(Closed) Need to Gain Weight- Don't hate me, just help!

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@AlwaysLoverly:  It sounds like you “think” you are stuffed from one meal, but in actuality your mind is convincing yourself you are stuffed, when you are not.  My bff had a similar problem, but later it turned into an eating disorder..she was first anorexic and said the same things you are, never being hungry… Be careful.  As soon as she started eating, she kept throwing up her food and NOW HER TEETH ARE RUINED FOREVER. What kind of influences do you have around you?  Are you constantly pressured to be skinny?  Do you grow up in a situation that made you feel guilty for eating or you feared getting fat?


Ways to gain weight:


Go to a bakery- eat sweets, cupcakes, chocolate


Eat cheese dip!- go to mexican restuarants and put melted cheese on everything


Drink lots of soda’s high in calories


Treat yo Self- Buy a candy bar or candy everytime you go to a gas station, walgreens


Go to Buffets- There are actually some yummy buffets


EAT PIZZA! deep dish not thin crust


Watching Cooking shows! -it will make you hungry



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I would just eat anything that sounds good, but the more calories/fat, the better- cinnamon rolls, cereal with the highest fat milk you can tolerate, fruit with peanut butter, chips and guacamole, milk shakes, full fat yogurt, tacos/burritos/taquitos, chocolate, etc. Usually people say to eat healthy fats and try to gain weight in a healthy way, but you are in a hurry and just need to get calories so I would literally eat whatever you can. Eat smaller meals throughout the day so you don’t get overly stuffed. Maybe take an antacid before you eat too. 

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@AlwaysLoverly:  ok so I am not pregnant, but i also need to gain weight and i just so happen to be studying to become a registered dietitian… since it seems as though you would have difficulty eating extra meals, i would suggest cooking with olive oil or butter to increase calories.  i would also suggest drinking your calories.. in a healthy way such as 100% juice or milk or anything you can tolerate.  it may not be the healthiest way to eat, but in my studies i have learned that when trying to gain weight you have to put “healthy” aside and just find ways to add calories.  even sipping something like a milkshake or eating a bite or two of ice cream throughout the day will help and can add up over time. gaining weight can be just as hard as losing weight and i totally feel your pain, but take small steps and graze throughout the day if you can and hopefully it will help!

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Pick up some ensure and mix it together with Ice Cream for a shake, there are loads of calories right there and your getting good nutrients from the ensure.

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@AlwaysLoverly:  Try milkshakes, shakes with protein powder, smoothies, and protein bars! Not the diet girly ones but the kinds that body builders eat when they are trying to bulk. 

Also maybe try dinking Ensure! Lots of calories!

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@BrideToBe14:  Oh yeah soda and/or juice are good ideas too. If you can’t gain the weight, I would ask your doctor for a referral to a nutritionist and/or psychologist for help. This isn’t something to mess around with.

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Oh man, too bad you don’t live in Oregon. You could just start coming to my house for dinner.

I would eat Pasta with a lot of white sauce. Butter that bread. Have some cookies for dessert.
Eat pastas, breads, whole milk, cheeses, desserts.

How about some homemade macaroni n cheese? Make it with lots of butter, cream and cheese.


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@AlwaysLoverly:  Maybe try eating little and often so you dont get that ‘stuffed’ feeling. When we dont eat for a long time our stomachs shrink so when we eat after that we feel full really fast this is probably what is going on with you. If you eat smaller amounts more often you may not get that feeling. Maybe try protein shakes too or full fat milk? Obviously you dont wanna go eating the wrong foods so im trying to suggest non fatty ways of gaining weight lol but if you fancy a big mac go for it x

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Oatmeal! I had some health issues a few years ago and was severely underweight. You can pack almost 1,000 calories into a bowl of oatmeal. Cook it in cream or coconut milk (easily 300-500 calories there), add nuts or nut butter, brown sugar or honey, dried fruits, etc. 🙂

Also protein/weight gain shakes. Or drink an ensure with every meal. 

Protein bars can easily have 300+ calories. 

Never drink calorie free drinks. 100% juice or even soda if you can’t keep juice down. I know it’s not the healthiest, but neither is being extremely underweight. When I’m working a long shift and don’t have time to pack healthy food, soda is a life saver in terms of making sure I get those calories. 

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@BrideToBe14: are you joking?

 Watching TV shows is good tho.



Op Do not Junk out to gain weight. There are very Healthy ways to gain.

NUTS – the good thing about nuts is they are small if you could snack on them constantly through out the day that could be helpful.

Don’t eat huge meals. Eat 6 smal meals throguh out the day.

Protien.- Chicken breasts are my favorite and you can eat them in small portions. shreading them makes it feel less filling

Cheese- same ^^^^

Smoothies- With nuts and other high protine items.

Soups ( real soup not canned processed yuck stuff) Chicken noodl, beef soups etc.



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This is a super common problem for people with cancer, so you might do some searching there to see what is recommended. When my mom had cancer they told she had to get in calories. They didn’t care what she ate, she just had to eat. She had similar food aversions to what you’re describing so we just tried to go with whatever she was in the mood for. If you have regular cravings or things that sound good, keep those in the house at all times. That way you can eat them immediately if you think you can handle them. Peanut butter and nuts are great for this as they’re high in fat but still healthy. Also, increase the amount of butter or oil that you use in things. And cheese. If your stomach can handle dairy, cheese can be a great option. You could also try those pre-made suppliment milkshakes. My mom liked the vanilla ones. We also made home-made milkshakes that my mom loved. But really, it doesn’t matter so much what you eat, just that you need to eat. Obviously, higher calorie items will mean that you don’t have to eat as much volume, which make help keep things down. So figure out what your body can handle and stock up and try just grazing. Don’t eat a lot at one setting but keep food within reach at all times so that you can eat a little at a time all day. Hope that helps!

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Hmm things that have sounded good to me in this pregnancy so far….

Gummy candy, pizza, pasta of any kind, salty foods, sour foods like greek yogurt, multigrain cheerios… and even though you’re not supposed to eat uncooked eggs, one of the things I was able to eat that was high in protein was poached eggs. 

Besides that, I second the protein shake, and other drinkable calories. 

Also maybe try eating less at your one meal, try spreadig things out, and having multiple smaller snacks of nuts, maybe some spreadable cheese on crackers, etc.. I’ve been loving triscuits cause of the salt.

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My heart goes out to you! I suffered with hypermesis during my pregnancy as well and also lost 30+lbs the first trimester. I had a very hard time gaining during the second trimester but by the thrid…well, I won’t even tell you how much I gained, but let’s just say- I left the hospital pleasently plump… 🙂

My dr prescribed me something similar to ensure. I forget what it was called because this was ten years ago, but it was essentially a protein/weight gainer. You may want to ask your DR about this and see what they can do for you. Additionally, I added “extras” to everything I was ABLE to choke down. Cooked with with a little extra olive oil, mashed avocado with my breakfast bake, a handful extra of nuts as a snack- etc. 

I know it’s tough when everything lands you face down in the toliet or back in the ER. Just do the best you can! 

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