Need your advice! – Travelling to Zika outbreak areas?

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Well i would definitely follow the CDC’s recommendation, which is not to try to conceive for 6 months after a visit to somewhere with Zika.  Those places are not going away, and why mess with the life of your potential baby for this one trip.

My partner and I are contemplating this right now – planning to TTC early next year and we usually do a winter trip to somewhere warm.  This year we are not considering anywhere with Zika, period.  (In the past we’ve gone to Cuba, Ecuador, SE Asia, British Virgin Islands, etc, so it’s hard to avoid somewhere tropical!)

Frankly I’m confused by your post.  I’m going to trust the doctors and public health officials on this.  Why do you want assurances that they don’t know what they’re talking about?  That is their area of expertise.  It’s like wanting to trust Flat Earthers instead of NASA about the shape of the Earth.  You are being SMART to follow their recommendations about such a serious issue, not a worrier.

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Why don’t you do to Hawaii if you are looking to do tropical/beach. It’s not on the CDC’s list of Zika locations. 

Personally, I would not be able to stop myself from worrying about Zika. It’s just not a risk I’m willing to take. I know some can’t avoid it because they either live in an area with Zika or have to travel for work. But I can avoid it, so I will.

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Agree with the other posts here – why risk it? Yes, you’ll probably be fine. But, the recommendations to not travel to those areas are there for a reason. Personally, I would find another destination or delay TTC (probably the former).

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If it’s on the CDC list for Zika and I traveled there I would definitely wait the recommended time period before TTC. Echoing PPs–there are a zillion safe places to travel, or wait and get tested before TTC. Why would you want to take that risk? The chances may be small but the consequences are huge.

Your husband sounds uninformed–talk to your OB/GYN, and take him with you. 

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Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into the other thread about zika where the OP flipped and basically ignored all the advice given. 

Anyway, OP, there are recommendations from doctors, CDC and other reputable sources for a reason. They are experts in the field and while experts can make mistakes….I would personally trust them over internet strangers or people who know nothing about a specific disease. 

It’s your call what you choose to do. Going to a zika area and then TTCing right after has a risk. You have to decide if you are comfortable with that risk. End of story.

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We Honeymooned in North West Costa Rica. While Darling Husband and I were there for a week, neither of us even got a single bite. The resort we stayed in fogged for mosquito (Like a literal “FOG” of bug spray in all of the grassy areas including the private beach. We even rode horseback through the jungle, and ziplined over waterfalls, and never had an issue with Mosquito. I still had a Mosquito band on my wrist, and a bottle of off in my bag at all times though, just in case. lol 

I also live in South Texas. 30 miles from the boarder and there are local cases of Zika here. For the most part as we get to the colder parts of the fall the mosquito are dying down. We do not have many buzzing around anymore here. 

This being said, Darling Husband and I did not plan on TTC within 6 months of our Honeymoon, so we didn’t even blink at a Central American Honeymoon. 

Best of Luck, Bee! 

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If you’re seriously thinking of going to a Zika area and TTC shortly thereafter, discuss it with your doctor. Even the CDC notes that there are some cases in which couples may not choose to heed their advice and have standards for preconception counseling in those cases.
But, if you want to go some place warm but not all the way to Hawaii, the Cayman Islands have actually been cleared from the Zika list. It’ll be warm and tropical and free of Zika worries.

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There are very clear recommendations from reputable medical professionals about the risk of zika. If you want to do everything you can to have a safe pregnancy and healthy baby, I’d respect those recommendations. These aren’t old wives’ tales we’re talking about here.

I like the idea of Hawaii if you want something tropical but not Zika-risky. There are plenty of other lovely places too where you could have your honeymoon.

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It wasn’t worth the risk to us. We had a lovely time in Bermuda this past May. No freshwater means no mosquitoes are on the island at all, which is great for me because I get eaten alive! I’d add that to your list of zika-free destinations to look into 🙂

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I don’t think Miami is a big risk anymore, so maybe go there?

I, personally, would not risk it, but it’s totally up to you. I saw recently that there is a high risk of miscarriage with fetuses affected with it, so there is also something to consider. My friend went to the Bahamas while 16 weeks pregnant. She seems fine. Again, I am choosing to be more cautious.

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I also recommend Hawaii if you’re looking for a beach/tropical destination. There is no way I would risk Zika for any reason. It just isn’t worth it. I’m pregnant and my doctor said Hawaii is perfectly safe, so we’re going there for our babymoon in a few months! 

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I wouldn’t do it. We just went to Aruba in October as a belated honeymoon not even thinking about Zika. We wanted to TTC asap since I wanted to do my 3 months on prenatals. Well we got eaten by mosquitos (due to a stupid “nature walk” I decided we should do). Come to find out Aruba is on the CDC list for Zika and now our TTC for January is being bumped until March since men need the 6 months to get it out of their system and I am so bummed out. But it is not something I want to risk, but I do regret that damn nature walk decision lol

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We have put off TTC because of our holiday plans to go to Costa Rica in December. It’s simply not worth the risk.

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Once you have a child, you will be faced with a lot of really important decisions that effect their life. This is the first of those decisions. Find a location that doesn’t have Zika or wait 6 months to TTC. It’s the responsible thing to do…

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