(Closed) Need to vent about my sister (extremely long winded).

posted 8 years ago in Relationships
  • poll: What would you have done?
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    Oh my.

    As a fellow animal-lover, it would be so hard to take the poor thing to a shelter…especially after it has been so affectionate.

    Your sister needs a hard smack in the head. WTH was she thinking bringing in an unknown animal and then not taking care of it? By the way, even healthy pets get sick sometimes, that’s part of being a pet owner, you take care of them. I kinda feel like your mom should have seen this coming or at least called you ahead of time and just said “Hey, your sister is bringing that cat to your home” but that’s besidse the point.

    I would be so mad at your sister for her behavior. You allow her to live with you, you take care of her pet and this is how she responds? She needs to get out and grow up!

    On a calmer note, since you two are so different, living together and spending so much time in each other’s space probably has really pushed your differences to the forefront, do you know what I mean? You need space from each other. However, that’s no reason to say the things she said.

    I don’t know what the best course of action is, I guess wait to see what your sister did with the cat? Did she bring it to a shelter? Your Fiance must be so sick of your battles with her, I would be counting down the days until she moves out.

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    You’re not being selfish! She’s the one who brought it home and then ‘couldn’t’ take care of the poor thing!

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    A lot of vets will work with you on a payment plan, it’s just a matter of finding them. No, you’re not selfish and thank goodness she’ll be moving out soon. That aside, what happened to the kitty???

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    Your sister is the one in the wrong here. Part of being an adult is learning to take responsibility for your actions. She brought the cat home, and she needed to be the one taking care of him. The fact that she wanted to get rid of the cat as soon as she realized it would take some work makes me think she’s got a lot of growing up to do.

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    The cat might not even be sick. If he hasn’t eaten in a while and then you fed him a bunch of food, it would have shocked his system. We ran out of cat food recently and had to feed them a different brand for a day and one of them puked it up!

    If neither of you can afford to keep him then taking him to the shelter is the best thing. That way someone who can give him what he needs can find him! 

    My sisters and I get along SO MUCH better now that we don’t live under the same roof. Seriously. Sisters were not meant to live together past childhood. 😛 It’s hard to grow up and stop acting like an immature baby when your big sis is still looking over your shoulder and criticizing every move you make, even if it WAS a stupid one.

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    No you are absolutely right; it’s her cat so she should take it to the pound. She was just trying to throw ish in your face to make you feel guilty and give in and take the cat to the pound. She didn’t win and now she pits.

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    Your sister is a brat.  She was the one who brought the cat there to begin with.  She shouldn’t have blown up on you like that.  The rational thing would have been for her to ask you nicely and if you couldn’t accept that you couldn’t without throwing a fit.  I wouldn’t feel bad since the things she said wasn’t true. 

    Ps. I like a chocolate chip cookie please..they’re my favorite. =)

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    So a few things.

    1. I LOVE YOUR kiities name 🙂

    2. I hope the creamy sick kitty finds a safe and loving home

    3. I think we have the same sister

    My sister is 25 (yeah thats right TWENTY FIVE) and she acts the exact same way. Now i can say to you what everyone tells me “dont let it get to you”, “she doesnt mean it”, “oh thats just your sister, you know what shes like, just ignore her” but it never helps because hearing words like that from a friend NEVERMIND family hurts and it kind of picks at your brain wether you like it or not. I have had much worse said to me and this is how I have learned to handle it.

    1. She is upset, and i will assume ONLY says these thigns when she is upset…so remember that anger brings out the worst in people.

    2. When you are angry you dont say things like that, which there alone makes you a better person

    3. Everyone knows she acts like this and her words go through one ear and out the other in other people minds…no one else things you are  a bad person

    4. Take care of yourself. Sisters ALWAYS (hopefully) come around. I am sure she will show up at the door soon and act like nothing happened. Just leave it be, otherwise she will  1. Deny it and you will get in a fight or 2. “call you out” on it again and make you feel bad.

    5. Bee’s love you!!


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    Glad I could help!! Its hard…and from what i can tell nothing really changes! So just stay positive, stay they way your are and keep your chin up.


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    i agree that your sister sounds irresponsible.  she has to face consequences for her actions.  tell her that if she brought the cat home, it’s her responsiblity, and she should take care of it.  why is she demanding you to do everything?  she has to realize that you won’t always be there to pick up her messes or mistakes.

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