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I dislike the gym too! I have slowed down on my workouts since the wedding, but having a workout partner really helps me!

I have been trying to watch what I eat. I eat the same thing for breakfast: Greek yogurt & Kashi cereal bar or mini organic granola bar.

For lunch ( at work): I have a healthy Choice Steamer frozen meal and a salad with low calorie dressing.

Mid-afternoon snack ( it varies, depending on my craving haha): Pirate’s Booty White Cheddar (tastes just like cheese puffs, but much less fat), puffed honey wheat cake with PB (tastes like Nutter Butter), cut up veggies, or Laughing Cow Cheese w/ a few crackers.

Dinner: I typically eat what I want, but try to behave. Weekends are where I indulge more. I hope this helps! Good luck!

I have also have been using a calorie counting app on my phone and that helps me keep on track.

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Well, your husband probably won’t like this, but I think it’s important to not have junk food in the house. It seems extreme, but I do know women who have asked their family members to literally padlock the junk food stash so they can’t get into it, and the rule is that if they want something, they have to make the effort to get the store and buy it. I *sort of* observe a similar thing in that my trigger is ice-cream, so I never buy it. If I really want it, I give myself permission to walk to our local Baskin-Robbins and get a single cup. At least that way, it’s portion controlled.

Overall, it sounds like you are in weight loss fatigue and need to step back and shake things up a bit. So maybe keep running, but add something else into the routine. And you can make it fun–dance classes still burn calories, so does hiking. Get your (healthy) cookbooks out and try new recipes for fun. I’ve had some friends even do cleanses or try new “diets” (like “5 ingredients or less” or “vegetarian 5x/week” or “macrobiotic month”) just to try to shake things up.

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Blushing bee

Regarding the snacks. What if you got the very small sandwhich bags and put an appropriate amount into each bag? That way when it’s snack time you don’t even have to think about. Grab one of the individual bags and you’re good. Help control binging a little.

I also recommend adding a healthy activity. Wanna put on some padding and learn to roller skate again? I’m going to. One of my friends is learning to roller skate and I’ve decided to join her. Running on a treadmill is boring! I can only do it while watching a movie I’m actually interested in. 

My new favorite summer snack? Half a banana dipped in chocolate and frozen. It’s not as amazing as ice cream, but it’s good, and that’s good enough for me.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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Here’s what I do, it works for me and I truly hope it could work for you too. 

– Weigh yourself first thing every morning on a reliable DIGITAL scale. It is my primary motivator. If I see the numbers going up, I strive to cut down on my snacks. Get hubby to weigh himself too so he’s in it together. ๐Ÿ™‚

– Store all the junk food in a cabinet, away from your sight and hopefully hard to reach. Tell hubby try NOT to bring home any junk food. If he does, he must also store it away in a cabinet. If you find yourself reaching often for these junk food, then, you might wanna paste a picture of a slim lady whom you admire on the inner cabinet door and write some encouraging words like, “You can do it!” 

– If you must have ice-cream, I would suggest heading out for some frozen yoghurt from Pinkberry. If I can’t wait, I’ll blend some frozen strawberries and fresh bananas with some milk and honey. Satisfies the sweet, cooling sensation I crave very well. 

– I don’t even like running, I don’t gym as I wouldnt know what to do so I make use of the Xbox Kinect for exercises. Nice variety and it’s fun to get competitive with hubby! 

– Cook and eat more sprouts, such as bean sprouts. I realised it helps to keep the weight down. Take more clear soups. I have an italian veg soup recipe to share if you like. I lost some weight taking this soup for a few days. Try to have more salads too.

– Portion how much you should be eating. I thought this is much easier as compared to calorie counting. I gave up calorie counting long time ago- too lazy to key in every meal every day!

– If you should eat out, ask for half-portions if any and never clean up the plate! Also, eat more of meat and vegetables, rather than the carbs.

Hope this helps you a little! Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Buzzing bee

I highly recommend Weight Watchers — you don’t have to go to the meetings, although it helps a great deal when you are just starting out and learning the program. You can do WW online too — that is what I do. They also have a very active online community where you can post questions and get help from other members.


I lost 70 lbs. on Weight Watchers from 2008-2009 and have mostly kept it off, except for a slip this past Christmas when my whole life flipped upside down… I got married and moved in with Darling Husband all within the space of two weeks, and then things got really crazy at work. I gained 12 lbs. over the holidays and have been struggling to get back on track. I still need to lose another 50 lbs. or so.

Two weeks ago I started up with Weight Watchers online again and have lost three lbs. so far. The nice thing about WW (I think) is that it teaches a balanced/healthy diet and portion control, but you also get bonus points or flex points (I call them my cheat points) that you can use for those times when you want to splurge.

When I’m following WW I usually cheat one day a week, where I eat whatever I want and don’t count points at all, and I’ve almost always still lost weight.

I also agree with the PP who said find some favorite foods you love and stick with them. The snack foods that get me through in a pinch are Greek yogurt with fruit, lowfat cottage cheese, boiled eggs and watermelon. I am thinking of getting Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches — last weekend I had one at a taste test in a grocery store and it was scrumptious! I also have been eating lowfat burritos and hamburgers — I still lost weight two weeks in a row.

Hang in there and good luck!


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I have a simple plan for myself:

Eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks in between.

Eat dinner by 7:30 pm at the LATEST.

Cheat here n’ there and not obsess over the cheating done. It’s done with. Time to move on.

Eat a big breakfast, and decent amt of lunch. <– I started doing this only last week and I have noticed that I hardly ever feel hungry for dinner. So I will end up eating something REALLY small or not at all. I feel TOO FULL and I don’t even get swayed by the tatiest of dishes. I don’t feel like eating AT ALL.

I also hit a pleateau once. I wasn’t losing a single pound for over a MONTH. (And I wasn’t gaining either because I continued eating and exercising the same way.) So I stayed away from the scale for a bit. (Abt 3 weeks.) And then when I weighed myself, voila, I had lost considerable amt of weight. I hadn’t changed my routine at all. I was doing P90x at the time so only changing routines when it was called for. Sometimes your body adjusts in its own way.

And scales by the way are the WORST thing ever invented! I can be getting stronger and losing weight around my waist, yet the scale will totally get me down.

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I think finding healthier carbs is a good idea.  Try not to be too hard on yourself about binging on oreos and chips.  Sugar IS an addictive substance!  

I personally eat a very low carb diet, and the carbs I do eat are pretty much only green veggies.  I recently added pumpkin back into my diet, and have a makeshift pumpkin pie recipe (without the crust), that I use stevia to sweeten.  I think it’s very good and is a “dessert” I can have.  

I can also sympathize because my fiance loves junk foods.  His favorite thing in the world is birthday cake.  I will make him a whole sheet cake and he’ll eat it in less than a week by himself.  

My situation is a little different in that I didn’t change my diet to lose weight, but because of some serious health issues caused by indulging in sugar and high carb foods.  So, it’s a lot easier for me to steer clear of the junk because of how awful it makes me feel.

Weight watchers may be a good bet, and I can say from personal experience that really limiting carbs works even though it will be extremely difficult at first (I’m talking severe withdrawal) but the good news is you will lose weight and stop craving sweets.  Hang in there!

* Also, I do allow myself to cheat one meal during the week, although they are very minor cheats because my body is so sensitive at this point to any processed foods or sugar that any major cheat would just not be worth it in the end. 

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I’d try to incorporate a weight lifting routine! Strength training will help you burn calories faster than cardio alone, and you can buy a set of weights and do it at home. Plus, you’ll get toned faster. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Make sure you’re drinking lots and lots of water.  Your body will sometimes tell you you’re hungry if you’re dehydrated.  One of my huge problems is that I don’t drink enough water.  I drink lots of coffee, pop, and iced tea, but no H2O, which always leads me to the fridge for a snack.

My Fiance and I have also started juicing this week and my Fiance has lost 5lbs since Sunday.  He’s doing the fast (only juice and water), while I’m just supplimenting my diet with the juice (my reasoning is that I don’t want the food we have in our fridge to go to waste). There are TONS of recipies and info online about how to juice.  We got our juicer from Best Buy on sale for like, $30.  Filling up on fruits and veggies is so much better, and easier to digest, than a handful of cookies or chips.

Here’s a good diagram that I keep around:

I don’t have any advice about the physical fitness, it’s something I’m trying to motivate myself to do as well.  You’ve gotten some good posts from other bees on that front, I’ll be sure to check back because I’ve been looking for ideas too.

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I’m not sure where you live, but can you join some sort of group class, or, if you’re feeling adventurous a women’s only boot camp? I find that having a specific time I go to work out, and knowing people in my class keeps me accountable, so I never miss it! Also, at $20 per session I’m not gonna lose that money!

I also find that boot camps are great because it’s a different work out every time, so you’re not bored or lethargic. Plus for me a group setting is really motvating and I find I push myself much harder.

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Again, I don’t know where you live but most gyms I’ve been to have a daycare area where your kids can hang out/play games/do crafts etc while you work out, with people who will watch them…

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