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    @MissComicBook:  There’s really no guarantee that the current company will follow through either though…  You might consider asking the prospective company what exactly the “fast track” entails: how long would they expect you to be in the current position, what if any training or additional duties will be required in order to succeed to the next position and would that extra work be done during regular work hours, as OT,  or off-the-clock (which isn’t even legal, I’m sure you know) (unless you’re salaried, but you mentioned “per hour” so I assume it’s not salaried). Honestly, I would probably try the new company. Asking these questions might give you a better feel one way or the other though.

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    Unless there’s something very particular that you love about your current job, leave it. My gosh have I been in your situation. I suffered (ok, that’s a slight exaggeration, but still) while waiting for a promotion last summer. In the end, the person whose position I was being trained and promoted to decided not to leave!!! I did all this extra work and training etc. for 3-4 months for less pay than I could have gotten elsewhere. 

    Don’t take the chance. And even if you get promoted, it doesn’t sound like you’ll be happy there. But don’t believe the promise in a promotion in the new job either. When my story happened, my boss said I would be promoted to a different position within the month. Being suspicious, of course, I asked for a contract. It basically said that as long as I fulfill certain requirements, I’ll be promoted within 6 months. It happened within 2 weeks, so it turned out well. You can do that, but don’t take for granted that you’ll be promoted in either company.

    I do think, though, that unless there’s a particular incentive to get stressed out, if your manager is making you stressed, it’s time to go!


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    I would tell your current job that you are considering leaving because of the conditions, tender your resignation giving minimum notice, and actually move to the new job if your old job does not offer to make significant improvements.

    Honestly though, a dollars a dollar, and you have a wedding coming up. Even if the new company fails to come through with the promotion, you will still be getting paid more. Remember your old job could fail to come through too, and I’ve heard plenty of stories about companies using the promotion “carrot” to get employees to do extra wotk and higher duties for less pay – yourcurrent company could be doing this to you (especially if they are suggesting you work unpaid overtime beyond the five hours they are willing to pay you for).

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    There is a lot I will put up with from a job…but expecting me to do extra work off the clock is beyond ridiculous. Who is doing the job that you will get promoted to now? How are they getting everything done? Maybe you should speak with them or others who have been there. Sometimes it takes another perspective to figure out different time management skills.

    I am a firm believer in not working somehwere that you are unhappy…I myself am only at my current job still b/c my Fiance has been unemployed for a while and I need my health insurance. If possible, talk to your potential new boss about the timeline for promotion.

    Is your current job what you want to do with your life? Will it get you closer to your career goals? Will the new job? 5 years is a long time for a first job, so it’s not like it will look bad on your resume. In fact, it’s good to get different experiences in the same field…and if you can make more money and have better promotion chances, I’d say it’s a no-brainer. It sucks being the ‘new kid’ at work, but it sounds like they really want you!

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    @MissComicBook:  I understand being attached to the job! But in a few years you’ll just have fond memories if you quit now. You don’t deserve all that stress. Once you are back to a normal job with normal hours and no manager screaming at you, you’ll be soo relieved!

    If neither is what you want to do with your life, just do what makes you happiest short-term. If you want to make money for the wedding, do the job that will give you most money without counting on the promotion.

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    @MissComicBook:  If you’re offered the new position, I’d say take it.

    Your current position sounds terrible.  I’d say that even if you’re working toward a promotion with your current company, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive the promotion.  It doesn’t sound as though your boss is really credible (if this is in fact the person telling you you’ll receive a promotion if you do x, y, and z) since she’s calling you on your days off to yell at you, asking you to work off the clock, etc.  It sounds like they could definitely continue telling you you’re on your way to a promotion indefinitely since they’re getting extra work out of you for less money.

    Yes, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a promotion at the new position.  However, there’s no guarantee of this at your present job either.  But, at the very least, you’ll be getting an extra dollar an hour.  It may not sound like much, but it can really add up over time.

    Good luck!  I really hope you’re offered this new position!

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    @MissComicBook:  Go with the new job! Seriously, what your old job is doing to you is not fair & not right. It sounds like you work all of the time & are always stressed… they may not even promote you. I had a job demote me after I worked extra hard & sacrificed so much (& everyone gave me great reviews – they told me that). The new job may follow through, they may not. But even if you don’t get a raise, it sounds like you’ll be in a much better work environment, less stressed, more appreciated & get paid more than you do now. Its hard to leave a place you’re attached to, but you have to do what is best for YOU. Is being called on your days off, getting yelled at, being told to do more work than you can ALL THE TIME worth it? Maybe I could see it if it was for a busy week or two… but I would just feel all my life was was work & that I couldn’t even do that right. (not that you’re not, it sounds like you’re doing an awesome job, but when bosses get mad at you it can feel that way).

    $1 more an hour for a year is almost $2k! Might not seem like much but it really adds up!!

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    @MissComicBook:  “Since I am working toward a promotion they expect me to do the higher paying job on a lower salary before I can have the promotion.”

    Never, ever, EVER do this. They will then know they can work you for free. Demand money for your time and effort. That they want you to work off the clock is another red flag. Heck, even if this other particular new job doesn’t come through, keep looking because you NEED to leave the one you’re at now.

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    @MissComicBook:  Congrats! That’s so awesome :). Just turn in a two week notice (or what you need to do) & make sure its in writing. Keep reminding yourself that you’re doing what is best for YOU. Also, if your boss calls you on your days off just do NOT answer it. Don’t listen to the VM just ignore it.

    I’d see if you can counter offer since they originally told you that you’d start at $1 more.

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