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@futuremrsndl:  Aww hugs! Yeah, sometimes we all just need to rant. 🙂 I usually have all kinds of stuff to rant about, but lucky for me, my week has been decent. But hope today is better!

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I’ll go!

I’m super bitchy and cranky lately and it’s rolled into some interactions with Darling Husband but we ‘ve had a stressfull year and its still going. We decided to build a house and plan a wedidng at the same time (crazy I know) and we did really well with it… but his family drove me over the edge around the wedding. His dad is just….something else, and I just kinda HAD it with him and now I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth ever since.

a) he harassed us about spending time with their Out of Town people….who DONT SPEAK ENGLISH… and left us screaming msg’s on Darling Husband voicemail the whole week saying “where are you why you  not here”…OH sorry….were only getting married in a few days and working and have a house full of guests of our OWN to deal with….FUCK OFF! At our rehearsal he walked up to me and said “im so pissed off at you im pissed off…”

to…the bride….. at her RH!!! are you kidding me?? why?? because we didnt “bend over” whenever he wanted something that week……get bent old man!

Prior to the week of… they decided to make bad choices and my Darling Husband was FORCED to make a financial decision without my input…. they needed to borrow a few thousand dollars…… 10 days before our freaking wedding that WE were paying for OURSELVES……

(the comment about him saying he’s pissed off at me came after we loaned them money fyi….I felt like slapping him in the face right there in the church…I was vibrating I was so furious)

He caused and still is causing drama over the fact that the topic of our future kids came up and I made it clear I have no intention of naming my child the italian way (a boy is named directly after my Darling Husband father, and a girl my mom). I couldnt say outright that there’s no way in hell I will ever name my child after that asshole lol…. so I kept it to a few logical reasons (not a name you hear here… and they will be made fun of, and given stupid nicknames, and I just dont like it in general even if it wasnt his fathers name)

He got their whole family in on it and was throwing tantrums like a 5 year old, saying a middle name isnt good enough (we said thats ok), it means nothing, it has to be the first name, I will die, its break my heart…………… again……………..go fuck yourself!

I’m excited to eventually start a family but I’m also dreading it because I know he is going to be a nightmare!!! (his mom is actually ok to deal with, at least shes reasonable) His father has this idea of entitlement in his head that whatever we have “he has”…. and Im just like no….. we make our own choices, and if we have extra money in our budget at the end of the month its not going in your fucking pocket to pay your bills?!! (had to talk to Darling Husband about NOT SHARING OUR FINANCES with them anymore……….. especially when they have that attitude. That is no longer a part of “casual conversation”…I dont care if you have to make up a story about the blu-jays fuck)

Second rant………… its been almost 11 weeks since my wedding and I’ve been hearing “SOON” from my photog for a month now…..she finally told me they were done on monday but she lives in another province so she has to mail them……… Im barely keeping it together without freaking out, but Im ready to rage….. she doesnt seem to have any kind of urgency even though she knows Im chomping at the bit. I told her to express them so it would be 1-2 business days instead of 9, and I pray for her sake they come by friday or I have no idea what kind of tantrum I will have on my front step lol. I have practically NO pictures from the wedding other then a handful of non-blurry guest pics and a few previews from her…. (not a lot of people took pics apparently) and my freakin mom still hasnt sent me the disk with the ones my aunt and her friend took!!

ARRRRRRRRRRGH!! sooooooooooo frustrating…………

Right now Im PMS’ing, my back hurts, my Darling Husband doesnt understand the reasons Im being cranky, I wont get home from work until at least 7pm tonight and all I want to do is GO HOME, put on my jammies and pour a massive glass of wine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one.








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that felt good

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@futuremrsndl:  My rant is pretty simple.  Why do I continually have to babysit the morons at work when I am neither the boss or a supervisor???  All the time???  Their stupidity causes more delays and costs more money that what should ever be necessary.  Then I leave work frustrated and feeling like I should have done something different.  I generally work 14+ hours a day, and yes and hour or two delay pisses me off!  Especially when the moron who has created the problem only works eight hour shifts, then acts like they are superman!  

End rant!!!!

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@shanbp:  *HUGS* I feel for you. My Future Father-In-Law is a handful (to put it nicely) as well. Unfortunately, we can’t say too much since he’s a) paying a huge portion of the wedding and b) has the excuse of being bi-polar plus a bunch of other words his therapist gives him. Thankfully, in Jewish tradition, you’re not allowed to name children after living relatives, so he won’t be insisting on that!

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My rant is very similar to @thumpurr‘s.  I work with a lot of lazy people who are constantly posting on their Facebook pages how much they work.  Being at work doesn’t mean you’re doing anything!  I can’t take it!

Also, world’s tiniest rant.  I just figured out Future Mother-In-Law works with a crisis pregnancy center.  Ugh, but it doesn’t shock me that much, so I’m letting it go.

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@pocketfox:  Thanks 🙂 UGH that must be frustrating….I have no idea what would have happened if we had the parents involved in paying. He tried to act like he was …..and at least I had a leg to stand on to tell him NO with that. Your lucky about the kids names lol. He’s a very very dramatic person and they (as a culture) can be very loud and yelling is considered “talking”…but I told Darling Husband….. I didn’t grow up in that culture, and I’m not used to just brushing off what he says because …well… he is a dick (and my Darling Husband says this himself, but because he is his son he can easily just tune it out), well I CANT.

And when it comes time to have a child….I said you better speak to him and let him kow I wont be putting up with ANY bullshit pressure and if he causes drama or stresses me out in anyway? we will not being over there for sunday dinners and they will not be allowed in our home….PERIOD. I’m NOT going to put my future child in danger because he has caused me stress and raised my blood pressure.

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