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Mrs.potatohead :  On the other hand, I’m A- (and we don’t know DH’s blood type or the future baby’s blood type because my stupid insurance wouldn’t pay for him to get tested and the one time he gave blood in high school he fainted) and I got my rhogam shot in the “hip” (basically the butt). It wasn’t a problem at all. So if they ask, request the hip! 

Also, I just remembered that they check to see if you have the antibodies before they administer the rhogam shot, so you’ll know for sure either way. From what I understand, there are many treatment options available for fetuses with Rh sensitized mothers these days, so in the extremely unlikely event that you end up Rh sensitized, you’ll be referred to a specialist who will help both of you out. 

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Itsnotme :  I have A- blood and had a baby 6 months ago. I had bleeds/spotting throughout my pregnancy, each time I had one I had to call maternity assessment who would have me come in. Blood was taken, baby was monitored etc and then I would have to come back the next day for an anti D injection. I also had one after the birth as they test blood from the umbilical cord to test the baby’s blood, in my case she was positive. I was advised that things can be riskier with further pregnancies as my body will have produced antibodies due to my bleeds (my blood mixing with the baby’s and her being positive), they also said that they keep a closer eye on you in this instance. 

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I’m RH- and my husband is RH+. We have four children who are all RH+ so I had the RhoGam injection at 28 weeks and after delivery for each pregnancy. I also had an early miscarriage (at 5 weeks) and my OB/Gyn gave me the RhoGam injection. I was surprised that I’d even need it that early on but I guess she wanted to be safe.

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I’m O- and Darling Husband is O+. I had a miscarriage in 2014 and ended up hemorrhaging, and I had my son in 2015 after a placental abruption, both of which required emergency surgery. As long as you follow the Rhogam schedule your doctor gives you, you’re fine. My son ended up being O- like me, but I don’t know what the blood type of my lost baby was and my son and I are both perfectly healthy. It’s one of those things where I thank God for modern medicine.

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I am also Rh negative (O- blood type) and my husband is Rh positive. They just gave me the injection at 28 weeks and I had no issues. This was my first pregnancy. My doctor explained that the shot is to prevent complications in future pregnancies, not necessarily the first. I can’t remember the reasoning. 

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Itsnotme :  I gave birth to one baby and had 2 miscarriages. I’m also A- blood type. 

You will get one rhogam shot at 28 weeks and one right after childbirth. I mentioned my miscarriages because I also had to get the shot after each miscarriage. I didn’t feel any side effects or anything and my daughter ended up being born with an O- bloodtype, something that we didn’t know until well after her birth.  It’s just a preventative measure to keep you and baby safe. 

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It’s only a concern if your husband is Rh positive, and in that case you need a couple of Rhogam shots. One around 28 weeks (or earlier if there’s any bleed), and one after the baby is born. A lot of doctors don’t even ask about the father’s blood type, they just give the shots as a precaution if you’re Rh negative. It’s to protect future babies – if your child is Rh positive but you’re not, without Rhogam there’s a chance of developing antibodies to the positive blood type that can attack the next baby.

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I’m O-, and just TTC for the first time now.  Like with many things, it really isn’t a huge deal anymore, as they have easy ways of treating potential problems that can arrise.  It is only a problem if your baby is positive blood (if your husband is also negative you’ll never have a problem, and if he is positive there is a 50/50 chance), and the shot is only necessary after 2 exposures to positive blood.  It is never an issue for your first child, and only an issue for your second if BOTH kids are negative blood.    

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If you can find out your husbands blood type it will make things easier. It’s not a big deal THESE days thanks to a shot called rhogam… Which is best administered in the ass… Just FYI. ;). Just make sure you get it if you have any bleeding and routinely at 28w. Then again after the birth if baby is rh+. 

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