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I third MyFitnessPal.  As much as anything, my portion sizes were way off – what I thought was a portion of cereal was really two portions – weighing everything I eat was eye-opening.  I lost 25 pounds without cutting out the things I like, just eating less of them and fitting them into my daily calorie allowance.  

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FIBER. get some metamusil or benefibre, put a teaspoon into your coffee, drinks, sprinkle over food and in food. This will keep you full and help you from over-eating! 

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It is all a question of priority. If you want to look and feel better you find the money to buy healthy food (not all healthy foods are expensive, just think tuna, frozen vegies, eggs, etc) and time to exercise. If you mainly do it for the looks I agree with the 80% is nutrition, 20% is exercise rule. Until you have your eating habits adjusted there won’t be much happening.

Speaking of habits, this is the trick to making working out easier. Guess what, we are all tired and exhausted and have a million things going on and often do not feel like working out on a stressed day. How you do it anyways? Make it a habit. Everyone is different but often after only one month of sticking to a workout plan it already becomes a habit and you don’t think about it anymore and just do it.

How to find nutrition help or workout plan? As mentioned by others, if you want it personalized for you there is no way around a personal trainer. But for most beginners the general ones are already good enough (plenty online). Just make sure you are doing all the exercises right. To get the reward and encouragement that many of us need (main reason for most to hire a personal trainer btw) you can also join online challanges.

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I understand your fear of the gym as I went through it too, however typically there are SO many other people there that are clearly over weight trying to lose some weight. Whether you’re over weight, or just want to tone up, you definitely won’t be the only one there trying to accomplish this.

You could try going to an all women’s gym? That’s how I started and once I was comfortable enough with myself I moved onto the regular co-ed gym.

I find fitness apps help as well. I use my fitness pal to track my calories (apparently counting calories is the best way to lose weight but what do I know), fit bit’s are useful, I also use a PDF called “sweat with kayla” she’s a personal trainer that has an app and ebook (the PDF is online and free). 

I find when I first start working out I just wasn’t really sure what I should be doing, I didn’t know any exercises and especially ones that work the best. I didn’t want to hire a personal trainer because 1. they’re expensive and 2. most gyms hire anyone to be a personal training and quite frankly a lot of them don’t actually know what they’re talking about. However I find using work out apps help me because when I have a set program I tend to follow it better than if I just tell myself I’m going to do something

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I second the Kayla Itsine’s workouts! I’ve been in your shoes bee and know how difficult it can be!


1- get a good workout plan

2- eat nutritionally sound and track your calories (LoseIt!, myfitnesspal, etc)

3- drink a lot of water (this helps more than you realized)

4- stay consistent


I have Kayla Itsine’s program in PDF form just let me know if you’d like it or if I can help in any way! I’m pretty active myself (lifting and crossfit), have experience with weight loss, and my fiance was an Olympic trial athlete so he is very knowledgeable too! Best of luck!

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You are really not going to be able to get the results you want without changing your diet up, unfortunately. Eating healthy shouldn’t be an ‘extra expense.’ Foods that aren’t good for you should be the extra expense that gets cut out. I hope that your Boyfriend or Best Friend can get on board with this, or at least meet you in the middle!

I agree with everyone saying BBG! I loved BBG. But, if you have trouble going to the gym because you’re shy, then I don’t really think that starting out with BBG is the way to go. You should find a personal trainer or group training class in your area–somewhere that will encourage you to come in, hold you accountable when you don’t, where you can also meet lots of other people in the area. If you can get yourself committed to something like this, then you’ll start to CRAVE working out. Make it a set time and go every single day. If you’re too tired after working, then get up early and go before work.

I went from 124 to 115 in two months just eating right and working out in the mornings. I go at 5 a.m. either 4 or 5 days a week. It sucked getting up so early to work out for the first week or two but I’m really glad I stuck with it. Your goals sound reasonable as long as you’re willing to put in a little work!

As far as some good exercises….planks, weighted squats, dead lifts, crunches and v-ups, running, KB swings, bent over barbell rows. A trainer can help you establish a solid routine.

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I play squash once a week which is brilliant exercise, it gets you really sweating and moving around the court. I also used to hate jogging but have just started the couch to 5k programme and I’m now loving it, I go 2-3 times per week. I also go swimming once a week too which is also great exercise. I think out of all of them, I enjoy swimming the most, but I think you have got to find atleast one, maybe two exercises you like and that you can fit in with your weekly schedule. 

As well as exercise, diet is very important. It’s more about portion size than what you eat. You don’t have to live on fruit and veg to lose weight but the things you know are bad for you, keep the portions small and the things you know are good for you, fill up on.

Drink plenty of water too, not only does this help to make you feel full but it also gets rid of any water retention

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The biggest impact you can have on weight loss will be through diet.  Making small changes is great at first, but eventually you should crave the bad stuff less and should be able to really cut back.  The bad stuff being simple carbohydrates, mostly, as they are the most addictive and least nutritional.  Complex carbohydrates provide much greater nutrition and make you feel full longer. 

Fat is not your enemy but make sure you are eating the right kinds of fat.  Good sources of fat include avocado, nuts (almonds, walnuts), seeds (pumpkin, sunflower) and many more.  You can google to find more suggestions.

When I was really looking after myself, I drank a ton of water.  I got really into tea, too.  I wouldn’t add anything to it but I developed a real taste for it herbal teas.  Roobois, oolong and green are my favourites.  At night, instead of snacking on something sweet, I’d brew up a small pot of lemon meringue or banana nut loaf tea. 

Based on what you’ve described, I like the suggestion already made about walking and starting with a certain step count and increasing the steps progressively.  As you do it more, pick up the pace to increase the intensity too.



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