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I lost about 100 lbs a couple of years ago.  Step One:  Cut out alcohol.  Pure sugar & calorires.  Your body will burn alcohol calories first, thereby slowing down your weight loss.

I’m also a calorie counter.  I completely swear by keeping a food journal–log in every bite.  No one else has to see it, so be completely honest with yourself.

It’s controversial, but I weigh myself every morning.  I want to know if my weight is creeping back up.  The trick is not to live or die by that number–it’s just a number.  A piece of information that tells you whether you need to make an adjustment.

I also allow myself one or two Cheat Days every month.  I really indulge on those days.  But, only one day at a time.  The weight you gain over the course of one day is water & comes off quickly if you get right back on track.  I am very Spartan the rest of the time & need the psychological boost of a Cheat Day.

I’m much older than most Bees, so taking weight off & keeping it off is very hard for me.  My normal calorie intake is too low for most of you young’uns.  

If you want to lose weight, you’re smart to do it while you’re young.  

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cm0529:  I think you’ve already got the right idea!  Weight watchers plus walking 4-8 miles per day (I’d start off by walking home each day, then when you get comfortable with that, or when the weather cools down add in walkign too work as well!) will make a HUGE difference if you have 100 lbs to lose.

Two recomendations:

1) While on WW, make sure you are only eating real food.  I did WW in the past and it definetly has a lot of virtues, but it seems to encourage you toward eating a lot of weird processed food and low fat junk.  Make sure you are really focused on real food only.  When you only eat real food you can feel confident that you area doing something good for your body.  Then even if you blow your points total on one day, you can still feel good about yourself!

2) I would keep a journal thoughout this process.  100 lbs is a big transformative journey and i think it would be helpful to make notes about how you feel and achievements (for example: walked home in personal best time of 1 hour 15 minutes today – I feel like a total badass!”) could be really helpful.

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Congrats on making the decision to change your lifestyle! 

Remember that you didn’t put the weight on overnight so it will take a while to come off! 

Don’t deprive yourself, or your willpower will melt away!!

Try filling up on healthier foods- veggies, fruits, filling carbs etc. So you don’t feel too hungry, and then go from there. Avoid those foods that are really calorie dense but won’t fill you up (chocolate, ice creams, crips etc).

I wouldn’t worry about exact calorie counting (as long as you’re making wise food choices) until you’ve established an exercise regime and built up fitness (and muscle) as exercise can really make you feel hungrier once you’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks!

Also make sure you drink lots of water/ sugar free squash- sometimes you’re thirsty but we interpret it as hunger! 

Good luck- looking forward to hearing about your success!

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cm0529:  jillian michaels 30 day shred! painful but worth it! did it for about 2 weeks so far, have lost 7 lbs

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The advice in this post is wonderful, so I will need repeat what others said.  However, I just want you to know that you will hit plateaus along your journey, but I encourage you to get going.  Focus on how you fit in your clothes and feel more than what the scale says.  Do weightlifting while doing cardio on your journey and you will see results faster.  Do not let friends and family sabotage you by trying to by you food or food treats along the way.  IF you feel discouraged and do not have someone to talk to than turn here.  Most of the ladies can be very encouraging.  

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Hey! So I actually just came back to WB after a post-wedding haitus because we’re thinking about TTC soon-ish and I want to get in really good shape before we try. So, I’m back on MFP and about to get a Fitbit again (I got the rash from the Force, so I’m going to try one of the new ones). Feel free to friend me (calihoya). I’m pretty active on there and would be happy to cheer you on!

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The best advice I can give you is to start small!  Walk more every day.  Drink a ton of water, so you’ll be getting up to refill and to use the bathroom.  Find any excuse to get moving during the day.  Countries that have slim residents but don’t eat vastly differently have one major thing in common- they all walk way more than Americans.  Diet is absolutely a huge factor.  Cut out processed foods and eat more fresh meat and veggies.  I’ve found that when everything feels overwhelming the best thing to do is to take small manageable steps.


“..on average Americans take approximately 5,117 steps per day.  Study participants in Western Australia averaged 9,695 steps each day; those in Switzerland averaged 9,650 steps each day; and the Japanese participants took 7,168 steps on average each day.

The United States has a 34% rate of obesity while Japan has a 3% rate, Australia has a 16% rate and Switzerland has an 8% obesity rate. The difference in number of steps taken daily between the United States and other countries is approximately 30-40 minutes of walking a day.”

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I went through a lot of things before my wedding (weight watchers being one of them) (i lost 63 lbs in total) and the best thing that helped me  was the 21 day fix.  I tried “dieting” on my own but foudn i was not good without a plan and knowign what i should be having – i thought hours at the gym grilled chicken and veggies for lunch and dinner with egg whites for breakfast was definetaly the way to go (i was wrong lol).  I would highly recommend it and people have lost and sustained that much on the program many times before – it isnt a crazy diet it just teaches you better portion control, what you should be eating, maybe some healthy substitutions, etc.


Whatever  you do just really focus on why your doing it and the motivation behind it to keep going – any little bit of exercise or a better food choice goes a long way!!

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