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  • poll: What do you think of this dress?

    Slutting looking...too revealing.


    It's Gorgeous and Beautiful!


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    I love your first dress. From a design and fashion stand point, it’s beautiful. I loved this dress when I first saw it and considered it for myself for a brief moment. But knew that I would not wear it for my wedding. It’s too risque for many family members. Try it with the lining and see how it looks. If the lining doesn’t take away from the overall style or beauty, then I’d go with that! Personally, if I saw someone wearing this dress, I’d love it, but I know many people wouldn’t.

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     my first impression of the dress is way to revealing for a wedding WITHOUT the liner- but would look good/appropriate with the liner…. honestly the 2nd one, when i first saw it, i thought you put it up as a joke….

     BTW to OP your wedding website is so cute!

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    Seeing it in the last few piccies that becomingmrswood posted.. I wouldnt actually view it as that bad.. the bride sure got a way with it. I just couldnt..

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    Wow, people getting harsh up in here! So a lot of brides on Say Yes to the Dress luvvvvvvvvvv them some Pnina Tornai, and while sometimes I’m a little wary of their vision, I think they have all looked beautfiul in the dresses (which normally they wore with no liner)! So I say, go for it if you love it! Let us know what you decide!

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    I just want to say–I saw that you were considering reproduction dresses and honestly, for a style like this, it just sounds like an awful idea.  As so many posters have noted, this dress pushes the boundaries of taste even when made exquisitely, with extremely high-quality fabrics and seemingly endless attention to the tiniest of details (seriously, you will be able to tell why Pnina dresses cost so much if you try them on and examine them up close).  A cheap reproduction won’t have these things, and if you have found repro’s of these sheer corset dresses online, you will see that.  It just looks, frankly, really tacky (and I pretty much never use that word).  None of Pnina’s expert boning, none of that amazing internal structure hiding under a full skirt and giving it its shape and proper proportions, the lack of perfectly-placed crystals and beading, careful careful seams and stitching…they’re really marvelous works, and that’s what allows this questionably tasteful type of dress to be passable.  When you take that away…you just have a limp, cheap looking dress that looks suited to a wedding held in the midst of a nightclub or something.  The style really doesn’t stand on its own.

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    More importantly you should get the opinions of your fiance and closest family and/or friends. I think their thoughts are more important than random strangers on the internet (us). My first thought- not my personal taste and I wouldn’t consider it for myself, and my family would faint if I wore it. But, like others have said it is your day and your wedding, so what matters is what you want. Best of luck!

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    my first reaction was “OMG is that a see threw wedding dress”. i think it is completely inappropriate. a see threw wedding dress is an oxymoron. but then again that is just me. i think your family might be offended or surprised but if you love it and think its you then go for it but keep in mind the reactions you might get. 

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    @veganglam made a great point about how this dress might not stand up to being reproduced. It is SO unique looking that I think it would be *very* obvious if it wasn’t the real thing. So many ppl KNOW that style to be a Pnina Tornai design, and if it wasn’t done properly, or done well, I think you would be able to tell.

    That being said, I don’t hate it as much as everyone else, lol. I think it depends on your wedding. Are you having a nightclub/contemporary/fun wedding? I think you could totally pull it off. I have a best friend who is THE MOST FUN. She has tattoos and short platinum blonde hair, and a nose stud, and the best sense of style. She could totally rock that dress with some killer crystal shoes and look way hot.

    Now me? I would look like a stripper fairy, as one previous poster stated. I think it depends on your personality. My friend is more Madonna, I am more…. Hannah Montana.

    Are you considering the real Pnina dress? Or having it reproduced? You’ve said in other posts things to the effect of being able to afford whatever you wanted for you wedding (which is great),so I’m assuming you’re talking about the real deal here? If it is the real Pnina from Kleinfelds then I think it would work, depending on the feel of your wedding.

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    To tell you the truth i LOVE the tops of these dresses, i’ve seen them on say yes to dress and i think there beautiful. Its your wedding wear what you want to wear, if you have the body do what you want. You only have this one day to wear the dress of your dreams so if this is the dress then do it.

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    Those dresses are not my style whats so ever.. I really could not imagine someone wearing a dress like that.. My first reaction would be “are you serious? like really?” and that would not be a good reaction.. But again like many of the girls said.. if its something you like go for it.. its your day!

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    i think that both are very pretty and very unique. I like seeing the Pnina designs on SYTTD and I really kinda like the tops of them.  I personally wouldnt be so daring to wear one, but I’d secretly try one on (just not show my mom haha cause she’d freak) If its what you love and the dress suits your personality, then who cares! Wear the dress! You dont want to have any regrets on your day.  My only suggestion would be to line it so it wasn’t so see through.  🙂

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    This is what I want to say. Let me address these “ladies” on here putting the dress down because its see through. I see alot of brides who have these so called “classic” dresses and their boobs are all out or all their back is out. That is no different than having a dress with a see through mid section. My honest opinion is that these women are not confident or secure enough in themselves or their own identity that they let their families and mothers make decisions for them. You are a grown woman and your mom should not be making decisions about what you will wear on your big day unless shes paying for it. If anyone can explain to me how an open back dress or a dress with a deep sweetheart neckline is any different than a pnina, Im glad to hear it. Most brides today choose strapless dresses or an open back dress and they are showing alot of skin. Completely no different than this dress that does have a layer of material over it. So showing your cleavage and back is fine but showing your stomach is wrong??????? Makes no sense. I think the women who hate these dresses are the women that either lack the confidence or the body to wear them. I wore a dress similar to a Pnina on my wedding day and some people loved it and some people hated it. So for the brides that like cookie cutter dresses that no one will remember (including their groom) Goodluck! My husband loved my “risque” dress and Im sure 20years from now he will still remember it.

    Sidenote: I have seen some completely awful pictures of brides in bridal shops trying on dresses in weddingbee, and I see other brides responding the their hideous picture telling them how beautiful the dress is. Now everyone wants to give their “honest” opinion because a brides is talking about a dress that alot of women dont even have the body to wear. Just awful.


    I posted a bogus wedding date because I dont plan on posting to this site on a regular I just wanted to register so I could reply to all these messages from other posters putting a dress down that they probably couldnt wear if they like it. I was married this past September.

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    i think its beautiful but too busy! 

    i personally would prefer the bodice to be plain and NOT see-through. But i LOVE the skirt of the dress.. it has a flamenco feel to it which is what I am going for..:]

    It is beautiful but a little busy. 

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    Oh goodness. I don’t care for it on the model, but I thought it looked lovely on the real bride. I didn’t vote, actually I completely skipped the poll so I don’t know what it says. I say rock it if you love it! It’s not my style, but I can appreciate the construction and details that went into the making of it. As a bride who has had a really hard time picking a dress, I’m not going to tell you to change it in any way. If this is what you love and you look good in it (which I’m assuming you would if you bought it) then wear it proudly.

    @conceited2020: I’m not trying to create an issue here, but to each their own. If a bride doesn’t want to show off her boobs, back, or whatever that’s up to her. That doesn’t mean she couldn’t or doesn’t have a rockin body. I have a very low cut dress that if I wanted I could wear because I know my boobs are AMAZING, but I changed my mind because there are just other issues with the dress that I don’t love. So, please refrain from saying those who choose a more modest dress have confidence issues.

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    What I SAID was, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN WEARING A DRESS THAT HAS YOUR BOOBS OUT AND WEARING A DRESS LIKE A PNINA WITH A SHEER BODICE.  YOU ARE STILL WEARING A REVEALING DRESS. So the only conclusion I can come to if someone is knocking the dress and that person doesnt mind wearing a dress with her boobs out is that the rest of her body is not up to par. Why else would you think its not slutty to show your boobs, but it IS slutty to show your stomach. PLEASE READ MY ENTIRE POST BEFORE COMMENTING.

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