(Closed) Need the baby to drop! (Ways to self-start labor?)

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Choreographer82:  is this your first child? If so, I would absolutely push back against a scheduled c-section based on baby’s size alone. Late term growth scans are notoriously inaccurate and size alone is (for me) not enough of a medical risk to not even attempt labour. Having said that, lots of walking will help baby into optimal position, as will crawling and swimming. Check out http://www.spinningbabies.com for some really good tips as well!

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I don’t know anything about scheduling C-Sections in your type of situation, but I strongly urge you to check out Kemma’s link and inform your self. If it truly is unneccessary then your OB and midwifes team should support your decision to at least try to labor before going in for the C-Section.


In saying that, some things that I have HEARD help induce labor (although they are probably all old wives tales): spicy food, walking/gentle exercise, sex.

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Choreographer82:  I’m totally not anti-doctor but you definitely have the right to ask your OB to give you a detailed run through of all the risks and benefits of delivering your baby early, before you make a decision! My second baby was over a pound bigger than my first (9lb 12 vs 8lb 9) and was a much easier delivery than my first purely due to positioning, so size isn’t always an indication of labour. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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Why would they schedule a csection based on only an estimated size? 

I would probably fight that unless there are other factors (gestational diabetes??).  Growth scans can be more than a pound off and even then people have 9lb and 10lb babies vaginally without issue.  http://spinningbabies.com/learn-more/baby-positions/cpd-will-baby-fit/

Unfortunatley, I don’t think there is any way to jump start labor if baby isn’t ready to come out.  At 37 weeks baby is most likely not ready to come out.  You can try it all but baby won’t budge if they’re not ready or right on the edge of being ready. 

You should be able to find some positions online that you can get into that might help baby drop though.  Some tricks might be mopping the floor on your hands and knees lol.

You should look at this http://evidencebasedbirth.com/evidence-for-induction-or-c-section-for-big-baby and weigh your options

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Are you a really tiny person?

Seems kind of extreme to jump to a csection unless they’ve done some pelvimitry measurements to show that the baby’s head is really too big for your pelvis. At 37 weeks your baby should be starting to engage into your pelvis. Some reasons that this doesn’t happen is too much fluid, short cord, position, or size of babys head. If your baby’s head is “floating” or “ballotable” it can be dangerous to attempt induction, as the risk for cord prolapse is really high if your water breaks.

Your doctor is probably right, but yeah, like pps said, no harm in learning as much as you can about the situation.

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I agree with the others. My doctor was monitoring me for the same thing and said if he was estimating over 10lbs that they would talk about c-sect. My son was measuring in the 99th percentile from my anatomy scan on, at last check he was estimated at 8lb6oz, a week later I went into labor naturally at around 37w5d and he was delivered via vaginal birth weighing in at 7lb14oz. I was sure that the measurements must have been accurate since they were so consistent, but nope and everyone kept telling me what these ladies are telling you. I was certain I’d end up with a c-sect. I did nothing to induce labor early, and don’t recommend it. He just arrived when he was ready. 

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I am with the others. My daughter was “a big baby” the whole pregnancy. She came out at 7 lbs 1 oz. 

But when you get closer…..sex. It worked for me. We had it at 38 weeks and I started having contractions. We had it again at 39 1/2 (hadnt been having contractions, no cramping etc) abd five minutes after I started having contractions, slight bleeding and my water broke. 

I wish i had waited a few days. I will not be having sex next time. 

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Choreographer82:  Every mom and pop pizza joint I’ve been to has a “labor” pizza. And I swear within 24hours of eating it, my friends have gone into labor. Maybe where you live, they have one. 

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Scans to determine size aren’t always correct. My friend was supposed to have a 10 lb baby so they scheduled a c-section at 39 weeks. The baby ended up being less than 8 lbs. Unless there is a legitimate medical need for an early c-section (high blood pressure, protein in urine, diabetes, a truly big baby and a mom with a super tiny pelvis, etc) I would be reluctant to readily accept what your doctor is saying. Not that your OB is wrong, but c-sections are convenient for doctors, and they are way over-recommended. I say this as a c-section mama (not because of size, because of my water breaking). I so wish that I had been more educated and more of a voice for myself and my son. Can they not just let things happen naturally, let you labor and try to deliver vaginally, and if it doesn’t work out then do a c-section? Or at least wait until 40 weeks to schedule the surgery? Another thing to consider is one c-section may mean subsequent c-sections with any future pregnancies. 

But to address your question, you can try walking, primrose oil, sex, spicy foods, Gravity. Stimulating your nipples may also work, but I don’t think that is ever recommended, especially at your stage in pregnancy when your baby hasn’t dropped. 37 weeks is still early, chances are baby is probably not ready quite yet, and that is ok. Every day your baby remains in your womb is vital for brain and lung development. 

Good luck to you. I hope you have an uneventful remainder of your pregnancy and a healthy and happy baby. 

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Unless there is some other underlying condition to make your dr suggest C-section, I would hold off until 40 weeks. If you can’t deliver vaginally due to the size of the baby, then they could do a c-section. I’ve known way too many moms who were supposed to have huge babies- that ended up in the 8lb range. I have 2 kids myself and I’d push back if my dr suggested this with any additional child If they just based it on size.

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Choreographer82:  The day that I went into labor with my oldest son, I was told at my doctor’s appointment that it would likely be a week or two before I gave birth. My older sister who was visiting decided, without telling me, that it was a good day for me to have a baby, so she convinced me to go on a shopping trip with her where we canvassed what seemed like every store in the city, followed by her manufacturing excuses to get me to walk up and down a couple of flights of stairs at my house multiple times. Think “can you bring me xxx” all.evening.long.

I was in labor that night and DS was born the next morning. The moral of the story is that walking definitely works! Best of luck to you!  

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Does anyone else ever notice that so many people have babies estimated to be in the 90+ percentiles? I’m not suggesting you go against medical advice because I don’t know your situation. But in general, scheduling a c section based solely on estimated size is quackery.

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Tell your doctor that my baby only dropped 8 hours after my contractions started!! Everyone was telling me I was carrying so high there was no way that baby was coming on my due date.. and he was born bang on my due date. I wouldln’t accept a scheduled C section based on size estimates alone… because in any case size estimates after 35 weeks are not accurate at all.

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