(Closed) Need to get all 4 wisdom teeth extracted…advice?

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I had four wisdom teeth out, impacted, and was not sedated. They did have to drill them in half before each tooth could be removed…didn’t bother me, but if you’re squeamish I would suggest sedation! Lots of blood! FH was put under for his though (which I wish I could have recorded when he woke up!) and slept through most of the day afterwards. I do suggest once you get home, take out the gauze and heat up tea bags and put them in place of the gauze. It tastes so much better and the tea helps heal them much more quickly! Eat soft foods only for at least a week afterwards. Everyone reacts to the removal differently. My face hardly swelled up and I was fine within 3 days. FH was put under, took forever to recover, and had severe pain and loss of feeling in the one side of his mouth for several weeks after.

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You will need to be sedated and you will have to rest afterwards for a few days.  I’m in the same boat and neglected my dental care for a few years.  When I finally went I needed 2 of my wisdom teeth out (the other 2 were out years ago), a filling, and a replacement filling.  And the cleaning took 2 sessions!  Be sure to eat soft foods for awhile after so as not to disturb the clots.

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I was sedated when I got mine out (all 4, 1 impacted), and yes – I paid up front and then insurance covered it after. I think for all 4, it was somewhere around $1500? I can’t really remember. Keep in mind, I signed my reciept when I woke up from sedation so it totally could have said $15 LOL

So this is a weird tip, but you might want to buy some muscle relaxant or tell your hubby to be prepared to buy you some. Everyone heals differently, so you might be fine but it might help! I felt OK after having mine done and thought I would have a fast recovery, but apparently my sleep-reaction to the meds wearing off was to clench my teeth – which damaged my jaw bone where my impacted tooth had been. I ended up causing myself a lot more pain and trouble, and had to go back to the dentist to ask what was up. Muscle relaxants saved the day! All said and done, I was out of commission from Friday until Tuesday, returned to work on Wednesday – but a lot of that was because I caused further injury.

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@LizLemon:  SEDATION all the way.  Actually, it would be a massive red flag if they offered you anything but sedation.

re: Costs – it was so long ago, I don’t remember how they billed it – but, even for major dental work (3K+) my dentist does not require the money up front.  I’d call around to a few offices in your area to see if that’s normal (just ask them if that’s standard).

re: aftercare – I had all 4 out – I didn’t swell up like I thought I would.. but I was sore for a long time and had to use a syringe thingy to squirt water in the wounds because food would get trapped.  Pain meds are your friend.

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Yes you have to be sedated. I’m 22 and had all 4 of mine taken out this summer. All 4 were impacted and 2 had kind of broken through. The first 2-3 days were rough, but managable. I took Friday off, got them out at 8 am and was back to work Monday. I would say if you’re having a lo-key out of town trip and not doing a ton you should be ok. However, if you plan on doing a lot of exercise and being up and out a ton, I would maybe wait until you are feeling better.

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@LizLemon:  I worked as an assistant in a dental office, for many many wisdom tooth extractions. Impacted or not, I would recommend sedated all the way (I’m not sure if you can be awake for impacted teeth either way). It really helps you recover faster. That said, you will have limited memory for the rest of the day, and sleep a LOT.  You will probably be able to be up and doing stuff three days out if all goes smoothly, but your energy will just be lower. If your new jobs has a lot of standing or anything more rigourous, that will be a problem. You will need to sit down and possibly even lie down a lot for a week or a little more.

Get someone who will also stitch up where they were extracted from – I know some dentists just leave holes and expect the patient pressing on gauze to stop the bleeding basically, but this is so lazy to my thinking. Even with stitches you bleed a lot, and still need to bite on the gauze to keep pressure, it just heels things quicker.

Stock up the house on soft foods for a good two-weeks or more worth of time. Soft soups, yogurts, etc. You will get tired of soft food fast, but anything pokey or chewy will kill your mouth (hard crusted bread was some of the worst for me, personally. I could eat doritos before I could eat a hard-crusted piece of baguette).

And finally, look up reviews!!! Make sure your dentist has good reviews for the procedure.

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