says I am a totally new person off BC – like the girl he used to date.  (I got on BC a few months before the wedding).  And I agree, I am so much more pleasant, even keeled and less moody off BC.

One thing that really helped me was making sure my iron levels were high and that I was eating a richer diet of natural fats.  It just helped ease everything back into sync and really reduced my PMS symptoms.  So we cut a lot of processed food, no soda, and ate a lot of grassfed organic beef and soup made from homemade chicken and beef broth, a lot of seafood, and a lot of full-fat dairy (butter, cream cheese, milk, yogurt).  I also started taking fish oil supplements, a B vitamin complex, liver capsules (beef liver has incredibly high levels of folic acid, vitamin C, iron and other vitamins up the wazoo), and started drinking fresh squeezed orange juice.  I also started taking Vitex capsules twice a day to help regulate my cycle.  My first cycle off was 34 days (which isn’t bad considering before BC my cycles were like heinously long), and I hardly had any cramps, and no migraines (which I always had before my periods).

Hope this helps!


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I went off the pill after being on BC for 12 years (pills and depo at varying times).  When I went off BC, it took absolute ages for my cycle to come back – first one was 3 months later, second one was 2 months later, etc… it took about 9 months before I finally regulated into a normal cycle.

Emotionally, I felt great.  Getting rid of all the synthetic hormones was the best feeling ever!   Also, my sex drive came back full force – it was really high for a while but then came back to a more normal sex drive, compared to a very low sex drive whilst on BC.  

PMS symptoms that had been wonderfully absent for 12 years also came back, although mine aren’t too bad.  I also have bizarrely enough found my periods to be shorter and lighter OFF the pill, which is unusual I guess.  On the pill, I had 5 days of a full period; now, I have two days of what could be considered a period and one or two days of spotting after that.  

In terms of preparing for TTC – start monitoring your health now.  Make sure you’re eating healthy foods, including an array of fruits, veggies, wholegrains, and lean meat.  If you or your Darling Husband are smokers, quit now.  Start taking a multivitamin or prenatal; I just take a multivitamin and supplement it with additional folic acid (unnecessary as my mv already has 400 mcg but I like adding another 500 mcg in anyway) and fish oils.  

Also, start reading up on what kinds of things to monitor with your cycle once you’re off BC.  Taking Charge of Your Fertility is a good read, as is What to Expect Before You’re Expecting.  Other than that, schedule an appt with your gyn for a normal check up and run your plans by him/her as they tend to do a preconception check up and test for immunisations.   

Good luck!

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I went off the pill in April after being on it for 13 years.  It wasn’t too bad, although I did get pretty terrible headaches for the first couple of weeks.  Also, my skin started to break out a little bit more.  The good side effects were that my sex drive came back very quickly, and I just felt more “normal” if that makes any sense.  I was regular before going on the pill all those years ago, and pretty much went right back to being regular after the pill.  I got pregnant on my 3rd cycle off BCP.  (We started trying right away.) 

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It was awful for me.  I was an emotional wreck for a month or so, for sure.  According to Darling Husband, longer than that.  I also gained about 5 lbs immediately, that refused to budge.  I am a very fit person, and I’ve put on a couple of pounds before, but honestly, never 5.  I’m pretty anal about my fitness and my weight, so that was really hard for me that the hormones were causing my weight to go up  and no matter how I tried, I couldn’t fix it.  Finally, in the 3rd month off the pill, i finally got rid of it, but it was hard work.  I’ll  never go off the pill again, because I’ll never be on it again – just for that reason:(

Also, here are some other threads if you want to peruse:

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When I first stopped taking the pill I had the opposite experience of most people.  My cycles were very short.  My first one was 3 weeks and then my next two came every other week. It was so frustrating.  It took me about 5 cycles before I was back to a normal schedule. 

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I was on Yaz for 2 years (and on Depo for about 8 years before that) and went off about 5-6 months before we actively tried TTC. My PMS came back and I have pretty consistent zits (which is tough after lots of years of nice skin due to BC). My period regulated itself quickly – I started with the standard 28 day cycle and then moved back to my 32 day cycle after 4 months.

My sex drive also came back, but I still had some problems with natural lubrication (but it’s not nearly as bad as it was when I was on Yaz). No real weight gain or loss. And we got pregnant after 2 months of TTC (6 months after going off Yaz).

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I was on Loestrin 24 fe as well- for 13 years. The one thing that surprised me was my HEAVY periods. I would get 2-3 day light periods on the pill– sometimes even skipping a month. My first month off BC, I had a very very very heavy flow. No joke- I contemplated calling the doc. They were heavier than I remember them being before I went on the pill. BUT I did have longer period before I went on the pill, so I should have at least anticipated it a bit. I was just so used to light, short periods.

BUT I will say that I didn’t really have too many other side effects. I did gain about 5 pounds that has seemed have to stuck, but its not a huge deal. 

The only other thing is that I just FELT BETTER off the pill. I can’t explain it. it’s like there was a tiny fog before (that I didn’t know existed) and it just lifted. I had a much better sex drive (woo hoo!) and just felt better and healthier. 

I read Taking Charge of Your Fertility and it really helped me the first few months of the pill. I learned what to expect from my body. I actually dread going back on the pill after we have a baby… I’m not sure I will!!


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Busy bee

I didn’t really notice much of a difference when I stopped taking the pill. I didn’t stop taking them because we were TTC but I just got really tired of taking a pill everyday. I was on the pill for 3-4 years and the only thing I can say is that my cramps got 100% worse whenever I would get my period. I would just keep some midol handy. 

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I was on the Pill for just over seven years and came off it mid Feb so that we could start TTC.

First the bad stuff…

Pimples – I suffered from bad skin before going on the Pill, my acne has now come back

Mood swings – I have a couple of days each month (around ovulation and just before AF) when I can get really angry at the world.  Luckily my mood swings are evening out as time goes by

The good stuff!

I have lighter periods now then when I was on the Pill and my periods are waaaay lighter than they were when I was a teenager.  I have also have got rid of my period pain

My sex drive has bounced back (yay!)

I just feel better overall, I can’t explain exactly what it is, I just do

My cycles are now a regular 29-30 days and it’s kinda cool observing my body doing what it should be each month (now if only I could get myself pregnant!)

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