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Busy bee
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I lost 40 lbs with it a few years ago. It is great to keep you accountable for your food and workouts, and teaches you skills to maintain the weight loss for life, which is the hardest part.

It is a good springboard to learn how to eat right and exercise, but now that I’ve learned, I don’t need it anymore.

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Buzzing bee
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I lost 30 pounds doing WW before my wedding and kept it off for about a year. I found that I was hungry all the time when I first started, but if you push through that phase, your body will adjust and you will be fine. I really liked WW a lot and plan to do it again after our baby is born to lose the baby weight. One tip is that you have to really commit to it. Don’t skip any of the meetings, and if you have to miss one, make it up at another meeting later in the week! Once you start missing meetings it’s all downhill from there 🙁

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Helper bee

I did really well with it when I did it about a year ago.  I lost about 30 pounds, and then I fell off the wagon and gained 15 of it back.  I’m trying to get myself motivated to join again, but I keep making excuses.

My biggest downfall is that Fiance is a chef and seems to lack the ability to cook WW friendly stuff for me.  So what ends up happening is that I end up eating zero point foods or 1 or 2 point foods all day long and save a good percentage of my points for when he cooks dinner.  Unfortunately, this does not work.  I end up starving all day long and eating way too much for dinner.  Which is exactly the opposite of what I’m supposed to be doing.  It’s really hard to turn down amazing chicken piccatta cooked in butter and wine.  I need to get him on board with me.

Another part of the problem is that I’m a full time law student, and I work at an internship 20 hours a week.  I’m so busy that I forget to eat, and then by the time I’m hungry, I’m soooo hungry that I just grab something.

I need to get back on the wagon and start tracking my food again.  I just started P90x two weeks ago, and I’ve been good about doing it every day.  I figured this time, I’d get my exercise on track and then I’d start the diet.  I find starting a diet and an exercise program at the same time is just too overwhelming for me.

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Helper bee
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I did it about a year ago to lose some extra weight I gained during university.  I didn’t have a lot to lose but lost about 10-15lbs.  I have kept it off & even lost some more.  I have rejoined now hoping to lose about 10 more pounds for my wedding day. 

I just do the online version & I find it helps me keep track of everything I ate.  If I am writing it down I am more liable to not putting it in my mouth.  I also find if I have a set # of points that I can’t go over I am more willing to not go over them.  I try not to use my extra points every week & I find that helps alot!

Good luck!

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Helper bee
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I did weight watchers at work for 3 months and lost 10 lbs. You HAVE to write everything down. You still should exercise. Make sure you eat your extra points! And your workout points! When you do the math to determine how many calories you’re eating…you’ll be surprised at how LOW it is without those extra points. I know some people who are told by WW to eat only 18-20 points (exclusing the extra points) – which works out to about 900-1100 calories! Way too low! I try to eat 25 at the minimum (about 1250 cals without eating the “free” foods).

The BEST thing about WW is knowing you’re going to a meeting and someone is going to judge you…seriously…oh, you gained two pounds? what did you do wrong? There’s a lot of incentive to stick to a diet when someone will be writing down how well or poorly you do!

Good luck! I’ll be going back on WW in 2 weeks!

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My mom did it when I was around 10, and it has worked really well for her!  Once she got down to her goal weight, she obviously stopped going, but has kept up with a lot of what she did.  Its also great, because when she felt like she was gaining weight back, she just whipped out the books and started being more strict about it again.

She works out too, but not hardcore, just walking, etc.  

She just turned 50, and she looks better than I do!

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Weight watchers is a really great program, In My Humble Opinion. I lost 40 pounds on it. But you have to FOLLOW THE PROGRAM. As far as perks? Um, probably the main one is not feeling deprived–anything you want to eat can be accomodated, just as long as it’s within reason in terms of portion size and frequency.

Good luck!

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LOVE WW. I joined in 2004 and went to the meetings. Lost 30 lbs and kept it off for 4 years.

Gained about 10 back in 2008 when I moved in with fiance. Woops!

But I joined again about 6 months before the wedding. I did etools. LOVE etools so much more than meetings. And the iPhone app is great. Makes tracking food on the go a piece of cake.

I was back down to my goal weight in no time and ready for the wedding.

I 2nd JennyW1. I never felt deprived. Provided you make choices and plan ahead, you can pretty much have anything you want. I used all my flex points every week and sometimes exercised a little extra to earn more points if I had a fancy dinner planned or something.

Oh, and I never had to give up my wine either so that was rad.

Highly recommend it!

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IMO WW is the best “diet”.

Like other say it teaches you how to eat and have a healthier lifestyle.

And to me, one of the best parts is that you are not constricted to certain foods.

You can eat ANYTHING you want as long as it is in moderation and correctly portioned.


Diets that give you pre-boxed foods and only let you eat certain things are just fail for me. You start craving what you can’t have.


Best of luck!

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