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Honey bee

I would store your love seat somewhere else, and then get two smallish arm chairs or one arm chair and one other chair (even from the salvation army and reuphoster or get a cover)

Then place them at slight angles to the couch on either side. Pulling furniture away from the walls gives it more visual space and more finished.

Then you need an accent rug and matching pillows to add color and warmth. Maybe something like this

And a glass table would allow the use of a coffee table, but not take up visual space. If you could find something oval or round, it would add a lot of visual intrigue as well since everything else is square and neutral. Again check your thrift shops!

Or alternatively buy the glass top and be creative with the base. You could use anything for a base (and old stump, glue old books together, use half an old wooden barrel, a wicker basket turned upside down etc)

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Honey bee

Also really easy, but would be a great art piece is to buy 3 pieces of ply wood at the local hardwood store. Have them cut them the same size. They do it cheap.

Then find a fabric you like and cut and stample (need a wood stample) to 
upholster the plywood. Use a layer of baddind between the wood and fabric to soften it.

Hang them above your couch with a few inches between each one.

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Honey bee

@miss-spunkin: I would put one chair on either side of the couch to keep it balanced. And angle them away from the wall so it creates half a circle essentially

OK, no glass, how about a long, but narrow ottoman type thing. It can double as extra storage and has soft sides. A tray on top allows it to be used for glasses and such.

Keep it narrow so that you still have a good walking space between that and the fireplace.

I am not sure about the TV. Looks like you are stuck with it, unless you buy an armoir, but in reality you will eventually end up with a flat screen at some point and that armoir for a large tube TV will be useless.



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Honey bee
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I do think the space is too small for a coffee table.

I agree about getting smaller chairs instead of the love seat. Then two coordinating (but not matching) end tables to go on either side of the couch.

A large mirror with a simple frame above the fireplace or above the dining table and a nice large painting or arrangement of pictures above the other. And brightly colored curtains.

A crisp bright tablecloth.

Also, you can get sofa covers for a very reasonable price, I’d get something in a bold fabric. And maybe a couple throw pillow or a throw blanket.

When you can paint the walls and the carpet is also a plain color you really have to brighten a room up with colors everywhere you can.

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Honey bee

FYI, a traffic lane needs to be 3 feet so for you that is the space from the door in front of the fireplace and onwards.

Also coffee tables should be about 14-18 inches from the couch.

So if you have enough space for those measurements, you will have enough space logistically and visually for a narrow coffee table. Take a measuring tape out and measure.

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Sugar bee
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I think you definietly need some kind of coffee table/ottoman and some art on the walls to make it more lived-in. If a flat screen TV isn’t in the budget (a flat screen TV wall mounted above the fireplace, with the components in a bookcase where your current TV is would be my initial instinct), some kind of large mirror or art piece mounted on the wall above the fireplace, with some decorative vases on the mantel would look awesome.

I would also get rid of the loveseat, and add 2 chairs, but I would do one on each side of the couch, facing in towards each other to make a conversation area and define that space and separate it from the dining area. I would probably do the chairs in a bit of a darker pattern, because you have a lot of light beige in the room. Use throw pillows on the couch and chairs to add in more pops of colour. Also, I would add some curtains to the window to soften it and add more interest.

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Bumble bee
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You can do a tiny coffee table, and I agree with the idea about 2 arms chairs.  If I remember, I should take a pic of my small space.  We have a similar thing going on.  

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Honey bee

I think its great!

That is seating for 4 people, and if you do an ottoman as a coffee table, you could always pull that to the fireplace (assuming its not on) when you have company over and you have seating for 2 more people to total 6. A bigger couch would only really give you one additional person.

Its not like you would be watching TV with company. And you always have your dining chairs as extra.

I think a nice pattern on the side chairs would really add personality to the room.

You could do something like this, and its chearp at $99

From Overstock.com (there are a ton of options for cheaper, check them out.)

Or for $138

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Helper bee
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Overall, I think your room needs more colour and texture, and a better flow.

I think that you need to clearly define your living room area from your dining room/table nook area. I personally would love an area rug for your living room area, that would go under your coffee table (lay down a carpet underpad before you put a rug down so that the rug doesn’t start shifting and getting bumpy).

Also, I would switch out the light fixture above the table with a large drum shade light. The metal one doesn’t seem to be substantial enough. Maybe one that matches your wood trim.

Can you paint your trim? If not, you’re going to have to incorporate some of your design accessories with the colours in the trim (somehow… an embroidery that is matching-ish/complementary?)… you may have to bring in some bold colours to fit the theme of such vibrant wood trim.

I love your couch/chair combo. I saw the couch before on some DIY website, and coveted it righteously.

I would take the tablecloth off entirely (unless the table has some huge scratches/dents).

Get a new tv stand– something with shelves instead of that fabric draping/covering? Something lower– I think that it being so high wouldn’t be so great for your neck either.

Lastly, I’d place some decorative items in front of your fireplace– a couple large and tall vases, some fireplace pokers and wood logs (even though they don’t need it). It needs something in front of it so it doesn’t look like a flat tv screen. And decorative things all over your walls, not too high– eye level, and big.

Good luck!

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