(Closed) need to lose 70 pounds by March 2011..help!!!

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Pick a day (I do Sunday) and plan out your meals for the week. I plan 4/5 dinners with sides. Then I make a grocery list just for those dinners. When I get to the store I only buy what is on my list, plus nonfat dairy, a loaf of whole wheat bread, and lots of fruits and veggies. If its not in the house, I can’t eat it! Here is a sample day for me (mind you I only eat about 1300 calories a day because I am small):

Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal made w/1 cup fatfree milk and fruit OR scrambled egg whites, 1 piece toast with 1/2 T all natural peanut butter, fruit.

Snack: String Cheese or nonfat yogurt or something similar

Lunch: Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread w/lettuce + tomato. Baby carrots. Fruit

Snack: Nature Valley granola bar, celery and peanut butter, fruit or something similar

Dinner: Anything with chicken breast, ground turkey, and a whole grain carb. Then I have a huge bowl of salad w/very little dressing on the side.

Also, buy a reusable water bottle (I have a 1L Sigg bottle) and keep it with you at all times. A lot of times I think I am hungry when I am just thirsty.

I also use an app on my iphone called “Loseit” to help me track my daily calories/nutrients. I shoot for 50%carbs/25%fat/25%protein. I know sparkpeople.com has something similar.

Best of luck πŸ˜€

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I am not a professional, but I will be graduating in May with a Nutrition degree!

You can do this, you just need to stay motivated, and it sounds like your wedding might do that!

You need to start making smart choices when you eat: nutrient dense foods, not energy dense foods. This means to, of course, eat more fruits and vegetables. Try to stick with ones you like.

Try to cut back on things that are hurting you: Sodas, fried food, desserts. Don’t eliminate completely. I try to only eat fried foods once a week at most and no sodas at all, but I do love dessert, however, it must be in moderation.

Start exercising.

Find someone who will workout with you, so that you can keep each other accountable. My friend and I run together a few mornings out of the week.

I also like Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred. Only 20 minutes, but wonderful.

P-90X ab ripper and other workouts have also worked well!

Good luck!

If there is anything else I can help you with, let me know!

(sorry if this seems like very basic stuff, but I just want to encourage you and remind you of the basics)

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Because you are looking to reduce your weight by such a significant amount, you may want to consider having a consultation with your primary care physician and/or a nutritionist.  S/he will be able to provide a lot of information about ways to lose weight that have strong supporting evidence of good results and and are healthy.


Good luck!

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While I love setting a goal, the truth is you’ll probably need to order your dress before you’re finished loosing weight so that it comes in on time.  Plus bridal sizing is CRAZY! I’m a street size 8/10, but I had to order a 14. Just something to keep in mind…

The key to loosing weight is burning more calories that you take in.  Weight Watchers is a great way to keep track and I totally recommend it to help get a better idea of which foods are good/bad, it’s not the end all be all, you know?  Anything that helps you keep track of your calories is good.  Check out http://www.sparkpeople.com  It lets you put in how much weight you want to loose and by when, and then it calculates for you how many calories you need to have each day (minimum and maximum- it’s important not to go overboard and eat too little either!).  Then, you can add all the food you eat in directly, even if you don’t know the nutrition info, and it will add it all up for you and keep track.  It’s really a neat tool.

I don’t see anything in your post about exercise.  You really increase your chances of success if you get some activity in.  Doing it diet alone is like trying to do something with one hand tied behind your back.  Even if you can’t do a lot now, anything helps.  Just walking one mile burns about 100 calories.  A pretty quick walk will let you do 3 miles in one hour.  If you do that just a couple times a week you’ll start building endurance and boost your metabolism.

Good luck.  It’s a totally do-able goal, but you’ll need to really work hard.  And remember that weight is just a number- no matter where you are on your wedding day I guarantee you will be absolutely stunning.  No amount of diet and exercise can add or take away from a bride’s beauty on her wedding day πŸ˜‰

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Fiance and I are following the South Beach Diet. We just finished our first week today and I have lost 4 lbs so far. The first few days were a bit of an adjustment, but it has gotten so easy. We don’t feel deprived at all. We’re so busy, so one thing that helps is cooking extra portions of our healthy meals and taking them the next day for lunch so that there’s no excuse to order out. We also make sure to keep healthy snacks (nuts, veggies, low fat cheese, turkey breast) around in case we get hungry. From my experience so far, I’d definitely recommend South Beach.

For exercise, we’ve always gone to the gym several times a week and do yoga, but just bought the 30 day shred to use at home to supplement our gym and yoga time.

I’d like to lose 30-40 lbs total by June 2011, so we’re in a similar boat. πŸ™‚ BEST of luck with whatever program you try!

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Lots of good ideas already! I lost 40 lbs doing a combination of South Beach (effective but hard to stick with) and just trying to eat a lot of vegetables and avoiding sweets by drinking Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper and eating a Luna bar each day. I also collected pictures to motivate me (pics of people wearing clothes I wanted, people being fit doing yoga, etc).;

Basically, just find something that works for you and don’t worry about getting a trainer/diet guru! You are your best coach! Also it might help to focus on the weight in increments and give yourself little rewards (eating a bowl of icecream afte rlosing the first 5 lbs, new pants for the next 5 lbs lost).

Good Luck!

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that’s going to be tough but doable.  first, you might not be able to lose 70 poudns by then. however, you WILL be much fitter you work at it. that’s the important part.

I lost 50 pounds on weight watcheres in a year.  I’ve kept it off for 4 years. I highly recommend it. Here are some general principles that helped me:

– write down everything you eat — sparkpeople or weight watchers is great for figuring it out

– slowly increase your exercise level — exercise isn’t everything but you don’t want to look FLABBY so work it!!

– get lots of protein: good sources: fat free yogurt, skim milk, fat free cheese, fat free cottage cheese, fat free ricotta, beans of any kind, quinoa, egg whites

– strive for 10 servings of vegetables per day, and fruits on top of that — that helps a lot to feel full and satisfied

– strive for at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day. So you weigh 220 pounds, that’s 110 ounces of water.

MOVE more, track more πŸ™‚  join a support group for weight loss. spark people and weight watchers online are great groups.


Good luck, and don’t stress if you don’t ge tthere, your wedding isnt’ your goal date, your LIFE is your goal date. Above all, PLEASE don’t do anything to try to lose weight that isn’t sustainable over your whole life or you’ll just gain it back!

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Do you eat fish at all? I think South Beach could be very doable if you eat fish. If not, some of the other suggestions are probably more veggie friendly πŸ™‚

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Weight watchers works for me most of the time.  Sometimes I still don’t have the motivation.  I do Weight Watchers at work.  My company gives a rebate for going to Weight Watchers.  I think it helps to have a friend doing it with you, too.

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If you are veggie look into eating different types of beans and subbing them in for meat. I don’t particularly like them, but I know they are full of lots of protein and fiber and low in fat. For example you can make a bean burrito using these with lots of lettuce and tomato, and a little bit of cheese for lunch.

Chili is always a good veggie meal option, like this one. I’m not a tofu lover but that is another good meat substitute.

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I would try exploring to find an exercize you really like.  Is your town good for biking?  Biking is a great low impact workout for both cardio and muscles.  Or take hikes with your Fiance on the weekend or try kickboxing or fun classes.  Often those things are more fun and motivating then just exercize.  Also set reasonable goals when you work out.  I’m going to do this many before I stop or this many in this amount of time.  Goals are another great thing for motivation.

Foodwise, there’s a couple dietary changesI’m not sure if work but I think they do.  1) No fast food – none, there’s fat hidden everywhere in those restaurants    2) Cook with oil not butter, even when you eat bread, dip it in oil, don’t use butter    3) Research trans fat and avoid foods that have it 

Good luck!

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I have done just that, and guess what? I didn’t do a for real diet.


1- worked out 5-6 times a week, 3 days a week of serious weight training

2- tried not to eat like crap. I knew if I did a serious diet all I would do is think about food, so I just made smarter decisions. Also, I’d let myself have an oreo or something bad every once in awhile without beating myself up over it. My problem before was that I’d use food as a reward, so I tried to stop thinking about it as such.


Good luck!

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